isnt it 7


Naruto calls Hokage Kakashi crying. Kakashi reassures him that Konoha has set aside an allotted sum of money annually to cover the damages the three of them cause when they fight. Better to just clean up the mess than anyone actually try and stop them.

i love mccree so much

i love canon mccree so fucking much

i dont know what blizzard ever did to the overwatch fans for them to turn mccree into what they did

fanon mccree is fucking bullshit

whats so weird abt the taz finale is…like…were all so anxious and nervous like “god griffin dont hurt us too bad w this end!” or “cant wait for griffin to fucking kill me!“ and like…i know yall are tired of "taz fans are relocated homestucks” commentary but i honest to god think its because were comparing taz to homestuck
like when homestuck updated, it was something to fear. whos gonna die this time? whos going grimdark? whos breaking the game from the inside?
there was always something to be fearful of
but taz is…different and i dont think any of us have really gotten past homestuck to see that yet
the taz finale isnt something we should fear, griffin doesnt want to hurt us, this isnt a story of doom and destruction and death, its a story of hope
its honestly one of the most optimistic stories about the apocalypse ive ever seen
dont get me wrong, i loved homestuck, but this finale, compared to act 7, isnt something we should all be worried about or scared for…
griffin mcelroy isnt breaking into our homes to beat us over the head with an upd8
griffin mcelroy is pulling up an extra chair to his figurative dinner table with his brothers and dad and saying “hey! this thing we worked on for so many years, were finally finishing it! hang out for a while and listen, maybe?” and offering you a big plate of pizza rolls
this isnt like when a tv show ends and your afraid of the writers adding some big unnecessary twist to the ending for shock value…griffin has built up this world to make us happy, and i honestly cant see it being something that would upset us or anger us or any of those things. i think it will be beautiful and exactly what we all have truly wanted out of this show: hopeful


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every interaction sasuke has had with anyone in the konoha 11 who isn’t naruto
  • uncomfortable around sakura. briefly forced to interact with her in a teammate role but still mostly uncomfortable/annoyed. tolerated her at best. sort of tried to kill her a little bit at worst.
  • one time refused to tell neji his name and age
  • got his ass kicked by lee 
  • like showed up toward the end of the war and gave a speech real quick in front of them 
  • i literally can’t think of anything else?????