isnt she wonderful


A Series Called Inspiration PT. 1

1 - A Musical Genius Called Wonder
2 - A Iconic Beauty Called Simone
3 - A People’s Champ Called Ali

Artist - Graph Atik

Instagram - Graphatik
Email -


#my ‘not really blonde’ queens in golden dress looking hella gorgeous #shinning like a real sun #my lioness,#my pièce de résistance #i dont care they’re in different universes #in my head Peggy is Felicity’s aunt #fight me

in chapter 700 mirai is going on a 3 day life changing trip with kakashi and gai that girl must have the patience of a saint

My best friend is awesome

her and The Idiot are at an arcade thing and he told her that girls can’t shoot. Told her this knowing that she was the best rifle shooter when she was in ROTC.

she laughed at him, said give me 50 cents, and proceeded to beat his score on whatever game they were playing. And now he is pissed

this just made my day