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how did you make alien disguises and alien form the same???? one of my sims is an alien and she has a really pretty disguise, but here alien form isnt

I never use alien disguises, I always keep them in alien form. You can always change either of them in CAS!! I made Kai’s look similar to him and his dad before uploading it to the gallery. It all depends on what you want!! :)

love isn’t always holding hands and little kisses in on saturday afternoons. love isnt always a rose gold sun set when you kiss them goodbye. sometimes love is a messy 4 am phone call you make on the brink of tears to your best friend. sometimes it’s taking a trip to the store when there is nothing you need because they said they wanted some company. love isn’t always picturesque, but for as long as you feel it; it’s real.


Pride month isn’t over just yet!! So have an array of pride flags created from clouds I drew haha

Y’all can use them as blog banners or anywhere you can think of, really :)

Sometimes being a Mommy/Daddy is...

Having them crying on the floor because they are tired.

Having them crying because their favorite stuffie got a stain.

Having them throw tantrums because they cant have a paci all the time.

Having to tell them to brush their teeth after eating a lot of candy.

Putting them in time out because they couldnt behave.

Carrying a 100+ lb adult because they were too sleepy to walk.

Using your stern voice in public because they want to act out.

Helping them get dressed because they’re too little to.

Soothing them when something falls or a balloon pops because loud noises scare them.

Being a big isnt always just telling them what to do, having your way, and being in charge. Please remember that littles shouldn’t have to feel bad about being little.

exo really put out this crazy kind of production value like their comeback/concert quality is always roof-shattering and award-winning and unbelievable but the war sounds like a circle of the musical elite came together every night for 15 years and created this masterpiece of an album to end all albums

anyways can u guys have faith in keith leading please…………………….

Today’s a good day to remind my followers that it’s impossible to be unintentionally manipulative. It’s possible to be unintentionally hurtful, or to not be aware that your actions effect others and of course listening to others when they say they’re uncomfortable is important. But I think that the fear ‘what if I’m actually a monstrous manipulator and I don’t know it’ is a manufactured one– real abusive people behave as if they had no idea their actions were harmful, but that doesn’t mean they actually are ignorant to what they’re doing. They derive a position of power from manipulation or abuse and even if it’s something they take for granted it’s not an accident.

In any social situation it’s normal to have goals and to try and obtain a result that’s beneficial to you. That’s not an act of manipulation, but an act of ordinary interaction. But, especially among women (and this anxiety seems to skew predominantly to those who are assigned female at birth or are trans women and thus feel judgement people make of women) there is this toxic ideal that only bad women and girls have needs, and that voicing your needs or wants, otherwise working towards them and curating your situation like an ordinary person is manipulative and wicked. And it’s not exclusive to women either– there are many people who are expected to be selfless as a default. The idea of a selfless caregiver or provider blurs the lines between people who derive control from abusing this ordinary social contract, and people who just are engaging in it normally.

There’s also the strange sense that one is a ‘fraud’ when engaging in many kinds of social interactions, or that one’s ‘just saying what others expect to hear.’ Too much of this probably could make someone feel like they’re manipulating others by shamming their identity or personality. Inauthenticity is something that young people, and especially women and girls struggle with but it doesn’t make a conniving mastermind who’s tricking others into thinking they’re a great friend. At times we all will engage in this kind of obligatory social interaction where we’re just doing maintenance on our relationships or preserving order. Finding a level of authenticity or social intimacy where one’s able to feel safe and honest can be difficult and at certain times of your life might even be rare.

If somebody really and truly is not aware that they’re trying to control others in their lives, that points to that they probably need some form of mental health care and are trying to stay on top of what might for them be an out-of-control life or scenario. They’re not likely to be successful and they’re probably not able to plan or achieve much more than maybe lying to someone else out of fear or trying to change their short-term. And they’re likely to self-sabotage.

Manipulative people definitely exist and not all of them are highly premeditated schemers. But a lack of intention is almost never in the picture. Most of the time that we can fear if we’re ‘unintentionally manipulative’ what we’re really afraid of is if we’re not honest, humble, selfless enough or have too many needs– we’re trained to see ‘good people’ as egoless, going through life like miracle plants who need no water or sunshine to flourish. It’s not manipulative to engage in normal interactions where you want others to like and understand you, and change your approach to achieve that social goal.

“Alright kiddo,” Percy started, adjusting his sister’s weight in his free arm as he pulled riptide from his pocket. His eyes never leaving the ominous moving shadows that started to form around them. “I need you to hang on tight. We’re going to be ok, but if you promise not to tell Mom or Annabeth whats about to happen, I’ll buy you the best ice cream in all of New Rome.”

“Strawberry,” the three year old responded immediately, eyes darting around warily. “And I want triple scoop, like the, like the kind that you get.”


I had a dream the other night, and it involved Percy babysitting his sister and on their walk to central park, some baddies pop out of no where. Percy could take them out, no problem. But after a certain talk and a promise that he wouldn’t get his sister involved in any dangerous demigod shenanigans, Percy is more worried about the kid tattling on him to both his mom and his girlfriend. And if being an older sister has taught me anything, bribing with sweets works 9000% of the time.

A post: *hates on girls for liking boys, bi or straight* *calls all boys disgusting and stupid* *demonizes a group of people for no reason to which everyone on the post blindly agrees without forming an independant and reasonable opinion*

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Date the wolf who looks ferocious and terrifying and huge, but brings you the clumsily-made flower-crowns he made for you. Some of the flowers are unnaturally huge, and seem to have been torn by his claws, but the care put into the crown is obvious. Date the wolf who takes a human form just for you, despite the discomfort he feels in said form. Date the wolf who is touch-starved from living alone in the woods, who loves to hold your hands in his paws and kiss them. Who’s clumsy and isnt always aware of his own strength, but is always gentle with you. He’d never harm you, no matter what form he takes. He loves you with all his heart.

okay so after endless word-searches through the books (and referencing this post) i’ve finally managed to mostly come down with the exact ages for the foxes! some of this is assumption because we don’t have any solid ages for them but? assuming they all start their 1st years at 18 assuming 2013 (aka the year the tfc and trk came out) was when neil’s first year started: 

  • 1989 sep 27 - renee 
  • 1990 may 23 - nicky
  • 1991 apr 21 - seth
  • 1992 apr 29 - dan
  • 1992 jul 16 - allison
  • 1992 aug 5 - matt
  • 1993 feb 22 - kevin
  • 1993 nov 4 - andrew & aaron
  • 1995 jan 19 - neil

so based on this, these are their ages in june 2013, aka when neil meets the full team:

  • neil - 18 (pretending to be 19)
  • aaron & andrew - 19
  • allison, kevin, matt - 20 (kevin is the only one who’s celebrated his birthday. is kevin a junior? he should be a junior. if he isn’t, it’s because he skipped a year being asst. coach.)
  • dan - 21
  • seth - 22
  • nicky, renee - 23 (nicky has celebrated his birthday, but renee hasn’t had hers)


  • riko - 20 (1993 born, same age as kevin)
  • jean - 20?? (1993 born, if he’s the same age as kevin)
  • thea - 23/24 (1989 born, she’s been Court for 2 years, and she was 5th year when kevin started his 1st year)
  • jeremy - 21/22 (1992 born, in his 4th year that year)

sapphic / wlw playlist!

♫ I CHOOSE YOU - sara bareilles 
♫ BONNIE AND CLYDE - vermillion lies
♫ JENNY - studio killers
♫ FINGERS & TOES - alex winston
♫ LOWLIFE - poppy
♫ GIRLS LIKE GIRLS - hayley kiyoko
♫ SLEEPOVER - hayley kiyoko
♫ PRETTY GIRL - hayley kiyoko
♫ GIRLS/GIRLS/BOYS - panic! at the disco

The thing is, although onew is going through some terrible shit right now, i will always support him and shinee. I’m never gonna assume until I hear the correct stories and statements from real sources. Don’t come at me with the media bullshit. I don’t care. Onew has been my bias for years, I’m not going to assume anything because I know he isn’t a bad person. Yes he made a mistake. Every human does. So I’m not going to hate him or threaten him because of it. Bottom line, Shinee isnt Shinee without Onew. I will always support them.

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One piece~

ahhh i actually don’t really have any ships that i highkey ship in op anymore so i don’t have a favorite. i used to really like zorobin tho. i still enjoy their dynamic but my feels for them are extremely lowkey now haha