isnt he wonderful

namjoon is the cutest make sure to tell your friends

No one’s talking about how Kevin (kevjumba) just posted a video after years of a hiatus… He’s one of the og YouTubers along with Ryan and I’m just so glad that he finallly updated us bc he’s literally a part of my childhood growing up 😭😭😭

I’d just like to thank SM, even though they can be evil sometimes, but for letting Ten showcase his dancing. During 7th sense he didn’t really get to show what he’s capable of. Now, with his involvement in Hit the Stage and the Six-Pack performance, I feel like people will finally recognize Ten as a/ or THE Main dancer. This is my opinion.


@simple-symphonia im…..,,.,.,,

I’ll just pack my bags omg

in chapter 700 mirai is going on a 3 day life changing trip with kakashi and gai that girl must have the patience of a saint