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Syaoran may still be drunk, and that's why he thinks a non-living thing attacking him is slightly odd but totally reasonable. And I always get so happy to see people shipping Syaoran and Ryuu-ou, my perfect husbands *sniff* -Essay Anon


Look at these dorks. 

I was unprepared for any of this. 


They had donuts in Ylisse, sure.  But Koi had so many kinds that Noire could hardly make a choice.  Some of them barely looked at donuts, and seemed more along the lines of small cakes.  She was going to have to make a seriously decision here.  Although she needed to speed up her decision making process as a line was quickly forming behind her.

Oh dear.  Her eyes scanned the shelves upon shelves of donuts behind the counter before finally eyeing a donut that was all by itself.  The last strawberry icing donut?  Well if they were going so fast they had to be good.  Of course!  She might as well go for that.  Noire straightened up and pointed at the donut in question.

“I’ll have that one, please.”  The worker in her line – obviously relieved that she had finally made a choice – approached the donut only to have another cashier reach for it at the same time.  Noire turned her head to see the person in the line next to her was also itching for that donut in particular.

“O-Oh, ah, you can have it if you’d like.  I don’t mind…”

you know what? i’m gonna say something:

you guys are great and i love you all, and all of you, so thanks for stickin’ around