rainbow quartz and the appearance of fusions

so rainbow quartz seems to show a pretty good relationship between pearl and rose but she isnt completely perfect, seeing as she has two pairs of eyes. of course fusions all look completely different but theres probably some deeper reason behind it!

we can tell from the other fusions we’ve seen that the better the relationship between two gems the more humanoid they appear (see the difference between malachite and stevonnie). 

rainbow quartz, garnet, and stevonnie are the only fusions with one pair of arms thus far, and the members of the fusions all seem to be able to work together fairly well. as we saw in “sword to the sword” steven and connie make a fantastic team unfused. its pretty safe to assume that ruby and sapphire can cooperate. and of course rose and pearl were comrades in battle for a long, long time.

on the other end, opal and sugilite have two pairs of arms. this is probably because the fusion isnt as united as the previously mentioned gems. they’re obviously symbiotic enough to be humanoid but they don’t get along as well. pearl and amethyst were arguing for almost the entire episode. 

but then whats with the eyes?

opal and stevonnie are the only fusions with a single pair of eyes. garnet could be argued to have normal eyes because its possible that sapphire is a cyclops or has a third eye (this is actually a pretty popular headcanon). 

its very possible that the reason fusions have the amount of eyes they do is because its how the separate gems see things. steven and connie are both kids and probably see the world in a pretty similar fashion despite their differing personalities. pearl and amethyst are way more different, but both of them most likely have a similar point of view. their opinion on rose, on wanting to go home, etc. its also likely that the reason sugilite and alexandrite have a messy mashup of eyes is because of garnets third eye,  perhaps exaggerated by differing points of view. 

in the four-eyed fusions that do not include garnet, the members have very different perspectives. lapis and jasper especially. lapis wants to help the crystal gems (part of why she fused in the first place) and sees homeworld as the bad guys. meanwhile, jasper is not only a part of homeworld but fights for it. pearl and rose’s outlooks arent nearly as drastic, by still very different. pearl appears to dislike humans, while rose is fascinated and amused by them. 

fusions convey not only the physical appearances of the members but also their relationship and their opinions.