The girl squad

×Eva is sure of herself. She is happy. She is mature.
×Noora is over the though act, shes soft and she no longer shy away from a sexual relationship
×Chris is no longer avoiding conflict and is not afraid to talk about the important and difficult stuff
×Vilde admits that her life isnt perfect. She has a best friend who helps her laugh and a boyfriend who lets her talk it out. And the girl is EATING!
×Sana is happy, content and in love. All these people came together to show her they loved her and its obvious to everybody how her openess, her honesty and her love has changed their life and how her example has the posibility to change the world.

barchie 1x13

walking to school

laughing when she equates her family to craziness essentially

im not playing face

realising that she wasnt joking, life is hard for her

i think hes starting to realise she isnt perfect, she is human also maybe that he hasnt been there enough

getting called in 

their a power pair, everyone knows it 

when betty’s fine with v and archie. archie says thankyou 

his look lingers which was interesting

he’s checking betty is really okay with him

Archie talks about how much he likes veronice but “A little part of me……” 

betty interrupts before he could finish his words, most likely that betty and him would eventually be together.

 Betty says there lucky to be with people there meant to be - even though archie and her probably always thought one day it would be them

betty continues to say its also worked out because there all friends

who would have thunk this how the year would have gone betty says

“yeah who would have thought.” - Archie, his face (ps kj apa doing a great job with facial tells)

seeing betty’s locker trashed

he’s pissed

hearing someone else is betty’s soulmate

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How do you think Angela would look // her voice sound like??

i ASPIRE to be angela and here is why:

shes gorgeous. her long black hair falls in curls down her back. her cheekbones are prominent and her eyes are big and blue. shes better at hiding her emotions than curly is, but not as good as tim (no one is). theyre not as dark as her brothers, and not as unfeeling, but theyre still cold. unlike tim and curly, shes on the shorter side and gets it from their mom. shes got an hourglass figure and wide hips. her lips are full and pink. even though shes naturally beautiful, she loves wearing makeup. shes proud of her beauty.

her voice is loud most of the time, shes got a lot of opinions and she feels that everyone around her needs to hear them. her laugh is contagious and shes almost always smacking gum. she can be quiet like tim but not as calm. she feels more than anyone in the family, and she feels violently. only tim can talk her down and its only with him that she uses her soft voice. hes the only one she can let her guard down around. she never opens up to curly, not until hes grown up and matured.

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i have an OC and she is a background character she cries everytime my ships are having a moment but people think she's missing her dead comrades so it's fine. (she kind of had a seizure during the levihan hair grab) (she could be seen on the wall crying when eren emerged from rogue titan and mikasa hugged him) isnt she amazing?

What a perfect embodiment of Tumblr roaming the walls haha

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Ayahina is one of those ships where they done the "bad boy x good girl" right without the expense of either ayato or hinami's character. I mean, the first thing that comes on your mind when you hear the name hinami is either her parents, kaneki&touka or her chimera kagune; with ayato it's his sister, father or aogiri, not who they're shipped with. They're healthy, they have agency and they barely leave place for somebody's self insertion.

Personally I feel that the bad boy x good girl trope doesn’t actually represent them? I see a lot of antis criticizing them for this actually. That this ship is toxic because of this trope, or that it’s cliched and boring. 

But it’s a very superficial interpretation of their characters, in my opinion. Because the trope tend to focus on the idea of the good girl ‘saving’ the boy from falling into whatever he is and in turn she gets the thrill and excitement from engaging in things she normally doesn’t (among other things)– which isn’t Ayahina at all. Like, Hinami might have influenced him into changing for the better but she’s not the only influence, she’s only one of them (with Sachi and Kaneki being the others)– not to mention, unlike Sachi and Kaneki, there isn’t concrete evidence proving she helped in mellowing him down, though it still is a high probability. When she met him, he had already changed a little– I wrote once about how her meeting with him is similar to the conversation he had with Kaneki, and unlike the case with Kaneki, he didn’t physically hurt her despite her mentioning Touka and calling him Ayato-kun like Kaneki did. And she doesn’t like him because of his ‘bad boy’ appearance and behaviour, she’s close to him because he’s recognizable as Touka’s brother, because he’s there to support her and because he looks out for her. They’re just two lonely kids who found solace in each other and in the process, started becoming really important to each other. 

There’s actually this line in the Ayahina novel story from re:quest according to this translation/summary where Hinami thinks about some ‘light that was beginning to bloom’ and like I think it’s possible that she’s referring to Ayato (possibly the rest of Aogiri as well, but considering the whole focus on Ayato and Hinami’s relationship in this story, I’d say he’s a bigger part of this light than the others are). It’s usually rare to see the ‘bad boy’ referred to as the light– it’s usually the ‘good girl’. 

I love how Ishida really makes sure we known how important they are to each other, but at the same time, you’re right when you say that the ship isn’t the only thing about them. But even then, their relationship is important to both of them. I feel like it’s so underappreciated how Ishida had established a connection between them way back in Volume 3 of Tokyo Ghoul (before Ayato even appeared physically actually). I feel like these two were connected from the beginning? Like even if it’s not in a romantic sense, it’s like they’re meant to be compared because they’re both the ‘kids’ of the series (like I know we’re getting more kids now, but Hinami and Ayato are the only ones whom we actually see from young and get a chance to see them grow). So, like it’s hard to dispute the importance of this relationship (whether you see it platonically/romantically). 

I get a bit of people saying that I praise Ayahina too much and I’m biased when I call them the healthiest relationship in Tokyo Ghoul because they’re my number one ship but to be honest, this is the reason why they’re my number 1? They’re healthy, they don’t steal each other’s agency (actually, I think a lot about how so far, Ayato’s the only one who’s actually brought Hinami out on a major mission) and basically, they’re just pure, which is a rarity in Tokyo Ghoul. 


i actually made this video last year but i never published it because i figured id finish it at some point (as you can see, it never happened)

anyway i just thought this song really fit garnet well as the leader of the crystal gems, especially in the older seasons when pearl and amethyst would often put her on a pedestal and look up to her for guidance and validation in roses absence. but like, garnet isnt perfect! yes shes strong and intelligent and confident, but there are still times when she doesnt know what to do and she needs support from others… Anyways I Really Love Garnet and i rly enjoy watching her open up more to other throughout the series

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every time maddie does something rude or racist I think that will be the time that her fans actually notice that she ISNT the perfect person they think she is and yet here we go she does something wrong and they still manage to excuse it and pretend that it isn't an issue? idk about on tumblr tho I am mostly referring to Insta

they’re the exact same on tumblr

honestly like she could snap and stab someone and they’d still stan for her

there’s 0 logic behind it

one of my favorite things in mha is that inko (deku mom) isnt super supportive right off the bat

she isnt perfect and shes a very fearful protective person who wants her son to be safe. all her times going “you cant do this” are shown to never be from a place of malice or doubt, but just constant worry. it really conveys that shes just as anxious as deku is and her goal is just to make sure hes okay. but despite not being willing to jump right in and support his decisions, shes willing to hear him out and maybe not come around to his way of thinking, but to do what she can for him

i just think its an interesting sort of conflict that doesnt get shown in a lot of shonen stuff. typically a parental figure is either way too chill about sending their child into the fray, actively encourages it, or is shrill and made to be an obstacle in the way of their progress. or their dead. dead seems to be a popular parental option in shonen manga

inko is never show as anything but loving and caring, despite her motivations and worries running directly contradictory to dekus goal to become the greatest hero

inko midoriya is just really good

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FUCK the anon reducing andrea dworkin to "dick loving polilez", you fuckhead, she isnt a perfect human or a perfect feminist, never the less she was and remains one of the most influentional feminists of all time. She was brilliant, her analysis and work is fucking amazing and groundbreaking and she has done more for women than every one of you fucking faux radfems ever will. Wtf have u done? Nothing. U blog online. She dedicated her life to helping women, her empathy was bottomless. Fuck you!

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Okay so I know a lot of people hate Jojo, and think she's a brat, but think about it... she's 14 and she's in no hurry to grow up like most kids her age. She's always promoting positive messages about anti-bullying and being yourself, and not trying to grow up too fast. I just think she's such a good role model for younger kids, especially in the harsh age we live in.


like she isnt perfect, but overall it’s a net positive 

Different kind of MM fanfic idea- Jealousy

This fanfic idea might just be a little bit out there, leaning towards a non-legit thing, but I still cant help myself.

So what if Megamind yet again sneaks into Roxanne’s apartment for another kidnapping, but finds her in the kitchen with 4 other girls, chatting it up, having a girls night.
And at first, the girls are fucking terrified (except for Roxanne ofc) and basically screams like it will be the death of them.

And Megamind kinda enjoys it, but batts it off as he walks forward, trying to get to Roxanne.

But it ends up in Roxanne throwing stuff at him from the other side of the table, and they load off a whole chunk of wicked banter and insults at each other, meanwhile Roxanne’s girlfriends instead starts squealing and enjoying themselves, seeing it more as a fun pillowfight between two old friends. Ofcourse, Roxanne has told them many times before that indeed, Megamind just appears to be evil, but is actually a really nice person underneath it all, and he obviously cares for her.

And after a while, Roxanne gets tired of trying to push him back out so she just lets him stay instead since he aint doing any greater harm
And as the time goes, the girls become less and less uncomfortable by the fact that he’s a super villain..and that he’s a blue alien with a large head.

And as the evening continues, they all actually quite enjoy each others company.
And then theres one girl in particular who enjoys Megaminds company, thinking that she’s finally found a guy who is smart, delicate and actually seems to be respectful towards women, compared to all those other slobs she’s met throughout the years, trying to take advantage of her.
And not to talk about handsome and the way he seems to be a real gentleman. She’d known she always kinda had a thing for him- or that she atleast found him attractive, even though she’d never admit it to anyone. But today was different though.

So as they are all getting ready to watch a movie in Roxanne’s living room, The girl (lets call her Tanya or something) sneaks into the kitchen again, where Megamind and Roxanne stands, laughing and trying to pop pop-corn in the microwave. Roxanne looks alarmed when Tanya comes into view, as if she’s been caught red-handed.

Tanya asks for a private moment with Roxanne, and therefor drags her into the bedroom where she, in a rush, blurts out that she really likes Megamind because “he’s the perfect boyfriend material” And that she’s actually gonna try to make a go-for-it with him, because this is the kind of man that she’s been looking for, and she’s not going to let an oppertunity like that slip past her.

And then Tanya asks Roxanne “if thats okay with you” And Roxanne just kinda jerks into some defensive mode and snaps “why wouldnt I be?”

And Roxanne doesnt know why, but she wants to tell tanya that “No, as a matter of fact, its not okay!” And for some reason she doesnt wanna share- share? share what exactly? Share kidnapper? Perhaps she’s just afraid that he will start kidnapping Tanya instead of her. But why wouldnt she want that? She’d be glad to get out of those kidnappings and never see his blue smirking face again..right?

But Roxanne shuts up about it and just nods. Yes, yes, of course its fine, you go for it.
So after that, they join the others in the completely dark living room, except for the light shining from the large TV-screen, and megamind walks in with the popcorn bowl as Roxanne and Tanya sits down with the others in the couch.

And just as he’s about squeeze himself in beside Roxanne, Tanya grabs his hand and tells him to come sit next to her instead, which is at the other side of Roxanne.
Roxanne watches the exchange closely. She can see Megamind tensing up at the touch of Tanya’s hand in his own. He stares at their hands briefly, with an “I am amazed” expression on his face, before gently turning up a warm smile at her and squeezes himself in between Tanya and Roxanne.
And Roxanne doesnt know why, but she feels…annoyed somehow. It was her thing alone, before. To get that expression/ response out of him those few times she’d accidentally touched him or brushed against him.
It should be her he’s smiling at, not Tanya.

And as the movie plays, Roxanne cant help but to feel distracted all the time, as she can hear whispers coming from the two of them. She can clearly tell that Tanya is trying to flirt with him, which makes her wanna grit her teeth. Thankful enough though- Megamind doesnt really seem to be flirting back.

She manages to lose herself in the movie a little while, but keeps getting the sensation of someone staring at her, but each time she moves her head to look at megamind, he’s only watching the movie like everybody else.
And now and then she could’ve sworn that she felt Megaminds fingertips gently- hesitatantly brushing over her own, as if he’s trying to take her hand- just like people do in the movies when they’re on the first date.
But every time she glanced down to take a look, his hand is lying still next to his own leg.

After a while into the movie, the sensations stopped, as if he gave up on trying to make a move on her while sitting there in the dark, tightly beside her. But then again, she must have imagined it all.

And as she turns her head to smile at Megamind, because this is actually quite enjoyable after all- her smile drops in an instant when she sees Megaminds hand tangled tightly with Tanya’s hand. And not only that, Tanya seems to be nussling incredibly close to Megamind, with her other hand on his chest, and her cheek on his shoulder.

And Roxanne suddenly feels like someone has stabbed her in the chest, as if someone just betrayed her real good. Because what did she just whitness even?

And not far away from that moment, Tanya crawls into his lap instead, with her back against his chest, and her head resting just at the base of his neck. And Roxanne watches in horror as Megamind very, very slowly and hesitantly wraps his arms around her for support.

Roxanne just wants to scream and dig herself into a hole, because she’s frustrated. Frustrated at Tanya for thinking that he’s all hers. Hands off, he’s actually Roxannes kidnapper, and NO ONE elses.

Its her he always chooses, its her he always looks after- not Tanya, nor anybody else. Roxanne only.

And as the first movie ends (they’re gonna watch another one), some of the girls run to the bathroom, while Roxanne flees into the kitchen to get some more snacks and perhaps some whine, because yes- she suddenly feels like alkohol wouldnt be such a bad thing tonight after all.

And she’s so wrapped up in her thoughts that she doesnt notice when Megamind pads into the kitchen until he asks her if she needs any help.
And all out of nowhere, Roxanne lashes out on him, being all “No, I dont need any help, maybe you should ask Tanya instead? Oh yes, why dont you just nab her the next time you feel up for a kidnapping as well, because she’s just sooo perfect, isnt she!?”

And poor Megamind doesnt know whats going on, and why she’s acting so defensive all of the sudden.

And they start arguing, hissing at each other and everything.

And I dont really know where to go from there, but basically we all know that they both want each other (cuties) And yes, just to confirm, Megamind was trying to make a move on Roxanne during the whole movie, but then got wrapped up in Tanya’s clutches LOL
And well, he just got a bit amazed I guess, that he could recieve cuddles from someone and it felt amazing.
And Roxanne is being jealous af

Now I know that the whole concept might be a bit out of character, since I guess Roxanne isnt really the person to become jealous over someone? I dont know really. And I guess Megamind wouldnt let his guard down so easily, BUT STILL!!

If someone wants to make a fanfic like this then, FUCKING PLEASE BECUZ AMAGAAD

scouts ma headcanons:

  • real tough city-girl type. hates all sort of outdoorsy things but faces them like a challenge that she will defeat.
  • always has a fake christmas tree.
  • really loud voice, thick accent just like her son. 
  • loves board games and is SUPER competitive. except scrabble. spy loves scrabble though and is the WORST to play with bc hes always doing words in random languages and scouts ma gets so pissed.
  • in the same vein scouts ma loves card games. and she is good at them. she could take down the whole team in a couple of rounds of poker.
  • loves being a mom, feels like it gives her life meaning. after she had her first kid she just knew that this was it. this was what she was here to do. to have a bunch of kids n love n care for them all. she isnt a perfect mom all the time but she tries.
  • she works as a waitress