A really really long night vale theory part 2

so a bit ago after episode 108 was released i finally put a theory that i had been juggling around in my mind for a while onto paper and i got a shocking amount of positive feedback on it now that episode 109 is out i would like to make a follow up and take a look at what i got right, what i got wrong, and how to proceed from there.

what i got right

1983 was destroyed by a cold war era nuclear bomb

  • my initial claim was based on how cecil spoke about the impending end of the world in episode 76 [Best Of?], that he spoke of it urgently, like there wasnt enough time to escape their inevitable future but enough time to speak to his listeners one last time. It was not an instantaneous apocalypse, as he was able to broadcast his goodbyes, and it wasnt a slow apocalypse as he spoke like he was already out of time.
  • In episode 109 huntokar says “I could see it as it was about to happen, i could see the flash and the tower of fire, the heat that transforms a body into only its shadow. The slow sickness and the dying of crops, I could see starvation and a winter thst would not end”.
  • Heres some technical stuff about the effects post bomb:
  • the flash and tower of fire refers to the moment of impact when the bomb goes off and the mushroom cloud left behind it.
  • a nuclear shadow refers to the imprint left in a persons shadow after being hit with a nuclear bomb. A nuclear bomb can vaporize a person nearly instantly, but the impact doesnt bend around them. Look at your shadow, its there because the sun cant pass through you. A nuclear bomb emits thermal radiation that bleaches anything it comes in contact with, since the human body absorbs those rays the shadow behind them is left completely untouched. The only remnants of the victim is the very shadow they left at the time of their demise. Terrible, isnt it?
  • the slow sickness and dying of crops is radiation poisoning. The symptoms cal showed in 108 were vomiting, spontaneous bleeding, hair loss, and severe fatigue. All of these symptoms are commonly associated with radiation poisoning.
  • post nuclear fallout there is something known as nuclear winter, which was a term coined in 1982 in fact. The fire inevitably left behind from a nuclear bomb would produce smoke that would rise into thr upper stratosphere and be heated by the sun and blanket the earth. This blocks out the sun causing the surface temperature of earth to drop drastically.
  • although huntokar never explicitly SAYS nuclear bomb… Its a nuclear bomb.

the relationship between the distant prince, the woman from italy, and huntokar

  • granted, i just said they ARE related, not how
  • but now we know that theyre all gods older than time
night vale is in a separate reality from the rest of the world
  • admittedly im super excited about this one, the rest of the theory had come up as a result of episode 108 but ive believed night vale to exist in a different reality since the strex arc so it feels super good to be proven right.
  • my previous theory stated mt belief that night vale isnt in the same reality as the rest of us foe a handful of reasons
  • most notably, night vale is just weird. But thats not news
  • after the events of a certain valentines day the people of night vale had reached out to the american government for help, but the government brushed it off as some kind of prank calling their distress cry “creative”. Additionally as its been shown many times before, although they exist, cecil doesnt know states. In episode 106 filings he sees a map of america that the new intern brought in. He said it was america but it was wrong somehow, the states were wrong. This displays a disconnect between night vale and the rest of the world, while they can communicate and acknowledge one another neither is fully aware of the other at any given time.
  • time is weird in night vale, starting with cecil broadcasting the actual founding of night vale on night vale community radio before the radio existed, broadcasting the story of his fling with marconi while he was still inventing the radio, the both slow and inconsistent rate at which cecil ages, carlos said it himself. Time just doesnt work in night vale. In episode 55 university of what it is a representative from the college comes to night vale looking for carlos saying hes been missing for decades. At that point carlos had only been in night vale for, what, three years? And yet hes been missing for forty to the rest of the world.
  • in this episode however im proven correct, in an attempt to save night vale huntokar removed in from the reality in which the world was about to end and put it somewhere else,in a different reality entirely. Not only do we know for certain that night vale isnt in our reality but we even know WHY its not! Thats so much more than i could have possibly hoped for

i couldnt be happier. Finally after four years my disconnected reality theory is confirmed. Im proud but im also terrified of the implications.

This theory is about the state of night vale and maybe, just maybe, somewhere else.

A misunderstanding during the cold war when a test bomb drop was mistaken for a real one leading to america and the ussr to launch their arsenal of nuclear weapons at one another. This is the bomb that approached night vale to obliterate it. Huntokar was a merciful god and decided to save her town from it on impulse, pulling night vale from reality a (our reality) and putting it into reality b (night vales reality). The consequence of this however was that the reality among all possible night vales cracked and merged. All of the realities merging together is likely the reason for all the weird stuff that happens in night vale, they arent blended together smoothly, chances are certain realities are more profound in certain places than others. For instance, the house that doesnt exist. The reality is mixed in that though visible its less prevalent than the reality in which it doesnt exist. (In my initial theory I had proposed that huntokar, the woman from italy, and the distant prince were trying to merge the realities, while im not wrong in the fact that theyre combining it seems that it wasn’t an intentional thing.)

While some realities assimilated entirely into others, SOME didnt mix in that way. Some are still defined travel between is possible but ill advised. While some night vales remained night vale i believe its possible that some, a certain one in particular, didnt.

The peace among the gods is a delicate treaty, other more malicious gods are fascinated by night vale, in order to protect her true night vale huntokar offered them certain versions of night vale for them to play out their sadistic fantasies. I want you to consider the following very carefully: desert bluffs.

Desert bluffs is obviously invariably linked to night vale, mirror roles, mirror events… Remember who ruled desert bluffs, who ruled strex.

A smiling god.

We havent heard from kevin or thought about desert bluffs in a while but remember him? The smiling god, regardless of his smile he was clearly malicious manipulating the residents into joining strex and enslaving themselves to its violence and it’s evil. He then tried to take night vale as well.

I think its possible, likely even, that desert bluffs was once another night vale, given to the smiling god to appease him and stop him from harming huntokars night vale. He used it as his canvas to play out the strex arc watching the residents futile resistance against an inevitable future.

im so tired. im so tired of having white reylo shippers speak over me about what is and what isnt racist.

im sick of being told to “take a joke!!!” im sick of being told i dont know what im talking about. im sick of having reylos tell me to get a sense of humor.

im sick of being told i need to “calm down” “stop being aggressive” “stop being so sensitive!” “its just fiction!” “its just the internet”

im sick of the invalidation, the harassment.

im sick of reylos and their horrible fandom.


There is nothing more hysterical than Brendon Urie being 9000% done with I Write Sins.

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But what's wrong with pedophilia? Age is just a number. If a 35 year old wants to be with a 6 year old, its most likely okay and shouldn't be stopped. It's kinda cute too.

Child rape isnt cute you sick fuck

god i’m so sick and tired of straight girls who go through a bad breakup or have a tough time with guys and then say “lol i wish i was gay” like no. you don’t. you don’t wan’t to go through puberty confused and feeling out of place compared to your peers. you don’t want to go through the fear of being accepted by family and friends and even the fear of accepting yourself. you don’t want to go through high school not feeling brave enough to come out and feel the need to “fit in” and date people of the opposite sex so your friends don’t get suspicious. you don’t want to repress your feelings for years because you fear being anything but straight. you don’t want to finally come out and then realize you have to continue to come out for the rest of your life because “straight” is considered normal. you don’t want to fear strangers hurting you or attacking you for looking a certain way or showing affection to a partner in public. so no. you don’t want to be gay. and stop pretending you do because it hurts and it’s not fair that you can laugh about how “easy” it is for us. because it’s not even close to easy.

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i think what people fail to realize when they bang on about "finding a cure for dysphoria" is that transitioning IS the cure. being trans isnt a sickness or an affliction. it's a condition, sure, but the cure isnt changing it, because changing the gender of the brain literally involves changing the physical shape of the brain. like goddamnit let people transition its none of your business beth

Ok back up: there’s no physical symptom of being trans. This Harry Benjamin style bullshit about “the wrong brain in the wrong body” is a farce and always has been. There’s no way to tell that someone is trans through any kind of biological observation; we just are. It’s not a matter of “curing” anything, its about removing the social and legal pressures that prevent us from living our lives as we see fit.

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who hogs the duvet
tanith. you’ll find her in the morning with it wrapped around her, however when she wakes up she’ll always rearrange it so its draping over ghastly too and he’ll wake up for a few seconds to see it and he’ll smile and cuddle her and fall back to sleep again with them both under the covers

who texts/rings to check how their day is going
ghASTLY. WITHOUT A DOUBT. i feel as though his average day is a bit less action packed than taniths, so he always has the time to check up on her - and if he doesnt have the time, he MAKES the time (you’ll find tipstaff grumbling about it somewhere)

who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts
i feel as though ghastly isn’t really into presents much, i mean being 400+ years old i can imagine coming up with presents got a bit old after the first century. and tanith i think on her jobs and journeys comes across like, not ‘gifts’ as such but little knick knacks and thingymabobs that she’ll know ghastly would just LOVE 

who gets up first in the morning
ghastly I think has settled into an (unhealthy) routine of going to bed at silly o’clock in the morning after really getting into something he was sewing, but then waking up quite early to start another working day. tanith usually stays up with him, sitting in the back room of his shop with him, both listening to ghastly’s blues playlist while he works, and then both of them going up to bed together at the same time. you wont see her out of bed any time before 9am, though (ghastly always makes her tea in the morning, regardless of whether shes likely to fall back to sleep again and never drink it)

who suggests new things in bed
you’d think tanith, being the younger, more experienced one would be bringing new things into the bedroom but my god ghastlys has way more kinks than given credit for and taniths not complaining either

who cries at movies
man………… i feel like generally tanith does and as much as she’ll try to hide it ghastly always knows

who gives unprompted massages
TANITH. she’ll come in to the back room of the shop from the kitchen, cup of tea in hand for ghastly, she’ll look at what he’s working on and smile, see that he’s clearly been hunched over it for hours and massage his shoulder muscles. completely unasked for, but ghastly appreciates it all the same. she’ll always peck him on the cheek before leaving too

who fusses over the other when they’re sick

who gets jealous easiest
aight, so like…. i’m gonna struggle to word this but bear with me. (also im really sorry) so like, in mortal coil when erskine is flirting with tanith we clearly see that ghastly got kinda down about it, but i dont think its jealousy?? its more of, whenever someone whos just that much better looking and that much better at everything than ghastly is comes along, ghastly sort of sinks into an instantly hopeless, acceptance and almost numb state and he just sort of gives up at whatever hes talking about, whatever hes doing. because thats just what hes been conditioned to do. 400+ years of constant rejection ALL THE TIME?? hes just learnt that the second someone better comes along, whatever chance he had is gone. the conversation he was having with someone is instantly cut short, and ghastly just doesnt exist anymore. completely invisible. every. time. so i think that rather than getting jealous about it he’s learnt to give up, and i think that it took tanith years to uncondition that response out of him because she’ll never, ever cut him off for someone else, and she’s sure as hell not going anywhere, so?? and everyone can see the transformation too. aight sorry i went on a tangent there but my point is, ghastly doesnt get jealous. tANITH. HOWEVER. MY GOD. when tanith gets jealous she doesnt just get jealous she gets jEALOUS. it takes tanith every ounce of will power not to get snappy defensive and the so, so unnecessary staring-downs. valkyrie never lets it slide and always finds it really, really funny (especially because its so bloody obvious that the jealousy is completely irrational because this is ghastly we’re on about)

who has the most embarrassing taste in music
ghastly has quite a solid, sensible mature playlist for when hes working or relaxing but tanith is like………….. look its tanith ok 

who collects something unusual
tanith collects thingymabobs from where ever she’s at, but… she sort of leaves them all around the house. the conversations at this point aren’t even questionable anymore. “ghastly don’t suppose you’ve seen my demon-baby tooth anywhere?” “top shelf on the right, next to your brain muncher book.” “aight thanks.”

who takes the longest to get ready
tanith, being brought up as a hidden blade, can be fully awake and ready to kill someone within 0.5 seconds of waking up. she can pull a tank top on, slip on trousers and boots and ready to go within two minutes. ghastly? god no getting ready is no joke he didnt make his own clothes only to look like an uninformed peasant with them on, no. he doesnt joke around when getting ready plz

who is the most tidy and organised
ghastly. every bit of thread and fabric is organised by type and then category and then colour and then and then. he’s often found himself glancing up from whatever hes looking at to find tanith gazing at the walls of his shop, almost lost in the fabric - not that he’ll ever tell tanith that

who gets most excited about the holidays
tanith doesnt get batshit crazy but she’s gotten ghastly into celebrating christmas at least a tiny bit, even if it means just taking him out to a bar and taking shots its still fun y’know? better she figures than staying in and working.

who is the big spoon/little spoon
ghastly is absolutely the big spoon, always wrapping his strong arms around tanith, keeping her warm. he tends to tuck his head into the crook of her neck, too. tanith doesnt even try to hide how much she loves it

who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports
tanith which i feel is p obvious we all know how she is when fighting. she has a secret love for board games and WILL NOT. LET. ANYONE. LEAVE WITHOUT FINISHING MONOPOLY. GODDAMN YOU’RE NOT HERE TO BE WEAK AND LEAVE HALF WAY THROUGH OK SHE’S HERE TO RIDE OUT THAT GAME TILL THE VERY END

who starts the most arguments
….. um. oh man, ok. so like??? look tanith doesnt like authority and ghastly is stubborn as hell and arguments like… idk how to word it, i guess tanith can let an edge creep into her voice when she brings up the fact he is/was an elder and ghastly notices it every time and things get a bit tense and uncomfortable for a while but they let it go every time. i saw a post on here about how ghanith hardly argue and i 100% agree w that tbh

who suggests that they buy a pet
it was all valkyries fault. bringing back that gigantic german shepherd from america got tanith talking and now she wants a pet because shes fallen in love with this dog and she wants a pet but?? dogs are a lot of work and ghastly and tanith just dont have the lifestyle to take care of one, both of them being busy and flexible in when and how they work. thats when tanith sorta realises that a CAT, HOWEVER, (bECAUSE I’VE SEEN THAT POST SOMEONE DID ABOUT GHASTLY HAVING CATS AND!!!!!!!!!!! 10000% AGREE) would still be a pet of their own but independent enough to be ok with being on their own for periods of time and the cat will find its way into ghastlys work room and surprise him by either rubbing itself against his legs or actually jumping up onto his work space and then climb onto his hunched shoulders while he works. he grumbles about it and complains that theres cat hair everywhere but he wouldnt change it for the world. whenever tanith walks in the cat always greets her and she loves it.

what couple traditions they have
steak is Their Thing™. ‘nuff said.

what tv shows they watch together
ghastly kept going on about this tv show which tackles everything hes passionate about and it pin points exactly what goes on in work spaces which is pretty much fucking around 90% of the time and he has all of its seasons recorded on his tv recorder which he still hasnt gotten round to watching it all and finally tanith is curious enough to see what this amazing show really is like and she ended up falling in love with brooklyn nine nine really, really fast. and rosa diaz. big crush on rosa diaz from tanith.

what other couple they hang out with
valdug naturally

how they spend time together as a couple
see what I adore about their relationship is that it was p much built on the two of them just being so, so ridiculously comfortable in each others company and talking to each other for hours on end and just sort of being there for each other, and i think that (besides from hardcore sexy times obviously) they love to spend time doing their own things with /each other/. tanith’s found herself getting passionate about ghastlys work because she loves being with him while he does so, with him talking to her about his mother and the war and anything and everything.

who made the first move
tANITH W THE STEAK im gonna cry brb

who brings flowers home
ghastly is a romantic shit but he’s never really had room for flowers amongst all of his delicate fabrics at home, but tanith will always find some from somewhere, even if they are just pretty weeds she picked from the field down the road, and take them home to put into a jug of water to sit on the kitchen window sill. 

who is the best cook
ghastly. tHE most domestic to ever domestic. he can cook and he can cook good. tanith can settle for pot noodles but shes thankful for his cooking nonetheless

TL;DR: i really, really need to get out more

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prompt: can you write about Stanley getting really sick and Lefou literally won’t leave his side until he gets better (like really cute with cuddles and everything)

notes: Ok so stanley really isnt that sick i just made him have flu symptoms and LeFou is only told to leave like once and refuses. Also this didnt turn out as good as i wanted because i have to do this quickly because my computer is dying and i don’t know where my charger went. So I’m sorry this isnt that good but i hope you like it.

Stanley was late, really late. LeFou decided to go find him. There had to be a reason. He wasn’t Gaston, he actually liked LeFou, right? He went to Stanley’s house and just went in only to find him in bed covered in blankets. When LeFou approached, him he realized he was covered in sweat.

“Stanley, mon amour, are you ok?” LeFou said.

“I’m sorry I’m really tired and it’s just so cold. Just give me a minute and I’ll be ready to go,” Stanley said burrowing into the blankets.

“No mon cher, its ok,” he placed a hand on his forehead, “You’re burning up Stanley.”

“I’m fine.  Was I late? I’m sorry. I didn’t realize what time it was,” Stanley rambled.

“No, honey its ok,” he said sitting on the edge of Stanley’s bed, “how do you feel?”

“Tired,” he mumbled, “and cold and everything hurts. I’m sorry, I wish I was well I didn’t mean to stand you up.”

“Stanley, honey you’re incredibly sick. I don’t want you to do anything but rest,” LeFou said brushing his sweat soaked hair out of his face.

“But I stood you up and I love you. I don’t want you to think I didn’t want to be with you,” Stanley deliriously rambled.

LeFou tried not to laugh, only Stanley would be incredibly sick and worry about LeFou, “I know you want to be with me sweetheart. Its ok,” he said kissing his forehead.

“You don’t have to stay. I’ll be ok,” Stanley said.

He kissed his forehead softly, “I would never leave my love. I’m staying until you get better.” Stanley hummed in response.

“I’m hot,” Stanley said after a while, throwing off the blankets and tossing and turning.

“You definitely have a fever. I’m going to go get you cold water and wash your face,” LeFou said standing.

“No, don’t leave,” Stanley moaned, “I don’t want to be alone.”

“I’m just going to get you water. I’ll be back soon, I promise,” LeFou said kissing his forehead.

“Ok I love you,” he said curling up.

“I love you too,” he says softly. He filled a bowl with cold water and grabbed a rag.

When he got back he kneeled next to the bed, “I’m going to wipe the sweat off your face ok?”

He got a mumbled response. He took the cloth and gently began to wipe his face. Stanley began to squirm and grumble, “‘s cold. ‘m cold,”

“Ok, ok I’ll wipe your face later. Do you need anything?” LeFou said softly.

“Cuddle with me,” Stanley mumbled picking the blanket up weakly. LeFou smiled and crawled in next to Stanley.

“You’re so warm,” Stanley mumbled.

“That’s why I’m here. Your personal heater,” LeFou said laughing. Stanley hummed wrapping himself around LeFou. LeFou smiled humming softly holding Stanley close.

“Tell me something,” Stanley mumbled.

“Like what?” LeFou asked.

“Anything,” Stanley said, “your voice is soothing. You’re so amazing just like everything about you. You’re so perfect. I love you so much, so so much.”

LeFou giggled at Stanley’s exhausted rambles.

“See like that you’re so adorable your laugh is so beautiful and cute and you are just amazing,” Stanley says burring himself into LeFou’s side.

LeFou smiled, “You’re pretty awesome there yourself my love.”

“But not as great as you. You are so strong and beautiful and sweet and just amazing,” Stanley said.

“You are quite amazing my love I promise,” LeFou said laughing, “go to sleep. It will help with the fever.”

“Tell me something,” Stanley said, “anything please. I love you, anything you say is amazing.”

“Have I ever told you about the one time I accidentally shot a cow?” LeFou asks smiling

“No, how do you accidentally shoot a cow?” Stanley said.

“It’s actually kind of a funny story,” he replied. He told him that and a couple other stories about his past before he realizes Stanley is asleep. LeFou smiles softly and slowly let himself small asleep.


              Stanley walked into LeFou’s house to find him curled up on his bed, “you got me sick,” LeFou mumbled. Stanley walked over and slid into bed with him.

              “It’s ok I’ll take care you,” Stanley said smiling.

              “I love you,” LeFou said pouting.              

              “I love you too,” he said kissing him softly.

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Hello viria! do you think that living with your partner changes too many things in a relationship? Like, is it really a good idea? My boyfriend of two years just suggested we move in together and i love him very much but i dont know if being so close all the time will ruin some stuff? I mean, what if we have anoying habits or something... I really love him and i want to say yes but i feel like i have a lot to think before accepting! Do you have any thoughts on the matter?

I’m not sure if I’m the best person to ask this advice, but I might try.

I really REALLY think it always depends on both people who are in a relationship. Also it depends on how much time you guys spend together already and on how much you both are willing to make it work!

I think it might change some things, but in many cases it’s for the better and I can’t really tell what it’s going to be like for you because I can only judge from my personal experience. (And considering i’ve been in something serious once it might not be much:”D)

Don’t forget that if you move in, you are still your own same person. Even when living together you two still have to give time to your own little things, and do them seperately. Say if you used to draw back when you lived at your place, don’t give it up just because now you live in a different one.

You don’t have to be so close all the time. Go out, see your friends, let your bf see his, do things you love individually AS WELL as together, remember that living with someone doesn’t make you binded to them.

I think it’s going to be great as long as you refresh your energy and not forget to be yourself and do things you love and have some quiet time on your own mind.

Though I have to say there are maaaany pros in this! At least I can say what I love about it.

You can get a hug if you need it and if your partner is there.

If you’re cold when you sleep there’s someone warm nearby who is willing to provide that warmth.

If you have a horrible nightmare chances are you’re going to be calmed down from it much easier than on your own.

You come back from work\uni etc and sometimes you get little domestic surprises. You may come back tired and hungry and the food is there because certain someone cooked it for you.

If you work at home or ~create~ stuff, work might not be as stressful and you can always ask for advice.

Spending a lot of time together creates more fun situations you both can laugh on.

Lots and lots of domestic fluff.

And about anoying habbits…It’s like. You don’t only love the ideal version of your partner for who they are on their best day. If it’s love you’re going to love them on their worst.

Also, communication is the key! In relationship some things just need to be talked through honestly but respectfully. Sometimes there might be some downsides, but if you communicate I think most of stuff can be figured out just by talking.

Good luck! Think it through and I hope you will come with the best decision for you! 

@childofsquid Bless you, your family and your crops for making these awesome Witch Girlfriends ™ Dahlia and Buttercup. Can’t wait to see more of them from you!