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Why couldn't any Marvel characters be black? The Marvel "shoving war machine under the bus" Cinematic "pushing Black Panther back for Doctor Racism" Universe, everybody.

This is what im saying like why is everyone so fake angry at WB for not casting more pocs in white roles, meanwhile all except 1 of the avengers are nonwhite (falcon, if you count him). Its so frustrating that people are ready to blame dceu for everything but people praise mcu to high heavens without mentioning that characters are hella whitewashed in the movies. Why does it have to be that if superman or batman are not racebent, then WB isnt “doing enough”? Why is cyborg or aquaman not considered? Why is iris not considered? Why are katana, diablo, deadshot, slipknot, killer croc and amanda waller ignored? Why are people picking this specific, narrow idea and using that to criticize the dceu without realizing how much representation there is?

And like, okay I understand the want for a black superman or whatever. But why are they not equally arguing for black cap? Why are they not arguing for more BP? Why wasnt there outspread outrage for Wendy Mayomoff? These people coming into my inbox are hypocritical white people that are turning the instances of diversity against us and saying “well why arent there MORE” when truly, they dnt understand what diversity means. And at this point, I’m tired of explaining it. MCU is shit for many reasons, but this is definitely a huge one.

Honestly tho these guys will say women should date them just because theyre “nice” (aka they once held the door open and have not yet attacked her) but if a woman isnt a virgin, wears too much makeup, doesnt wear makeup, doesnt shave every scrap of hair except that on her head, is emotional, isnt emotional, has an opinion, doesnt have an opinion, isnt independent enough, is too independent and hasnt had her genitals hand-blessed by a russian prince she isnt considered worthy of even basic respect, yet alone dating them. They’re such entitled assholes i hate them.

quick doodle before i go to bed!

have i ever mentioned that i’m weak for steanpunk? i’m pretty sure i have. oh well, i’m mentioning it again. i’m so goddamn weak for steampunk and ash wearing some spiffy dubs in the volcanion movie makes me very happy. i would happily accept an alternate continuity where the magic belt chain thing actually isnt removable enough to mysteriously let him change clothes and so he’s stuck in this outfit for a majority of the movie

Artistically stuck

Ive had some time off and enough time to draw something but i feel that everything ive drawn or sketched just isnt good enough or really shitty even by my standards, any advice from anyone on how to fix this somehow?

from now on whenever yall wanna spout some discourse about mistreatment of mentally ill people in this country it better include names of black mentally ill people who have been murdered by police that were called to help them in times of crisis–names like natasha mckenna and tanisha anderson. u can talk plenty about how anxiety makes it hard to order pizza on the phone or your teacher isnt sympathetic enough about your depression but if you dont want to talk about how mental illness becomes racialized in the context of police brutality where emotional breakdowns or psychotic episodes amongst innocent black mentally ill people can result in a death sentence carried out by officers who face little to no punishment for it then you’re only focusing on how mental illness affects u individually and missing out on a massive and vital part of whats going on here

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luke garroway isnt a main character tho?

you know what? you’re right

god he must have just snuck onto these photoshoots with the rest of the main cast???

and him being listed under main charcters on the official shadowhunters wiki?? must be a typo god how havent they noticed that??

but no you’re right i was completely wrong he isnt a main character.,,..,how could i have been so mistaken???

Jonathan Strange and Mr NorrellModern AU Trailer

What if JSAMN had been set in 2016? What if instead of going to the Peninsula, Jonathan Strange fought with the army in the Middle East? Or was a spy for the MI5? And Mr Norrell was a rich magician with a business associate set on getting him into Parliament? What if Lady Pole was an heiress and Faeries were summoned wearing black leather jackets? 

I spent ages deciding whether this was good enough or not and decided to hell with it, I’ll upload it anyway!