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you guys have all most likely seen the video of Stefan dancing with Yo Gabba Gabba in True Jackson– so I took it upon myself to watch the whole episode and I almost CRIED
He steals a ring so he can blackmail them into making a dress for his bratty daughter, and keeps them captive in his GIANT CASTLE where he works being an “INTERNATIONAL FANCYPANTS”
he also has yo gabba gabba captive so that they can teach his daughter to EAT HER VEGETABLES
I swear to god though, he first appears when a hidden bookcase door slides open and he was just tHERE and I SWEAR TO GOD I FELT MY SOUL LEAVE MY BODY.

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He has said multiple times that he hates that ppl associate him as the "good looking" musician and wants to be known for his music instead. He was saying he even wanted to shave off all of his hair bc that's all ppl were looking at. I'm thankful he just didn't shave it off bald bc he got REALLY close to doing it a few weeks ago. This is why he cut his hair. Some fans have already "left" him because he isn't as attractive anymore... but that was the whole point. He didn't want fans like that.

Wow! That’s actually a really good and powerful reason! I get it. And, honestly, I have to commend him for doing it, because it makes a shit load of sense, actually. Thanks for that explanation though, because I was just thinkin’ he’d gone off the deep end! Haha!

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Life Is Strange

so me and my boyfriend are playing Life Is Strange on his PS4 and I mentioned it being kind of popular lesbian stuff and he just looked at me all confused like: whaat what lesbian there are none… wait you mean Chloe and Max… they are friends..umm but they are cute…ummmmmm I don’t know Kate.

*3 hours later*

Chloe: If you’re hardcore then kiss me Max 
choice one: Kiss Chloe                      
choice two: don’t kiss Chloe

me: ooooh yeeesss finally
boyfriend looks at me grinning while I laugh and try to steal the controller from him: ooooooooookaaay you were right *he himself hits option one* 

both: awwwwwwwwwww 

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danny lookin real good oml

yuppp i decided to see why so many people hyped about him and when i opened him up in cas… lets say i wasn’t impressed at all lmao!! but i decided to jump on the trend of having danny as a spouse so i made him pretty an woo we got a hunky danny!!


                                         Simon Says:Pansexual

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  • me@myself: okay so he has shown signs of 'liking' u but its just playful banter. this man loves his job. he didn't go to a top university just to get the sack for having a relationship with a student. anyway if he did 'like'u back that would be weird. why would a young man be searching for love at the school HE TEACHES AT. no no no. immoral shit right there. he's already done enough damage, so try forget about him. he isn't even attractive or anything. and he's nice to everyone, not just you by the way. haven't you noticed?
  • also me@myself: okay so he has shown signs of 'liking' you and it has to be more than just playful banter. the way he looks at you, how he's always trying to make you smile and lift your spirits... surely that means something. the little glances and sneaky smirks he does in class when he makes a joke or if someone makes a dumb point make you feel like more than a student to him. he talks to you as if you're a friend. and he's shown signs of being attracted to you if i do say so myself. and i adore his voice, his mannerisms, his dry wit. the way he pensively strokes his beard. when he rolls up those shirt sleeves. when he joins in our conversations and helps us with out of school issues, despite not being our form tutor. yeah, he tries to be nice to everyone but can come across as sarky, even to you. but thats just what teachers are like. he's a good guy, despite what your friends say about him 'liking' you. God you're so in love with him that you wouldn't care if he liked you back. you'd make a move. we'd be the cutest couple, honestly. your friends think he 'likes' you back. they've seen how both your behaviours change when you're around each other. they think its weird how much he likes you. they say he treats you differently, and they're right. you know that. but why? does he love you? does he want you as much as you want him? you'll never know.
  • these are the pains of having a teacher crush.

Must be a “Dingle-Gene-Family” thing (。♥‿♥。) coz look how gorgeous beautiful they both are.

another art giveaway prize! @shark-fish​ requested shiro from voltron: legendary defender, which i have yet to watch but i really really (REALLY…) like shiro’s hair/design/honestly every single thing i have heard

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I think Auston Matthews is not attractive at all! Why are people obsessed with him.... including you?

I’m hungry and tired so I’m gonna paraphrase @mcdavos and @fuckin-hockey

  • Auston Matthews is an absolutely incredible hockey player and at the age of 19 is already making a huge impact on his team and the league
  • He’s the highest drafted Latino player in NHL history. As a WOC, I pretty much go nuts every time I see any POC in the NHL
    • Catch me crying over Cliff Pu
  • Has a unique hockey development background
  • Literally a kid from Arizona, which is a non-traditional hockey market, from a family that didn’t know anything about hockey, and became the first overall pick of 2016
  • Made history. Multiple times
  • Is so humble and loves his family so much and is a great teammate