isnt the really attractive

Ok but what about Cas who notices that sometimes Dean looks and acts with men the same way he does with women, and who notices when Dean gets all blushy and flustered when a cute guy flirts with him.

Cas who rolls his eyes and shares a look with Sam every time Dean shamelessly flirts back before getting all shy when he realizes what he did.

Cas who can read Dean like an open book and who realizes that Dean loves him before Dean even knows it himself, and who waits patiently as Dean slowly figures it all out.

Cas who, when Dean finally blurts it out accidentally one day over breakfast, says “I know” before kissing him softly and proceeding to make more coffee

To be honest I never liked Daesung… Until I saw him in Loser MV. The way he acted touched me, the way he sang killed me. I actually fell in love. Surely he isnt really attractive but his personality is amazing! I watched him in different interviews and I cant believe myself for not liking this guy! He has talent and he is bright like the sun. He is funny, talented, bright and always wants to make people happy. I feel ashamed for actually having him so underrated… I’m glad I learned more about him though

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how are you that attractive? im very upset

this isnt really me im sorry to admit it but im actually a catfish. In reality, im a party size bag of cheetos