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Ugo: 16 icons
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Analyzing Osana: A Very Interesting Read.

Seriously. I want to shake this user’s hand. 

I’ll never admit to a soul where I follow Dev’s active discussions about Yandere Simulator. If you have seen my previous screen shots and recognize the site, then it would be obvious to you. However, If someone would ask me what site it is, I won’t tell. It’s just something I tend to keep quiet about, out of respect. 

There is a user by the name of Kokonie that submitted a theory, regarding Osana. Yandere Dev responded with the following:

Wow! You really analyzed things thoroughly!

I would love to tell you which theories are correct and which are incorrect, but it would be a spoiler.

Nice job putting the puzzle pieces together, though!

Kokonie’s theory is very well thought out, and I seriously need lessons. HAHA. And I’m going to share it all with you. 
Notes: Long read. The theory is strictly by Kokonie and ALL credit goes to them. I did not alter it in any way and simply copied and pasted what they said. 

Hi everyone! Welcome to yandere theory ! … well, a lot of peoples were wondering who is the mysetrious obsatcle ? …what the possible storyline of osana ? …and what’s the deal with the phone guy who is creeping osana ? ….

Well …this is the right post to read ! because we have theory based on hints and actuall game content and lore …so hope you’re satisfied…enough talking ! Let’s go ! D-dummy !…

Let’s begin with a flashy sassy popular girl …you know her right ? …musume ronshaku ! …

on friday’s event ,musume was tenting for dangerous rumor from osana herself…she said : “ i saw with a guy from another school…is he your boyfriend? ” well, osana sounds lile she actually hates this creep “ this guy is a total creep …i won’t date him if he was the last man on the earth ”

…well if she hates him this much …why does she goes out with him …the correst sentence is : she’s forced to ! …

by now, you might already know who’s the guy is… but i will remind you :

on osana’s phone call : a stalker was demanding from our tsundere girl something but she wasn’t intrested in it …however , he threatened her by doing something “harsh ” !?

I will explain what it is in the next part but now , who is this creep …he is stuck with an innocent rival girl everywhere and call her anywhere …

On “osana progress report and mission mode update” video : a shape of brown -haired guy with big nerd glasses were teased …

in these recent days , dev confirmed something in a comment of a post saying : “ the anime figures and the magical wand are from a show currently popular in yandere simulator ”

..anime figures in the gaming club ? Magical wand from the drama club ? …coincidence ? Well dev don’t do coincedences !

EDIT : on a yandere simulator blog post: dev said that osana ’s storyline will involve entering a room full of “anime posters ” …an otaku!?

…a popular show ? And a nerdy otaku boy ? …a boy who is super into but crazyly insanely into this show …but why osana ?

Dev teased two art work in “osana progress report and mission mode update ” video that look remarquably similar to osana but she seems like she’s wearing a disguising costume? A cosplay?

I can see a magical wand from the popular show dev described

This is the correct question and this is the most possibly correct answer is …He , this isnane boy, saw osana …how cute and similar to this popular show’s character and demands osana to cosplays for him threatening her !

What could the the threat be ? … well keep waiting a little bit … we have to find out first who is our OBSTACLE CHAN :

As the trello board that dev linked to : the mysterious obstacle is on osana related to do list : the list said that the character is 100% designed and 100% modelled but a lot of work need to be done (voices / animations/scripts…) …so it is unlikly but i can confirm that this character is not rival-chan…well she is too cute for a dangerois heroic girl that will make ot difficult to eliminate najimi-san…

My theory is that this girl is osana’s bestfriend and the previous martial art club leader…the reasons:

1) she is related to many osana’s stuff and she is confirmed to interact with osana multiple times … : osana’s bestie !

2)budo’s profile says that he has a crush on the previous martial art club leader and the mysterious obstacle is in the same self-defense category as budo …this is confirmed in a subreddit post by a dev comment …coincedence ? No!

In a progress report abt osana , a house layout were teased

…in the trello board; it was confirmed that it is related to osana’s storyline …

in yandere simulator needs sheets : the player must break into a family resident …the layout is modelled and models are in working faces …the layout of the house shows a target room with two point: red point and green point …

there is a sister room …

but why it is a sister room? …why not a brother room ? Why dev montioned it is a sister room ? He can instead make it an empty square with useless meaning

…but no …

there is a reason why it a sister room … i can say now that the mestyrious obstacle is the SISTER of the nerd that demand osana to cosplay a show’s character …the threat is abusing osana’s bestfriend!

Now i can rest in peace! Hopevyou’re as satisfied as me now ! Thank you for reading 🤓

hope dev enjoyed seening this because he as well as me , enjoys deep games with theories to search in like fnaf and hello neighor

…if you want to declare something …reply to me …you want a yandere theory …reply me too!