I’m so terribad at drawing digitally AND quickly but the Magi69min will hopefully help me work on that!

so bad in fact that I didn’t have time to put in poor now-blind Setta stumbling over the mess of books a sleeping Ugo left lying around, weh


Perfect for pressuring your friends into RPing lesser played characters (like Ka Koubun or Ugo), and popular characters alike! All icons by candorcapricious. If possible, please credit, if used.

Sinbad: 18 icons
Judal: 27 icons
Isnan: 15 icons
Ka Koubun: 16 icons
Ren Kougyoku: 17 cions
Alibaba: 18 icons
Cassim: 16 icons
Ugo: 16 icons
Aladdin: 15 icons
Ja'far: 9 icons
Masrur: 6 icons
Morgiana: 11 icons
Other: 10 icons



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