isnt this illegal

hey fellas ive decided to start taking commissions !! i wanna keep this post short & to the point so more detailed info can be found on This Page but heres the general idea:

  • ill draw pretty much anything that isnt pornographic or, like, illegal or harmful or morally Bad 
  • im willing to draw weird stuff but if im not comfortable with it for some reason im gonna say no. just ask tho i wont judge
  • prices range from $7 for a head & shoulders portrait to $12 for full body with no background, $7 for a full body animal/non-humanoid creature, +$5 each for added people or creatures, $7-$12 for added background depending on how complicated it is
  • im only gonna be able to take on a few tasks at a time so if i actually get any interest in this ill update my page to say whether im available
  • the rules are kinda fuzzy without a specific scenario to look at so like. just ask if ur not sure about something
  • im still gonna post art like i usually do but if u wanna see something i probably wouldnt draw ordinarily nows the chance
  • if ur interested just message me & we’ll talk
  • heres some examples of my stuff but my full art tag can be found Here

Imagine being in fandom for a show originally intend for 7yr and getting mad when people tell u pedophilia and porn of minors is bad like imagine being that entitled u think u can just sideswipe the intended audience just so u can feel comfortable making porn of minors

Like imagine telling someone to use xkit but then u continually crosstag and interact with posts

Imagine being such a fartface u tell people to ignore it as if porn of p1dge a 14yr wasn’t showing up on google even with safe search on

Like honestly imagine supporting people who think it’s totally normal to be so invested about minors having sex and minors being inlove with adults and then screaming they dont support it in real life yet they have blogs defending it and countless support weeks

Imagine thinking just cuz ur a csa survivor that u can honestly do horrible shit and when called out on it u wanna say someone is being abusive as if drawing porn of children isn’t illegal isnt bad and doesnt harm children just imagine being that entitled

That One Time Makki Got Drunk

Chat: Seijouhoes

Time: 11:15pm

eyebrowsaregay: useless fact of the day is that apples are a part of the rose family

prayforurboymakki: y’all

prayforurboymakki: i’m soooo drunk

prayforurboymakki: and we got

prayforurboymakki: mcdoland’s

eyebrowsaregay: also funfact a crocodile cant stick its tongue out

prayforurboymakki: HAHAHAHAHAHA

Gaylien: omg

Gaylien: ur so drunk holy shit

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stupid shit my friends say, a draft

alejandro: [imitating liza] i can’t go to hell, im a vegan

evan: so they like, scooped up the eggs with this concave half sphere device-
liza: a… a scoop??
evan: no scoops are only for ice cream

darren: so in conclusion im going balls deep into the matrix with the red pill

alejandro: dont laugh at my english im an igerment :((

victoria: the characters mom died so he’s like, a half orphan

liza: yeah Get Out is racist against black people right?

julia: [about french club, where we do exactly nothing] I PLAN to be the HEAD OF FRENCH CLUB

me: sir, does the d [orbital] have to be full for the switch to happen? liza: [CACKLING]

alejandro: [about some1 he has beef with] yeah i told her happy birthday but with lowercase letters and i ended it with a period ://

alejandro: she sent me a picture of her heels and they were on point!! by that i meant they were pointy

alejandro: no you should edit that post. make me sound more stupid y’know?

alejandro: same love by macklemore makes me cry every time

claire: isn’t jabroni a gay thing???

jeevs: i’ve been watching a lot of bob ross lately and i drew this picture to give to this girl with my number and its honestly the best thing ive ever drawn (ELI: MY HEART IS SO WARM)

lisa: [walks up behind me, whispering] mr. m is ripped

claire: honestly i’ve never seen mr. olive out of a tracksuit and seeing his arms is seriously throwing me off

claire: i seriously want to send a page to all the girls in the committee that just says SMASH OR PASS

henry: [after squad swarmed jeevs yelling SMASH] i want to die

henry: [after seeing a picture of danny devito] oh, thats a HARD smash

justin: hey we should get 50 chicken mcnuggets claire: isnt that illegal

henry: hey look at this picture [shows me a picture of jeevs’ face, up close, with the caption “girth”]

henry: SpiCY

alejandro: do vaginas like, nut

julia: [about snow] fresh powder? no one’s giving that up

Get Lucky (Cover)
Get Lucky (Cover)

the present has no ribbon // your gift keeps on giving // what is this I’m feeling? - Daughter, Get Lucky Cover

anonymous asked:

isnt that age gap illegal? like when Toby was 11 Tim was 17 im pretty sure its illegal

I’m sure it would only be illegal if Toby was under the age on consent, which he isn’t. I would also like to say that the two started dating when Toby was like 18 or 19, so I’m sure that this is legal. Trust me I know a married couple that have a 10 year age gap. I’m sure this is fine.