Perfect for pressuring your friends into RPing lesser played characters (like Ka Koubun or Ugo), and popular characters alike! All icons by candorcapricious. If possible, please credit, if used.

Sinbad: 18 icons
Judal: 27 icons
Isnan: 15 icons
Ka Koubun: 16 icons
Ren Kougyoku: 17 cions
Alibaba: 18 icons
Cassim: 16 icons
Ugo: 16 icons
Aladdin: 15 icons
Ja'far: 9 icons
Masrur: 6 icons
Morgiana: 11 icons
Other: 10 icons



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I’m so terribad at drawing digitally AND quickly but the Magi69min will hopefully help me work on that!

so bad in fact that I didn’t have time to put in poor now-blind Setta stumbling over the mess of books a sleeping Ugo left lying around, weh