To people who cry very easily and often like me:

Tears are a way for the body to let go of the weight of the things you are feeling. Bad or good feelings, you cry when it becomes too much: too much sadness, too much happiness, too much amazement, too much fear, too much anger etc. So, don’t feel stupid for crying whenever you get a little passionate about something, get into an argument, etc ; your tears are proof that you feel very deeply about whatever you are doing or is happening to you when you cry. (fyi it doesn’t mean people who never cry don’t feel deeply, just that they feel differently). Really, you should be amazed to be one of the few to be able to feel and care so fiercely about the world around you and what it offers you that your body needs to release tears so often. All in all, crying a lot is nothing to be ashamed of. Other people’s opinions are irrelevant here, sure it sucks when you cry in class or at work, but in the long run and in the “grand scheme of things”, it’s not a weakness I promise you. It’s a strength.


I can’t tell you how many times I get told that I look exactly the same as I did before I started T. That’s fine if you don’t see the changes, because I do. I see myself standing up straighter. I’ve seen my face becoming one I’m happy to see looking back at me in the mirror. I feel my body getting stronger. I see myself smiling more, feeling more, and all around just LIKING myself more. I’m not here to please others with some drastic transformation, I’m here to be myself… as I’m becoming more myself. You’re welcome to watch, but this journey is for me

Way pre-t vs 15 months on T. (The picture on the left was the day I chopped my hair off).


Maybe it’s true that experience plays a part in building the confidence to keep on going, but I don’t pay any heed to it. I think acclimatization is the scariest thing of all. I don’t have particular aims of wanting to be a certain way in the near future either. The only thing I’m focusing on right now is to just keep going.

Finally finished!! Cloud in his silk dress! Along with his sexy cologne, blonde wig, diamond tiara! And I chose lingerie for this, but I may change that >w>;;
A poster print that’ll be made available for Anime Evolution! (and then for animethon, anirevo)


[GIF REQUEST MEME racheldvncan requested:                                                                       Orphan Black + Favorite Villain  →  Dr. Virginia Coady                                                                  

They came to me when they were very young. The irony of it? I never wanted kids. Didn’t think it was for me. Next thing I know, I’ve got more than I can count.                          

OH YEAH also i forgot to mention in the other life update post, but my illustration was just approved by the publisher! ;A; it’s going to be on the cover of the novel I translated ;;;A;;; It’s a really disorienting thought that I probably still haven’t fully wrapped my mind around because I was so sure it was going to be rejected and I was cool with that idea. But something I drew is going to be on the cover of a published book, and I’m also going to get money for my art for the first time…OTL

It was really fun omg even if I’m not really happy with the result but hey I had a good time ♡

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I Love You

There’s a lot of hate in the world right now. There always has been, but it seems to be running rampant right now, and I can’t tell if that’s because more people are paying attention to the news and more things are being reported or if it’s just a really terrible time for a lot of people right now. But either way, there are a lot of people that have to live with and are affected by this hate, and to you I want to say that I’m sorry and I love you.

Sorry’s don’t help, I know. “Keeping you in my thoughts” won’t help you deal with the loss of a loved one or the fear of being targeted because of your appearance. I’m not the easiest person to talk to, and I doubt there’s anything I’d be able to say to make you feel better if you did try to talk to me, but I’m here for you if you need me.

You’re strong. You’re beautiful/handsome/amazing. You matter. You can’t stop terrible people from doing terrible things, you may fear for your life based on decisions your government makes, and you may even have to fear celebrating with friends/family/your country because one person could decide to ruin it. But you can’t let that fear control you; you deserve all the happiness in the world and you shouldn’t let anyone keep you from achieving that. But please, stay safe, protect the people you love, and don’t let anyone tell you that you aren’t worthy of the things you deserve, whether that be happiness, compassion, love, or respect.

I love you all~


This blog is literally obligated to post random shit about these two. Since I found some nice new poses I didn’t have to make (everyday I don’t have to make poses is a good day I swear – too lazy lol – thanks to @vanderetro) I decided to have them stare intently at the camera.