Is it too late for Witchsona week yet? I don’t remember what day it is anymore.

Forest witch up to some forest witchy things


artemi on the russia men’s national ice hockey team, lookin’ good in black

anonymous asked:

lmao chillll i read the faq it wasnt clear enough

listen pal friend buddy chum theres been a torrential downpour of anons tonight and im very tired 

if you flip through the blog youll most likely find a yes/no to someone with the same brainweird and kin as you, which you havent actually told me

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  • Wakes up first.
    • kai, most definitely. the guy practically wakes up once there’s a sunrise (much to oogway’s annoyance)
  • Sings in the shower.
    • oogway– most of the time he sings folk songs from his old home. he does it really loudly too. kai also thinks his accent is fricking attractive because of course he does
  • Makes breakfast every morning.
    • depends, but its usually kai since due to oogway being a traveler and all that so he never really makes a lot of breakfast so much as look for it and hope whatever he finds doesnt kill him or something
  • Is the first to think about adopting/having a child.
    • oogway brings it up as a joke, but then he started to Really think about it and was like. Holy Shit
  • Gets sick the easiest.
    • also oogway. cold and coldblooded-ness dont mix. hell, coming from a really isolated island means that his immune system isnt as used to certain sicknesses
  • Loves to cuddle.
    • oogway since kai is Mega Gay but at the same time also screaming no homo at the same time
  • Falls asleep on the couch while they’re watching a movie.
    • it really depends on the movie but i can imagine it happening to kai more often since i imagine him to not really be a huge fan of drawn out performances in general
  • Is super clingy.
    • KAI

e3khatena asked:

I think the big thing that upsets people about FNAF World is that the game is mostly built on the skeleton of The Desolate Hope but lacks a lot of elements and information that that game told players, and that game is 4 years older than World. With that in mind, Scott is working on overhauling the game so people should stop complaining at this point. He's addressing it and a patch this big takes a while to make.

I like this argument. I’d almost be satisfied with it… if I weren’t nearly positive that 90% of the people who are needlessly bashing the game have probably never even played The Desolate Hope, let alone any of Scott’s other games. I mean, I know I suffer from being easily entertained regardless of what it is, but even when I stepped back and looked at it objectively I didn’t see a game that deserved as much hate as it was getting.

Honestly, it sort of reminds me of a few other cases where franchises have deviated from their base and fans uproared about it. Was Super Paper Mario a bad game? No, but it certainly was different than the previous games in the series and should probably be taken as a completely separate entity. Was Metroid: Other M as bad as everyone said it was? …okay, I’ll admit I share the unpopular opinion on that one, but you get my point.

And really, he’s already fixed two of the biggest issues that were prevalent upon release (the lack of a map and attack descriptions), and really I just think it needs to be refined at this point. No, it’s probably not gonna win any awards but it’s not bad.

I love waking up to the sounds of my mother yelling at me when I’ve got like the worst stomach virus ever.

‘who do you think you are sleeping in so late you think you’re something special????’

Well who do YOU think you are acting like my fucking evil stepmother and telling me how to live my life. I’ve had to go to the bathroom ten times in the past 20 hours to vomit and clean my systems I’ll sleep the fuck late if I want to I’m on vacation anyway

i dont get why people pay mind to mainstream fashion shows if theyre totally against body shaming. like of course theyre entertaining and the outfits are amazing and the people ARE attractive but these shows set such a negative, gross standard. like thick thighs are so fucking gorgeous??? dark skin is literally golden?? marks and scars are totally normal?? yet we rarely see this in fashion shows. because whether we like it or not there is a standard. it is 2016!!!! shits happening. i dont understand why these same standards are being set in this day and age its surreal to me. when you make “me after the vs show” jokes and proceed to show images of you crying while eating or throwing food away or looking at your self and crying, whether youre kidding of not that sends a VERY dangerous message. a message that isnt true. im sick of it.

things i did not expect to be doing at 11PM: investigating an abuse case based on a 4 year old video recommended to me on YT that has no closure or media coverage whatsoever. 

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