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yeah, your order number is 69. haha, yep, like the sex number. you're right, i was dreading reading that out loud to you. i dread it every time i have to read it, actually. no, of course not, my laugh isn't uncomfortable and i'm not only laughing to get you to please go away now.

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How does Mika's uniform's cape work??? ??? Like really?????? Isn't it uncomfortable with that wierd belt thing??????? How doesn't it fall??????



I mean, Mika’s uniform looks wonderful… in an aesthetic way.

But to fight with it looks kind of uncomfortable like ???

Then again no uniform in ons makes much sense to me

At least they look fabulous!

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hey im wondering: is it transphobic for a cis gay guy to not want to date and have sex with a trans mlm? (and same goes for wlw) i really hope this isn't an offensive/uncomfortable question, (if so you can just not answer if you want) but as a pan person who couldn't care less about sex & gender so im trying to understand that? like i know some gay ppl might experience repulsion towards the opposite sex? again i'm rly sorry if this inappropriate cheers

its not transphobic IF it’s because sex is important to them and they’re not attracted to certain genitals, they had a really bad experience with someone of a certain sex, etc
it is transphobic IF its because they dont see that person as their real gender, they see the possible relationship as being straight, “i only date real guys”, etc

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Doesn't your mom know what's happening if you have someone in your room with loud ass music and shit??? And isn't that uncomfortable to fuck someone knowing she's right there???

nah she’s usually never home during the day and no joke if they sleep over shit we SLEEP 

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I really hate it when people think it's okay to touch me while I'm working. As a waitress, I understand that you like to personally hand me a tip. But do not, under any circumstances, touch me. I find it very uncomfortable and invading. Do not grab me, do not wave your hand in my face. I see you waiting there, don't fucking touch me or place your hand in my apron to give me a tip. Your fucking $2 tip isn't worth me feeling uncomfortable in my own skin for the rest of the day.

sun signs: anecdotes
  • aries: you're 3 weeks behind on laundry & even farther back on dishes. but congratulations on finishing your new puzzle
  • taurus: the stories u tell at parties make me cry and u hold me. u threw away my sadness and fed me a new kind
  • gemini: this week you hate god. last week you worshiped the norse pantheon. before that u worshiped yourself
  • cancer: when i say drink you say "how fast" when i say stop you cry about your family
  • leo: you can swap bracelets and you can swap friend codes but u can't swap ur circumstances
  • virgo: you changed your entire look and you even changed your smile but you can't change your insides
  • libra: ur partner is not a chair but gosh darn if you don't make it look high-fashion
  • scorpio: i see you pacing. i know ur upset. just tell me what i did
  • sagittarius: pls let me sit down. just 5 minutes. i'm so tired we just went out
  • capricorn: u wanna be down to earth but ur favourite games involve ghosts. why r human beings scarier?
  • aquarius: u laugh about the weirdest shit. ur dead dad isn't funny. i am uncomfortable
  • pisces: why r u still crying didn't we make up an hour ago. ur gonna soak ur keyboard and ur dinner

Marauders headcanon that Sirius goes out and gets a shit ton of piercings one day, pretty much everywhere, and James thinks they’re awesome and wants some but Lily threatens to break up with him if he gets more than three, so the marauders all go out to get the two of them pierced and they try to talk Peter into getting some, but he wusses out last second. So James gets three, sticking to Lily’s rule while Sirius gets his tons, along with a few (more?) tattoos, holding Remus’ hand the whole time, because even holding hands can’t deduct from this level of punk rock. When they turn to Remus and ask if he wants any, he quietly says no, and no one presses him, that is, not until they get back to Hogwarts, two of the four newly pierced and being ogled by every witch and wizard they pass in the hall. It’s been almost two weeks and Remus has slowly started speaking to the two less and less until one day, Sirius explodes and asks why he is avoiding them. Remus says he doesn’t really like piercings and they kind of freak him out and make him uncomfortable, but he didn’t want to spoil his friends’ fun. Later the marauders all go out and Remus overhears people whispering rudely about Sirius and James’ piercings and Remus FLIPS OUT. Full on screaming and cursing and defending his friends. Then he turns to the other three and says he wants some piercings, before storming off from some awestruck people that are now completely horrified of this unassuming stranger. Later, when he tries to convince them to take him to get pierced, his friends refuse to take him, not letting him do something he’ll regret. And maybe, just maybe, over time Sirius and James slowly take out their piercings and let all the holes grow shut, even though Moony is speaking to them again and everything has returned to normal.

I don’t think my roommate likes me lmao

I guess I accidentally kept her up last night even though I didn’t think I was being loud and normally she sleeps through anything. I got up to use the restroom and when I came back she had moved to the couch. I don’t know I didn’t mean to keep her up and I’ve been too afraid to say anything about it but she’s been ignoring me all day. like even when I talk to her she’ll barely say anything or flat out not acknowledge me and when she does it’s so awkward. like this morning when I said good morning she looked up at me (I even waved at her) and she just turned away.

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Hey Chase ! I have a question that I hope isn't uncomfortable to answer. Are you of latino heritage or do you consider yourself caucasian? I ask because if I remember correctly, in the GMM where you talked about your grandma being a wrestler, she had a sort of latino name.

This is something I am still figuring out and am not fully comfortable with. I am Mexican but I also consider myself Caucasian. My father is mainly German and Western European and my mom is Mexican but not 100%. I grew up around my mom’s family because my father is from Ohio. Because I am not fluent in Spanish and I don’t look Mexican, I never felt fully hispanic when I was with my extended family. I don’t even know if I should be called white passing because I’m technically less than 50% Mexican, though I feel more Mexican than I do white. 

My grandma was Lita ‘The Latin Hellcat’ Marez, and culturally as well as genetically, I am Mexican. But I haven’t broadcast that fact out to the world because I don’t want to offend people who feel that I shouldn’t call myself Mexican or hispanic or latino. I get to walk through life without people judging my skin color or my accent. People don’t think twice before making a Trump Wall joke in front of me. I walk a line that sometimes makes me feel like I am lying and sometimes makes me feel guilty. 

Recently, this blog post has helped me feel a bit more comfortable in my skin : 

So I am Mexican. AND caucasian. And I’m sorry that this was a really long answer… :)


It’s Gonna Be Me 

Every little deke I do

Never seems enough for you

I don’t wanna lose it again

I’m so much better than them

Stanley when you finally

Get raised by somebody

Guess what…

It’s gonna be me.