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Gotham imagine 4

a request from the lovely @allisanya for a reporter!reader who meets Oz at a mayoral party and he doesn’t do interviews with her newspaper, but she finds him very interesting. As always, please send requests my way my dudes, and i hope you like ^-^ (I really loves writing this btw) @yoursweetlittlesixteen

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Getting yourself into this party wasn’t easy. You knew that Mayor Cobblepot refused to have anything to do with your newspaper, but nevertheless, you couldn’t give up a good story. You sneak a glance at the well-dressed gentleman who is currently the center of attention. He’s very handsome, but as a reporter you cannot allow yourself the luxury of bias. Still, there’s something about him, something very charming. 

You put those thoughts out of your mind and store your notebook and pen in your purse. You begin to approach him, drink in hand, when you’re stopped by his right-hand man, Edward Nygma. “I’m quite sorry miss, but Mister Cobblepot, doesn’t have any time for reporters.” You begin to protest when the young mayor puts his hand on Nygma’s shoulder. “Don’t worry about it Ed, i’ll take care of this.” he says with a gentile smile.”Now madame, what can I do for you?”

“M-mr. Cobblepot” You manage to stutter. “I k-know that you don’t do interviews but-” He stops you “If an interview is all you’re interested in,” He leans in close to you “Then I think we’re done here.” Your heart skips a beat, his voice is like lavender. “U-um no, no, I’d just like to talk actually.” You say, eyes wide. He smiles and your heart melts away. “In that case my dear, tell me, is your name as lovely as your eyes?” 

“Y/n, Y/n Y/ln” You say, turning red. He takes your hand, kisses it, then leads you into the hallway, away from the party. “So, Y/n,” He says your name carefully, as if savoring every syllable. “What is it you’d like to talk about?” He winks at you slyly. You attempt to respond, but at this point you’re too flustered to even get the words out. His hand lightly brushes your cheek, “Miss, Y/n, I know this is sudden but may I… kiss you?” He says, a true gentleman. “Why, y-yes, you may.” Your’e surprised at his chivalry. He leans in and kisses your lips softly at first, then more passionately. 

You knew you wouldn’t be leaving the party with a new story, but you didn’t mind, you had come across something much better.



141119 Underrated Kyungsoo’s Aegyo

so kyungsoo was forced to picked to do aegyo and this precious moment happened (´▽`ʃƪ)♡

The best part about DETECTIVE CONAN

It’s easy to see Shinichi doing the things Conan does.

Such as:

Freaking out over women’s underwear

Running into a wall

Getting completely embarrassed from watching a girl change

(Rudely) Laughing at someone who looks funny

In those moments, Shinichi wasn’t trying to act like a kid. So, instead of a 6-year-old boy, imagine a 17-year-old young man doing all this. Not hard to do, huh? 


honestly i dont even really know how to begin this like??? i feel like i have so much to say it was just the best day of my Entire Ugly Life. im so honored i really am it was just the most beautiful experience ever nd also so funny lkafsfsa i can’t wait to share with you !! 

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