isnt smart enough

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i need advice please. i made someone my source of happiness and they no longer love me. i can't handle this alone, what can i do to fix this feeling?

if you need company and they refuse to be it, replace them, you are beautiful and intelligent, fuck anyone that isnt smart enough to see that.

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What sort of things does your aunt tell you? Does she have any stories? What if you're both lying to each other haha!

no, she usually just talks about yoga or putting in a new patio in her garden haha she isnt smart enough to lie haha

consider this: miyusawa legally blonde au

eijun and narumiya are the picture perfect couple -at least according to eijuns jr high friends. then one day narumiya breaks it off bc eijun isnt serious enough or smart enough. in order to try to win him back, eijun applies and gets accepted to harvard school of law. while there eijun encounters furuya, narumiyas new fiancee, as well as the rest of the seido gang. eijun struggles against the tide but one of his profs, a lawyer named miyuki, thinks he has what it takes and encourages eijun to try for ochiais law firm internship.

meanwhile eijun makes friends with salon worker chris, who has a crush on tanba the ups guy, but is too awkward and shy to do anything abt it. eijun goes abt bringing chris out of his shell by teaching him confidence (and the bend and snap).

once eijun gets accepted to the internship (along with furuya, narumiya, and ??), he realizes he has to defend one of his favorite people, raichi, on a murder trial. upon discovering ochiai didnt really think he was capable of being a lawyer he quits but w miyukis encouragement and support he takes ochiais place and ends up clearing raichi of all charges.

just imagine narumiya seeing eijun at harvard like ‘wait you go here??’ and eijun like ‘what, like its hard??’

whos with me y/y??
(thank you @whythehandbasket and @meridiangrimm for listening to me ramble abt this)

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How is Dany on a path to madness?

first of all: dont get me wrong i love dany

we all now that dany isnt emotionally stable. after everything that has happened to her: for once, viserys, the only family she had in her life was an abusive piece of shit and (clearly) mad (but thats a completely other issue and even this is argued about), then her marriage to khal drogo and him raping her, when she was only 13, causing her to romanticize their marriage and thinking that she loved him, when in fact it could never be healthy, oh and yeah, viserys being killed by her husband, who was, in fact, not better than viserys.

those issues are of course main points why she isn’t the sanest person. but, as a 16 year old girl she has handled it very well so far. she is still trying to be strong for everyone, her folk and she herself knows that she isnt smart and experienced enough. 

lets look away from all the scenes the show gives us, because they only show us how **badass** she is and just throw in some dragons. i, on my place, dont care about them, tbh those scenes are getting on my nerves. 

thats a fifteen year old girl burning down people theres nothing cool about that (same with arya killing people). 

we all know about the “madness and greatness” quote.

(…) once told me that madness and greatness are two sides of the same coin. Every time a Targaryen is born, the gods toss a coin in the air and the world holds its breath to see how it will land.

it is very common for the targaryen to be mad, (i guess its because of all the incest). but you have to keep in mind, the world isnt black or white, or mad and great, its not divided. in my opnion dany has both- madness and greatness. she still has a good heart and struggles with her morals and emotions to do things which lead to chaos, but she does it anyways.

here’s the difference: while other mad targaryens probably dont even care what their actions lead in, dany does. but she does it anyway, and thats where the difference ends. even IF she feels bad about that, she still did it, didnt she.

and now we come to the real part of everything: dany’s storyline in meeren. i think its the most important for her and shows her struggle. there are so many quests and porblems coming in her way that tests her again and again. 

i couldnt have said it better

With that in mind, a closer look reveals that Dany’s plotline in Meereen has been very cleverly designed as a series of tests of her values, and one value in particular. Each test is designed to ask — how far will Dany go to make peace and protect innocent life? With nearly every new chapter, Dany is asked to give up something else she wants or desires, for the good of the Meereenese people. The use of her dragons. A share of power in Meereen. Some of her anti-slavery reforms. Her desire for vengeance. Her desire to right every wrong she sees. Her distaste for cultural practices she finds abhorrent. Her sexual autonomy. Her happiness. Her pride. Her chance at Westeros. (x)

dont get me wrong, dany has the best intentions. ending slavery. but that just doesnt work out, as we know from the books. and when she enters meeren she’s violent. she stays in meeren because she knows she cant go away like before, since that would cause even more chaos.

after drogon killed a girl, and we all know dany and her dragons (especially drogon) are connected. she thinks about what they’re capable of, how dangerous they are and that all goes back to her. she realizes that yes, she is capable of violence. she uses it when she’s angry and becomes cruel. her fears of becoming mad like all the other targaryens and she questions herself whether or not she is mad or on the path of madness are taking over her thoughts.

she responds violence with violence. 

  1. we all know that if dany would ever conquer westeros and take it over she will probably burn most people who did her/her family wrong. or at least she states so
  2.  slave traders made a decision as a group to crucify 163 children. And she made a decision to punish them as a group by crucifying 163 slave traders…. 

i am not saying that the slave traders “didnt deserve it” or that they werent bad people. but lets be real, she is really kind of going down the path of madness here. 

on the other hand: why does dany think she is the rightful queen of westeros? she think westeros is “hers by right”, a land she never even saw and hasnt lived in. thats the same with all the colonies she’s doing right now (meeren). she isn’t one of them, why should she be their queen? i think, personally, that she’s trying to make a home for herself but to be honest doesn’t really want to go anywhere. here a quick reminder: i like dany. dany has no home, and if she thinks of home she thinks of the red door, because she grew up there. but westeros? something in her head, just like with the post-drogosdeath-thing makes her think that she will find home in westeros. 

which i really doubt she ever will. she might not be content with westeros, because, yeah, after she conquers westeros: what will follow? i cant say i know it, but lets be real people, what do you think will people do? will they love dany for conquering them with her dragons and burning down cities? 

the thing with dany is still: she’s a young girl and everything is still before her. she can still change and find piece; i am not saying that she’ll be 100% mad (which i never said since i stated that she has madness AND greatness). i think its also very hard for her since jorah, one of the first persons she trusted after she was married to drogo, “betrayed” her. it’s hard for her to trust anybody after that, which is, of course, understandable.

either she’s enshrined as a badass conqueror or she’s derided for making horrible choices.  it’s a problem within fandom that these two traits aren’t often acknowledged to be able to coexist; she is both fierce conqueror and misguided, arrogant teenage girl (also frightened, lonely girl, but that’s a different topic).  she is greatness and madness.  there’s no point in dividing a coin down the side; it’ll always have another one.  acknowledge both. (x)