isnt family great



Picnic Time! 

I plopped a nice little set up down in the middle of the Windenburg ruins, and invited all the kiddos out for some much needed fresh fresh air. We’ve got bff’s Dom and Trenton (Alix/Max son) to the left, nerding out. Hugo’s focused on his sketchbook, planning a new mural. Bridgette in the middle with her bestie Sativa (Julerose daughter) and her source of thirst Felix (Chloe and Nath’s son). Then on the end we have the older teens- Lionel (Kim/Alix son), Piper, Louis, and…

Oh! Looks like there’s a new face! :^)

Introducing Luna, who you may remember as the girl Louis clumsily hit on about a month ago. :^)

Turns out they’ve been really hitting it off these past few weeks, and Louis thinks it’s time she meet his friends and family :^)

Isnt that great guys? :^)