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Cocking an eyebrow at her present table company, Alina drummed her fingers on the cool marble in front of her; a tell tale sign that she was losing interest in the conversation and was bound to flee soon. Still nursing a hangover from the Gala the night before she had little patience to deal with social climbers or conversationalists that were about as entertaining as watching the bright red lacquer on her nails dry. Catching sight of a figure about to stroll past her table, Alina took advantage of the opportunity and stood up abruptly, hooking her arm through the passing guest’s to stop them and glanced down at the stunned man still in his seat. “It’s been a lovely chat, but I forgot I have plans today. We’ll have to catch up another time though.” Flashing a half smirk she was quick to turn and flee the boring situation, towing her new company along with her. “I don’t know how it’s possible to make a conversation about a party so irritatingly dull, but he managed it. Seriously, I will never get those twenty minutes of my life back.” 

Walking in the streets of New York by himself, Michael couldn’t remember the last time he had felt this frightened. “E-excuse me?” His little voice piped over the crowds, “H-has anyone seen my sister or b-brother?” He asked loudly. He of course, knew it was a long shot but being this frightened and alone it was all he could think of.

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After having just left a world blanketed in night, with stars and moon, the sudden brightness of a sunlit place was virtually blinding. Princess Ryoko Sumeragi had to shield her blue eyes as she gazed around the place she had landed. So far, this world didn’t appear to be very different from her own planet. Visually, at least. The sounds and smells, on the other hand, were not what she had planned on finding.

Was this place really going to be where she would find aid for her dying kingdom? From what she could see, there wasn’t going to be much help here. Not any that her people would be able to benefit from.

Feeling something nudging at her hip, the girl looked down at the young dragon hunched on the ground beside the seated princess.

“It’s alright, Smaug,” She cooed, gently scooping up the trembling, winged reptile into her arms. “We’ll find help. I’m sure of it.”



Her head hurt like a bitch. Alex kept her eyes closed for a while, groaning slightly at the pain in her head. But, eventually, she let her eyelids flicker open as she sat up slowly.

She quickly wished she hadn’t opened her eyes. Nothing around her was familiar. In fact, it looked like something out of a movie or a dream. The sky was a strange colour. And… were those spaceships? They certainly looked like them…

“… What the hell is going on?” she said aloud.

“Damn, what a beautiful day this is”, he spoke, amazed at the sunny weather and beautiful people surrounding him, things that were nothing unusual on this island of course, but that didn’t keep Hansel from being completely in awe at all the wonders again and again. “Everything seems even better after a night of actually getting plenty of sleep for a change.”

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they say it’s the last time but every time he looks at her, all milo wants to do is rip her clothes off of her body again. “because we can’t, not ever again.”