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weird ask, but my browser glitched and i just saw ur blog's background photo and i cant believe i only just noticed how pretty ur blog is. that's all

this isnt weird at all!

@freshmangotea is the one who made my blog so pretty tbh. they’re just amazing at everything in general i think




• less stairs

• no dog :(( BUT MIGHT GET A FISH

• dan’s pink shirt

• phil’s pants falling down

• semitransparent/glass wall which is where dan will film, new aesthetic background (with bonsai plant!!)

• dan suggesting pastel outfits for easter baking

• phil with hood up


• no real apartment tour :((

• same gaming channel/nerd den, but bigger and “less ugo”

• dan’s videos are gonna be filmed behind the glass wall

• dnp together awake on a plane for 14 hours

• rude airplane neighbour

• movies watched were; lion (phil cried), mythical beasts, hacksaw ridge (dan was shaking and cried 50% of it), nerve, & snowden

• phil scared by timmy the elephant

• dan having to see everything at the zoo

• bedroom, phil still filming in his bedroom


• phil still trying to get revenge on dan by taking photos of him

• phil getting better at photography according to dan

• dan cried at a singapore light show

• phil possibly curling hair in a future video

• phil leaving dan for a bit in florida :((

• 1D poster gone

• dnp listened to harry styles’ new song

• favourite rooms are gaming room & their bedrooms

• dan uploading video on monday and liveshow on tuesday

• dan blow drying his hair

• dnp both not liking the feeling of nail polish

• dan painting his nails for the aesthetic

• caring about how we feel about them moving


phil: “can we get a fish?“ dan: “up to you mate.”

dan: “my new bedroom is moon themed. a floating white bed.”

phil: “its fashionable and snazzy.” dan: “being white?”

phil: “gaming lighting will be dank.”

dan to phil: “your ora is just radiating.”

• both: “we’ll get a dog when a house is bought.”

phil on bedrooms: “yours is very aesthetic mine is super cozy and quiet ”

dan: “i want to make the danisnotonfire videos more pretty ”

dan: “this year is for getting our lives back on track”

dan: “the ripped jeans, that was fun.”

dan: “someone gave me some glittery nail polish so i was like, ok ill do this. its a bit like a holiday so im like whatever”

phil: “this isnt a forever home we just wanted to get out”

phil on dan’s hair: “soft i think it suits him i think its a good look embrace the curls”

dan asking phil: "phil, why wont you paint your nails?“

dan: "prepare inspiration for me… make it more attractive.”

dan: “im quite excited to have a bedroom thats more reflective.”

dan on moving: “its a slow boxy process but we’ll get there.”

 both: “we hope we’ve been two virtual buddies for you." ♡

The Signs as After Laughter Songs

Aries: Pool
Taurus: Caught In The Middle
Gemini: Rose-Colored Boy
Cancer: 26
Leo: Told You So
Virgo: Forgiveness
Libra: Grudges
Scorpio: Hard Times
Sagittarius: No Friend
Capricorn: Fake Happy
Aquarius: Idle Worship
Pisces: Tell Me How

yknow, obviously there’s nothing wrong with someone who doesn’t wanna put a label to their sexuality, cause yknow people like different things and theres nothing bad abt someone not liking labels

but, the fact that almost every single character thats into multiple genders says that they just “dont like labels” or something along those lines is blatant biphobia

like, if it was one or two characters, then i wouldnt bat an eye, but considering its a trend for people to make their bi-coded character just “not like labels” is super fucking transparent

bisexual is not a bad thing, bisexual is not a dirty word, and it fucking sucks that 9/10 bisexual characters never actually call themselves bisexual

like, the only times i can think of characters who outright call themselves bisexual, is Darryl from Crazy Ex Girlfriend and like… there probably is more characters… but its pretty obvious that popular media thinks that bisexuality is a bad word, a taboo thing that must never, ever be stated

and i dunno about yall, but im fucking sick of my sexuality never being portrayed in a good light, im sick of seeing so few characters actually calling themselves bisexual, im sick of having so many bi woman characters just being hypersexualized and used to please men (i.e. having a bi girl whos bisexuality is only there for the male gaze), and im just sick of how people constantly portray ny sexuality

Bisexuality isnt bad and being bisexual is awesome, even if the media constantly tries to erase us or show us as awful

Since i havent seen anyone talk about this i think i would just like to point out that while yuuri is skating georgi is wearing this expression

Do you know why?

Because he understands

He understands that while yuuri is skating Yuri on Ice he is dedicating it to victor, his love for him, and is thinking of all the moments they have spent together and how victor has helped him so much from how he was last year. He wore the same expression while michele is skating because he knew he was skating because of his love for sara.

But georgi isnt the only one who noticed.

The commentators, the other skaters, mila, and im pretty sure even yakov knew that yuuri was skating because of his love for victor, some more so than others. What im saying is that people know and acknowledge that yuuri really loves victor and that he dedicated his entire FS to their relationship and how he has grown from it.

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what even IS nico and will's relationship in your head?????

um lmfao get ready

- “hey nico can u cook 2night im really tired and i have a long shift” “ok sure” [proceeds to cook really really well, the best tortellini or smth] “nico what the fuck ive been making burnt ramen for the last six months.” “i thought it was cute idrc”

-“nico wake up” “i’ll wake up when im dead” “nico ple as e”

- “do these pants make my ass look good” “will youre not wearing pants” “exactly ;3” “how are you making that face what the fuck”

-“sometimes i think that if that werewolf bit u and u became a werewolf i would still like u but that would make me a furry” “will what the fuck”

-“im so sad obama’s leaving his presidency” “um lmfao who’s obama”

-“what are you eating will?” “my feelings” “christ”

-“god dammit” [gets decked] “do not take the lord’s name in vain” “nico what the fuck”

-“nico im sorry please speak to me in english again the italian is really intimidating and chiara wont translate”

-“wait you mean… benito mussolini is dead?” “yes” “thank fuck fascism sucked”

-“do u ever think about how cool going to space would be” “will ive been to hell i dont need to go anywhere that isnt the fucking surface of the earth”

-“will ur eyes are pretty” “[flustered] so is ur… freckle… right there…” “ok”

-“im gonna tickle you-!” “if u lay a hand anywhere near me i will break all the fingers from ur hand i promise”

-“i wish i was a tree” “why” “then i wouldnt have to listen to u talk about the femur bone so much” “wow okay i just thought it was interesting”

-“nico im gonna buy these light up sketchers” “dont” “nico im doing it” “please dont”

-“hey nico do you still like me” “ye” “no i mean do you like like me” “we’ve been dating for three years”

-“nico i baked u smth!! :D” “[crying] i… love it… its so [chokes] good…”

-“nico where have u been” “i saw a dratini on my radar and ive been trying to catch it” “youve been missing for three days”

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Say if Sheith happens, who do you think would come to terms with their feelings first, Shiro or Keith?

hm i kinda feel like there was always something sort of there, going back to prekerberos. not something that either of them ever thought about too deeply or brought up to the other, but just like a “well, thats a problem for another day” type thing they kinda filed away. with keith especially i think its hard because after being alone so much and having no real friends or family its probably hard for him to judge different relationships and their levels of intimacy? like, how do you know that someone isn’t just like a brother if you’ve never had one? how do you tell the difference between a really close platonic friend and a crush if you’ve gone literally years without making any other friends? 

he’s also very self-sacrificing and willing to die for basically anyone on his team so like, it probably doesnt help that he has this really overwhelming sense of loyalty to the people he cares about. though bom makes it clear that, on a subconscious level at least, he knows shiro is definitely the most important person in his life. keith also prioritiezes his personal loyalty to shiro over his duty as a paladin, which is why he and allura both didn’t want the team to attack zarkon’s base, but keith immediately runs off to fight the emperor one on one to defend shiro. it’s also notable that fake shiro’s little speech about how the team needs him and they’re all a family isnt what convinces keith to give up the knife–losing shiro, and the knowledge that he would be completely alone as a result, is what breaks him. 

so while keith knows how important shiro is to him, i dont think he has a word for that yet really. it would probably take him a while to actually put together what he’s feeling. shiro on the other hand might actually put two and two together pretty quickly, especially since keith tends to let slip how important shiro is to him pretty easily. 

so i can see keith kinda unknowingly saying something that sounds like a confession and shiro kinda realizing that keith has feelings and maybe sorting out whatever’s going on with his own based on that. then again, i think its also possible that keith might become aware of his feelings on his own, and he just starts avoiding shiro. closing himself off more and more until shiro kinda just checks in on him again or pulls him aside and tells him that whatever’s going on, they need to work it out 

either way, whoever becomes aware of it first, i think shiro would have to be the one to actually bring it up. but huh i never really thought too much about this. anyone else have a different take on it? 

smh i’m trying to redecorate Wes’ loft and i realized i have like 0 rugs from cleaning out my cc a few months ago. i closed my game to go hunt for some but ended up downloading 200 items of cc.. none of them were rugs.


ok like im all for a good meme but uhh now is not the fucking time like this has serious implications and i hope louis is ok .. he’s not the kind of person who does this regularly like hes had plenty of reason over the years to snap and he hasnt and it mustve taken smth pretty big for that to happen and ive already been so worried abt his mental health esp since december like???? louis is having a fucking HELL of a time, of a life, and yall think it’s appropriate to joke abt this???? this isnt like 1d being sued, which was def funny. cuz it was harmless. this is not harmless. louis is clearly struggling a hell of a lot and with good fucking reason, and yall REALLY!!!! think this is okay ????

i think takumi is so pretty when he lets his hair down :D

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i am super bad at finding good lesbian stuff. is there any fun videos on YouTube i could watch? Most things i find are slutty clips from porn... so instead of doing homework im gonna tell u all of my fave lesbian youtube shit

this isnt going to be in any particular order, probably just the order i think of them, but im just gonna list off as many as i can and like you to their channels

  • Bria and Chrissy
    • a singing lesbian duo, they make original songs, covers, sketches, and sometimes videos about other stuff. some of their videos can be pretty intense (their most recent one is about sexual assault and rape, chrissy has come forward as a victim of revenge porn, and theyve done videos about alcoholism and ptsd) but the vast majority of their videos are super cute and sweet, definitely recommend them
  • BerrySwirl
    • interracial lesbian couple, they were LITERALLY high school sweethearts how adorable, super cute, most of their vids are chill and cute
  • Stevie
    • maybe one of my fave lesbians ever, shes super passionate abt sex education and has lots of vids about lesbian sex and sex positivity, shes so pretty, shes funny, and makes lots of gay content
  • Ari Fitz
    • I haven’t seen too many of her videos, but from what i have seen she seems funny, shes beautiful, shes a black lesbian and i watched her video where she reacted to tinashe’s company video and it killed me i related so much
  • Frankie and Tiaa
    • black lesbian couple who is having a baby, they are literally SO ADORABLE i am in love with both of them and their kid is so fucking lucky literally i am in love please watch them
  • Rose and Rosie (they each have their own channel)
    • lesbian/bisexual couple who is ALSO having a baby theyre both super snarky and british
  • Riley J Dennis
    • trans nb lesbian who makes videos on politics, feminism, and vlogs - i havent seen a whole lot of her stuff, but I know shes done a lot with transmisogyny especially in the lesbian community so definitely check her out!

Those are all i can think of at the moment, a lot of them do collabs with other lesbians a lot so you can probably find others that way

As always, if anyone has any other favorite lesbian youtubers they want to share please do! I’m sure we’d all love some more Gay Content

title: a wasp on the length of my arm

rating: t

pairing: klance

tags: modern au, childhood best friends au, trans guy keith, anxiety, miscommunication, mild angst later on, all that good good stuff. also lots of best friends tho. it took me a billion years but i decided to upload this finally as 2 separate chapters so

ch 1 of 2


Keith and Lance have been friends since elementary school.

This surprises most people when they first see them interact. Keith acts like he hates Lance, and Lance acts like they’re rivals, but in reality they joined at the hip in second grade and never separated, and maybe it’s because they’ve known each other so long that they act the way that they do. Lance is annoying, and Keith isn’t afraid to tell him that, and Keith is a hothead, and Lance isn’t afraid to call him out on it. It’s a weird equilibrium, a give-and-take that Keith has yet to experience with any of his other friends, but it works so well for them that Keith tries not to think too much about it.

alternatively titled: the klance childhood best friends au where keith isnt sure what they are anymore and lance is bad at talking about his feelings

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SOme lego batman hcs!

-joker and robin do a cute magic show/circus act together for bruce and try to make him smile, whoever makes him smile first wins. they both wind up winning in the end when joker does a card trick and coughs up a card that isnt even the card robin picked and he spent a good ten minutes coughing up various cards before realizing he never asked for robins card back. they’re very good at magic shows.

-whenever bruce says hes proud of robin, the kid genuinely tears up and gets really emotional, usually resulting in hugs and a trip to get ice cream in the batmobile.

-barbra insists on helping cook dinner a lot and alfred really appreciates the help, even if he insists that he doesnt need it. alfred refuses to ask for help when he needs it, taking after bruce in that aspect. once everyone else moves in they all help him out a lot and he feels very loved from it.

-alfred and robin play croquet together every saturday morning, while bruce is asleep. one day bruce walks out and sees them and they all play a game together that ends in bruce grabbing the croquet ball and hurling it into the ocean.

-robin can speak spanish and french roughly. alfred teaches him french a bit more fluently and they have conversations together, much to the bewilderment of everyone around them. usually they just make jokes about the others.

-barbra and bruce teach robin some hand to hand combat skills and robin picks them up very quickly, often accidentally winning fights a bit more roughly than expected. he always feels bad when he hurts the others, even if they say its okay. hes surprisingly powerful for his size

-robin and bruce make little mixtapes together and keep them in the batmobile at all times. once joker accidentally locked himself in the batmobile and listened to all of them, much to  bruce’s embarrassment.

-even though joker knows that bruce wayne is batman, he likes to pretend theyre different people so his fun isnt spoiled with bruce’s pretty and delicate image. but that doesnt mean he wont mess with bruce wayne a little along the way

-harley, pamela (poison ivy), and selina (catwoman) are in a poly relationship and whenever joker is having boy troubles (thinking about batman) they all have a girls night and hang out and paint eachothers nails and stuff. he’s, in ivys words, like the sister they never asked for but got anyway and love regardless.

-joker picks robin up from school one day and sees some kids picking on him. he tells bruce about it and bruce seems upset but takes a deep breath and decides to let him deal with it himself and see how it goes. when he picks him up again they keep doing it, mostly one kid in particular. robin is too anxious to fight back.  joker makes the executive decision to drive to the kids house and show robin how to stand up for himself. robin winds up breaking his nose. joker is unspeakably proud. so is everyone else.

im pretty sure someone else has pointed this out already but it looks like lance is using pidge’s headphones (?) and pidge doesnt typically let the others touch her things so i like to think that she lent them to lance after he asked to borrow them so he could listen to the sound of waves or smthn that reminds him of home

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idk about people but i've always thought of pidge as a cisgendered female. i just don't think she's trans. from flashbacks she seems to be comfortable in her female identity and it's explicitly mentioned in the show that she's passing as a guy so people don't suspect she's katie holt.

hi! I think pidge is great in that her gender can be interpreted in a lot of different ways, and everyone’s headcannons on that are valid. Pidge does use she/her pronouns and given the mulan feel to her story, i can see why a lot of people see her as cis.

but also that being said i am trans, so personally i do like to think of her as a trans girl or nonbinary. This isn’t really based on the scenes pidge is in so much as the emotion and relatibility those scenes evoke. like, the look on her face when she goes to cut her hair, but she stops and her hand shakes? like she’s throwing a part of her identity away? im a trans boy not out to my family, and i cant tell you how much it hurts to hear comments like “why dont you grow your hair out itll look so pretty” or “that isnt ladylike” so for me, im the opposite. if my hair gets too long, it makes me feel a lot of disphoria, and i need to cut it right away. i could kind of see that same sort of reaction in pidge when she has to cut her hair and she feels like its forfeiting part of herself 

another thing is the way she reacts when shiro calls her katie. it means a lot when everyone’s calling you something that isn’t you and then someone you care about finally reaffirms your identity with your own name. and the line shiro says about keeping it a secret until she’s ready to come out? ya, ive heard that from someone i really trust before. 

something else that’s really relatable is the bathroom scene. like, i cant tell you how many times ive watched it and just thought same

it seems to me like the creators are pretty aware of the implications you could draw from pidge’s gender, and put this in as a reference to that specifically. it’s also worth noting that, while on the surface its funny becuase “ha, alien bathrooms, she can’t tell which is which,” the fact of the matter is, it’s not the stall signs she’s confused about. theyre coded blue and pink, so both we the audience and other characters in universe (hello keith) are perfectly aware of what that means:

and i mean, if anyone is gonna be able to read alien signs, it’s the person who literally made their galra translation program and also learns altean in her spare time. So its a matter of picking one that she’s hesitant about, not a confusion of which is which. lastly, the creators did mention pidge’s gender while talking about possible representation in voltron:

also, while pidge may be cis, being in the closet–having to hide your gender from everybody, feeling like youre living a lie, like you arent who everyone thinks, having to change the way others perceive your identity against your will, the worry about things like public bathrooms, and all the stress and anxiety this stuff causes–these aren’t issues that cis girls have. They are, however, very relatable to trans and nonbinary people, which is why a lot of people, myself included, can kind of see a bit of ourselves in her story. 

so basically just to recap, while pidge could be cis, the problems with her gender identity arent ones that cis girls typically face, and are more relatable to people who are trans or nonbinary, and in many ways her story seems like a metaphor for that, which is why she’s often headcannoned as such. i hope that makes sense?? 

Rika’s back and MC gets left

Rika is back and MC gets sick at the same time she feels abandoned. Part 1 (x) | Part 2 (x) | Part 3 (x) | Part 4 (x) | Part 5 (x

  • Everyone was happy to know that Rika did not die and was back to the RFA 
  • At first you were okay with everyone ignoring you because hey, their long time friend was back and you know you couldnt possibly compete with the time they had with her 
  • over the next few days you do start to feel jealous that their main focus is Rika and no one really has talked to you since she came back except for short messages of:

“Hi MC!” “I’m so happy MC…” “Did you eat?” “Oh gotta go, take care!”

  • You know they mean well and are trying to be nice but you can’t help but feel like you were being abandoned so soon 
  • You begin to feel under the weather and decide that maybe the feeling of being jealous isnt helping your health so you decide to go a few days without logging in 
  • Of course, no one really noticed much thinking that you were tired or on break since Rika said she’d take back the job of coordinating the party emails and such
  • Ofc doesnt help that Rika reassures everyone that you’re fine even though she hasnt talked to you at all 
  • When you log in after 3 days you feel utterly hurt that no one really was concerned for you and you feel betrayed:

You gave up ever going back to your home country to stay and help the RFA (pretty stupid idea now)
You lived with a bomb pretending to be okay becuase you didnt want anyone to worry 
You tried your hardest to help everyone deal with their issues because you felt that they would do the same for you 
You felt like you had a home and a family with the RFA after all you all went through together 

  • Out of anger you leave your phone bc you know 707 probably keeps tabs on your from time to time he hasnt talked to you much b/c of a mission & know he’d probably talk to you but you dont wanna bother him and go out for a run
  • You notice you have lost a lot of weight and think that maybe you should see a doctor for a check up  you haven’t had one since you moved to Korea 
  • YOu speed up going to the ER when you notice that you started coughing up blood after your run
  • Since no one has asked about you, you dont say anything and pretend that everything is okay even though you get really happy when someone acknowledges you even if its briefly 
  • “Is there anyone that can come with you to the next appointment MC?” the doctor looks at you somberly and you shake your head explaining that you just moved here and are on your own  
  • He nods and then tells you that your results will be ready for you tomorrow and to come with maybe a friend 
  • Ofc you dont want to worry anyone so you pretend that you’ll ask for someone to go with you
  • You begin to get scared and think maybe you should ask, surely someone would care
  • You log in the chat and see that it is just you and Rika and Jumin 

Jumin: Thank you again for the book. I still haven’t finished it yet, but Elizabeth and I are almost halfway through. 
Rika: Oh don’t worry ^^ I know you’ll finish it eventually!

MC has entered the chatroom. 

MC: Hey guys… 
Rika: How did your meeting go with the president of Honey BUddah Chips? I’m sure 707 and Youngsung will be happy if they can come to the next party ^^
Jumin: Assistant Kang scheduled it for later on this evening. With your encouragement, I’m sure the meeting will go smoothly. I’ll tell them to email you later.
Rika: Why thank me? You’re the one that has to talk to them! All I do is just email them through a screen and not face to face~
Jumin: You’re too modest Rika
MC: guess I’ll come back at a better time then ^^;

MC has left the chatroom.

  • For sure now you know that telling them would be useless
  • So you don’t tell them anything at all.

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Could you draw Jacin, winter, and cinder getting into mischief when they were little? I know there was this one cute scene in fairest where it described Jacin trying to teach Cinder and Winter how to play tag but since they were so little, their steps would be wobbly 😭.

this isnt exactly what you asked for and it took me 5ever to even get to drawing it im so sorry but i think cinder looks pretty cute so /shrugs/

See, I’m the worst breed of human. Let me explain. Some people are dead inside. They go through life knowing this, and they manage fine enough, because, well, they are dead inside. They aren’t bitter because they don’t care enough to be. They just try to get by with the things they can control. Others live in the fucking clouds, watch romantic comedies, and dream about everything being perfect one. These people are always fine because they have an everlasting well of hope inside them, and no mater what happens they’ll just romanticized their existence. But when it comes to me… I am someone who’s mostly dead inside but still has a little hope for something extraordinary, which, as I said, is the worst breed of human, because it means that I know everything is bullshit, but that I secretly hope for the day when it might not be. The tension makes me wish I were just completely dead inside. It would make things much easier for me. See that? Anyway, then I met you, or read your writing rather, and now I feel connected to someone for the first time in… forever. So, please, if you can’t write for yourself, write for me.
—  Isn’t It Pretty To Think So?//Nick Miller