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I really want to do witchcraft and such but my family (whom I have to live with due to other circumstances) doesn't want me to get into it because it's "evil" and while I agree that my current situation/mental state isn't a good time to do some things, is there anyway I can do something small but somehow limit myself so I don't go overboard (which is common with me) or should I just wait?

Crystals are good to start and are very simple. Plus, you can hide it as a collection. You can do stuff with teas if you like tea, and a garden is good too. Kitchen magic is something I’d recommend you look into.
(I’m tired excuse me but good luck!!)

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What do you think of Deaf Courfeyrac and Video Relay Combeferre? (AKA, the one who translates speeches and news programs to sign language)

Okay, my understanding of all this isn’t necessarily the best and there’s really only so much research I can do at midnight, so please be kind. Anyways, my first thought was the sort of VRS stuff you get with a phone service?  Like where Person A is d/Deaf and speaks over camera through an interpreter to Person B who’s hearing.

A(speaking English) <—-> C (speaks both, interpreting) <—–> B (speaking ASL, has a camera and a screen so that they can see C and C can see them)

So in this case we have Person B as Courf, and Person C as Combeferre.

Now – this actually made me laugh so hard when I first saw it?? Because the thought of how this goes from “professional, disconnected strangers” to actual friends is just beautiful.

Like this is Combeferre’s job.  He is good at it.  He – is – professional.  He loves the very real challenge of getting up every day, going into a completely new, random situation, and needing to translate two completely different languages in real time so that they maintain nuances and the conversation can be successfully carried out between two people.  Sometimes it’s bizarre or exciting or unsettling, though often, when it comes to the conversations themselves, it’s sort of dull.  And maybe today has been exceptionally dull.

He relayed one conversation that was basically twenty minutes of two people discussing how much the other’s children have grown.  One was about a very unfortunately placed rash that someone has.  One involved an older hearing person who Combeferre really wished knew ASL because her hearing was going and he ended up needing to repeat the same recipe for oatmeal-raisin cookies to her about four times. He is genuinely going out of his mind with boredom and all he can think about is the book in his bag which he really wants to take out and read.  

Then he gets connected onto another call.  And suddenly he has this face full of a quite young, quite attractive young man with this huge, dimpled smile and curly hair and really gorgeous eyes.

But Combeferre is a professional.  So he tells himself.

And he’s waiting for this discussion to be, oh I don’t know, talking to his mom about who’s turn it is to take the dog out, or about homework, or something equally dull because that has been his day. Instead the hearing person on the other line sounds like they’re voice is literally made out of fire and they start having this intensely passionate political debate and it’s all Combeferre can do to stay detached and professional and relay the message without putting his two bits in.  It is easily the most fun call he’s had all day – probably all week – because his Deaf client (called Courfeyrac by the hearing one who answers to Enjolras ) has just the most beautiful speech, he talks with his entire body so enthusiastically he’s repeatedly nearly throwing himself out of his chair, and Combeferre is genuinely loving trying to interpret for the man called Enjolras because he speaks so passionately that it feels like it takes all of Combeferre’s energy to properly translate it.

(Also, brief interlude: imagine Combeferre trying to pronounced Enjolras’ name when Courf finger-spells it at him.  Or imagine him trying to figure out how the fuck you spell “Courfyerac” when Enjolras says it – are there protocols for that?  Or is it the Starbucks’ cross-your-fingers-hope-it’s-right method?)

And yeah, despite everything else Combeferre ends that day very happily. He goes home that evening still thinking about Courfyerac, and even finds himself looking up some of the topics him and Enjolras were talking about later that evening instead of reading more of his novel.

Still, it was a one time thing, it was fun, but like any other job it passes and he moves on to new conversations between new people.

Until all of a sudden he’s faced with Courfeyrac fiddling with his camera again.  This time it’s not Enjolras he’s talking to but a man called Feuilly and they’re trying to make plans for a rally they’re apparently having soon and once again Combeferre is completely enraptured.

And that could have been called a coincidence, until, a few weeks later, he connects to another call and is once again faced with Courfeyrac. And once again has to dredge of every little bit of his schooling and experience to stay professional. Because holy shit Courfeyrac is actually the cutest boy to ever sit in front of a camera.  And once again he goes home and fucking daydreams about this random client and his wonderful views on politics and how clever he is and how charming he is and how Combeferre really, really, really wants to actually talk to him, not just relay someone else’s words to him from the other side of a screen.

And then it happens a fourth time, and Combeferre has a complicated relationship with religion but in this moment he is now certain that some sort of greater being exists because it or he or they are clearly trying to torment him at this point.  Except this time he’s on a late shift, and he’s tired as fuck and has been chugging coffee like it’s water, and Courfeyrac has called up a person called Grantaire.  Grantaire is not a fun person to interpret for because he seems to write a novel just to say a sentence and laces that novel very heavily with obscure metaphors and references.  He is also a wonderful person to interpret for because he has a fiendishly clever sense of humour that has Combeferre’s lips twitching in amusement.  But jokes and puns do not translate easily, especially from ASL where puns are physical.  So, exhausted and amused and just thrilled to see Courfeyrac again, when Courf tries to tell Grantaire a particularly bad joke that he’s desperately trying to figure out how to translate, he can’t help it, he cracks.  He just doubles over and starts howling with laughter because good lord that was so terrible it was actually the worst joke he has ever heard and that does it he is absolutely in love.

When he’s finally able to compose himself again (and feeling awful, shit shit shit, that was really unprofessional, he is not supposed to do that, he’s not supposed to be involved in the conversation, not if it involves interesting politics or bad jokes or even cute boys) he straightens and just sees Courfeyrac grinning at him so hard it has his eyes all crinkled up – it may be the only smile in the world that can truly and accurately be described as beaming.  It’s like the sun.

And then Courfeyrac signs So this is probably super weird but I’m pretty sure I’ve had you do some of my other calls before and you probably don’t remember me at all but can we get coffee sometime? Please??  Except, shit, I don’t know where you live.  Cyber coffee? We could sit in our own houses and Skype drink coffee?

(They Skype drink coffee together two days later.)

(also: Courf definitely noticed the really cute VRS operator he kept getting connected to because he’s never seen anyone manage to sign Enjolras’ speech quite that well.  Plus, he keeps getting this little crease above his eyes like he’s genuinely thinking about what they’re talking about, or his mouth’ll quirk a little at the jokes like he’s trying really hard not to laugh and dang it Courf really wishes there was some way he could just break the fourth wall and make this operator talk because he really looks like he has something to say and Courf really want to hear it.

When he got that last call with Ferre, it was because he’d convinced R to join him in his VRS operator hunt which basically involved him repeatedly calling and hanging up until he found the right one, and then being a sarcastic little shit with R since the interpreter seemed to be a sucker for clever jokes and Courf will break him.)

  • Your one night as a bachelor and you go to the grocery store? That's lame.
  • Don't look at me, I just know stuff.
  • Don't get him started on one of his conspiracy theories!
  • He waved his flag at them before they had a chance. Nobody saluted.
  • Remember that Tom Hanks movie where he managed the girls' team?
  • Knew her." Does anybody ever really know anybody?
  • Try not to screw it up with your insane rambling. And stop looking at my ass.
  • Unnerving, isn't it? That such a degrading death could overshadow such a remarkable life?
  • Drama's a major food group for teenage girls.
  • Don't worry when you feel something. Worry when you don't.
  • Wow. Triple the limit. There was a time I yearned for a girl who could drink like that.
  • I don't just want to rain on your parade. I want to blow up all the floats.
  • Isn't it a little dangerous for you to be around all these helpless doughnuts?
  • I don't get S&M. I mean, "Hurt me, that turns me on?" Come on, what's up with that?
  • One minute you're getting your doorknob polished, the next you're sweet talking St. Peter.
  • Don't touch me. I don't like to be touched.
  • With you around, we're all doomed.
  • Even the best parents can't protect their children.
  • And I'd like your balls in a blender, but ain't life a bitch?
  • What's the matter? You got nightmares?
  • A man stands up and takes responsibility. A man isn't afraid to face the consequences of his actions.
  • If I don't keep some mystery, you might grow bored and stop loving me.
  • A lapdance is a pretty strong signal.
How They Would Act When Someone Flirts With You
  • Italy: Italy wouldn’t mind, because he flirts a lot with other women himself- but is only loyal to you. He has faith that you will do the same for him, as well. He would probably step in and act oblivious if the said person gets a little to close to you, however.
  • Germany: He would become very awkward and rather annoyed with the person. Germany would most likely wait until the person leaves or until you leave, because he wouldn’t really know how to express himself if he were to interrupt your little flirting session with one another. He would then pull you aside and lecture you about the situation, stating how he feels about it.
  • Japan: Japan wouldn’t say or do much about it, and instead he would probably watch from afar because he doesn’t want to appear rude. It would sadden him a little and he would most likely confront you about it later.
  • America: America wouldn’t hesitate to take action once he sees this unwanted competition. He would step in, wrap his arm around your waist, and change the subject completely with a confident grin. He would be very relieved once the competition gets the hint and leaves you alone.
  • England: England would be very irritated whenever someone tries to get their filthy hands on you. Wanting to be a gentleman, he wouldn’t say anything about it to you, and instead would pull this person aside and point out that he found their actions to be rude and that you are not available in that way.
  • France: Like Italy, France wouldn’t mind at all. In fact, he would walk by and give you a quick kiss before scurrying off to do the same and flirt with whoever is around him that he sees as attractive, but by the end of the night expect him to be right by your side again.
  • Russia: Russia would be pretty vocal as well as physical about it. He would be glued to your side and intimidate whoever that advances you with a flirty intention. He would be very possessive and territorial over you and would even go as far as waiting until the said person is alone to ‘teach them a lesson’.
  • China: China would try to shoo the person away, or continue to change the conversation to avoid any flirting between you and this stranger. He would become touchy with you, but with subtle actions, such as brushing the hair out of your eyes, holding your hand, etc.
  • Canada: Canada wouldn’t do anything about it, mainly because he wouldn’t have the guts to. His feelings would be hurt, and even though he would try not to show it, his gloomy expression and the dull look in his eye would speak for itself.
  • Prussia: Prussia would see his competition as inferior compared to his oh-so-good-looking-self. He’ll barge into the conversation and show off a bit, not caring if he appears to be very rude in the process. His ego may be a bit hurt inside if you flirt back with this someone, though he wouldn’t let that show.
  • Romano: Romano would be really vocal and angry when someone tries to flirt with you. He would threaten them and throw a string of curses their way if he suspects that they’re trying to get you under their arm. He wouldn’t get into a physical fight, however, because physical strength isn't what he is best at.
  • Spain: Spain would actually be pretty dense to the whole flirting scenario and therefore he would just carry on with whatever he was doing at the time being. That’s the Spaniard for you. If he sees something he doesn’t like, he wouldn’t fret about it and he would simply let that person know that you are off limits, whether it be physically or vocally.
  • Austria: Austria may be a bit of a drama queen about it. He’ll drop hints that indicate he is bothered by the flirting and would try to grab your attention away from the competition, coming up with many excuses as to why he needs to pull you aside constantly because he doesn’t want to seem selfish.
  • Hungary: The Hungarian would become very defensive and would be very blunt about the situation. She may slip into conversation and act nice to the said person, when really, it is clear her eyes are saying ‘Back off’.
  • Switzerland: He would pretty much just stand behind you and glare daggers at his new found enemy until they leave or become uncomfortable. Being territorial, Switzerland might even flash the stranger a quick peak of one of his guns that he had brought along, just to make them feel uneasy.
  • Liechtenstein: Liechtenstein wouldn't be familiar with the flirting concept; I feel that she would be rather confused about it. All she knows is that she doesn't really like it, and would be sure to ask you about it after.
  • Ukraine: Ukraine would grow very upset when she sees someone flirting with you. She won’t do anything about it to stop them- she wouldn't know how to. She may even shed a few tears over it, due to her sensitivity and hide away until you come to find her.
  • Belarus: She would be very clingy and would scare off potential competition very easily with a simple look. Belarus would link arms with you to show that you belong to her and would follow you around for some time like the loyal girl she is.

The Alex Ovechkin Aesthetic III: Two Minutes for Holding

Alex Ovechkin holds many things, with varying degrees of skill, enthusiasm, and/or giving the impression he’s going to drop it at any second. These things include but are not limited to: babies, dogs, cats, large bobbleheads, small bobbleheads, Alex Semin, lions, Justin Bieber, milestone pucks, trophies, etc. Good times.

I would like Ovi to be holding something big and silver over his head in June.

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Do you have any tips/links on how to prioritize? When it's not something I really must do (work/school/paying rent etc) I just jump from project to project over and over again, even when it's something I really enjoy and *want* to see finished. How do I figure out (or decide) what to finish first when all of it seem more or less equally important/interesting and nothing has a hard time limit? I just can't get myself to commit and it's so frustrating. Meds isn't an option for me right now.

For this kind of stuff I like to use the quadrants method, at least at first (eventually you get better at it and don’t need to do this sort of thing for prioritizing, but it can take a long time so don’t worry about how long you need to use a particular method).

Basically, you divide a page into four. The top two boxes (A and B) are Interesting, the bottom two (C and D) are Uninteresting, the left two boxes (A and C) are Urgent, the right two boxes (B and D) are Not Urgent.

Box A is Interesting and Urgent. Put anything that you really like to do AND has a deadline in this box. Include the deadlines.

Box B is Interesting and Not Urgent. Put anything that you really like to do BUT doesn’t have a deadline to it in this box.

Box C is Uninteresting but Urgent. Put anything that you don’t like to do AND has a deadline in this box. Include the deadlines.

Box D is Uninteresting and Not Urgent. Everything else goes here.

Within the boxes, you prioritize. Things with deadlines (Boxes A and C) get prioritized by due date; that makes it easier to know what to do first.

The other two boxes (B and D) I recommend the pairs method.

Look at your first two items on the list. Which one do you like to do better? Put it first. Now look at the one that’s left and compare it to the next item. Which do you like better? That goes next. Do this all the way down the list, making sure you check each item against each other across the board.

So you might have painting, reading, drawing, writing, and running on your list. Do you like painting or reading better? Reading. So that’s first. Now look at painting and drawing, which is preferable? Drawing. Okay, that’s second but you didn’t compare drawing with reading yet. Which do you like best? Drawing. Okay! So it’s drawing and then reading. Now compare painting and writing. Oh, you like painting more? Excellent! How about writing vs running? You like running better? Well, do you like running better than painting? No? Okay, so your priority list goes drawing, reading, painting, running, and writing.

NOW, for stuff like personal projects that I’m largely just doing for myself, I keep a list of everything and it’s in order of when I started it. When I really get frustrated with the jumping around, I look at the list and decide I am going to finish the first thing and not work on any of the other things until that’s done. (Doesn’t always stick because shiny and pretty ideas and projects always come along, but it works better than jumping from one thing to the next without any reason or rhyme.)

I think there are other posts about this under prioritizing.


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hello~ i need more iwa-chan in my life soooo~ can i request for headcanons/scenario (whichever you're comfortable with kjdhfgf) with iwaizumi's insecurities in a relationship/about himself, limitations (pda, time, etc etc), or possible things he might accidentally do that will push his s/o to break up w/ him. aaaa i hope this isn't too much to ask ; w ;

I hope you like this!

(Name) knew something was wrong when she saw Iwaizumi’s stoic face.

“Is something wrong Hajime?”

“Are you cheating on me with Kuroo?”

“Of course not. I would never cheat on you.”

“Really? You both were really close at the cafe. He even hugged you and spun you around.”

“Hajime, I’m not seeing Kuroo behind your back I swear.”

“Forget it, go have fun with your boy toy. We’re through.” (Name) let out a choked sob as Iwaizumi disappeared from the screen, hanging up on her. She picked up her phone, struggling to type with her tears falling onto the screen.

To Kuroo:
Please come by whenever you can. It’s important.

Kuroo inserted the key he borrowed from (Name)’s roommate into the lock. She was going out of town so she gave her key to Kuroo to make sure (Name) was taking care of herself. He opened the door to (Name)’s bedroom, only to have a small object thrown at him. He fumbled with it, not wanting to drop it. It was a jewelry box.

“Wait, is this…” Kuroo stared at the object in shock.

“Keep it, sell it, destroy it, I don’t care. Just… I don’t want to see it anymore. Please.” (Name)’s voice was heartbroken. It was clear that she was trying not to cry again.

“Please do me this favor Kuroo.” He couldn’t refuse her, not while she was in this state. He closed the door softly, texting Kenma to come comfort (Name). He checked the time, and moved as fast as he could out of the apartment, leaving the key outside for Kenma.

If he rushed, he could beat the evening traffic.

Kuroo knocked on the unfamiliar door furiously, impatient. Iwaizumi opened the door, ready to yell at whoever was knocking so loudly. Seeing that it was Kuroo, his face hardened.

“What do you want Kuroo?” Kuroo tossed the box to him. He stared at it in confusion.

“She had to work really hard for that you know. I thought that I shouldn’t let it go to waste.” Iwaizumi opened the box to reveal a ring. An engagement ring.


“I know you saw us that day at the cafe. She was telling me all about your future plans together and how happy she was about them. It’s up to you what you want to do now. Good night.” 

Iwaizumi watched as Kuroo walked away, clenching the ring in his hand. He wanted to stay with (Name) but he felt so… insecure with her so far away. He didn’t know what to do now.

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Hi, I need advice. I'm on a screenwriting course. I want to write novels. My lecturer thinks its a waste of time. "You should be entering as many script contests as possible!" I like screenwriting, but I don't want to only focus on it. Screenwriting alone is too limiting. I can't switch courses at this point. Dropping out isn't convenient. Do I listen to my lecturer and only write scripts? Thanks!

If you’re on a screenwriting course, learn the things you can get from a screenwriting course. Learn about coming in to a scene late and leaving early. Learn about making every line of dialogue something that moves the plot forward and also reveals character. Learn about structure and planning and shape. Learn about what happens to your story if you write a scene and then move it earlier or later or delete it altogether. Learn about rewriting.

Because there’s nothing you’ll learn from a screenwriting course that won’t be useful when you write novels or short stories. It’s all making stories with words, in different ways.

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A friend and I somehow got into a debate on several aspects of Magic, and I'd like your take on a couple. 1. He's disappointed that <> is essentially a "6th color", as they are required in casting costs, which will make it harder for decks that uses multiple colors. I argued that it's pretty much limited to Eldrazi, but he says "Prowess" was suppose to be only on Tarkir, which it isn't. 2. He argues that Magic should focus on mechanics rather than story.

1. Colorless mana mattering is not something we plan to do often.
2. We focus a lot on mechanics. In fact, it’s my full time job as well as my entire design team and all of the development team.

one direction // preference // the voicemail he leaves you
  • harry: hey babe, just wanted to try and chat to you because i miss your face. i've had a huge day today, like the band had tonnes of rehearsals which isn't much different to usual because you know how hard we're pushed when it's time for tours, but anyway it was so full on and i'm exhausted and i wish you were here so i could wrap your little body up in my arms. anyway, i'm rambling... do voicemails have a time limit? they probably have a time limit. so you should call me back because i miss you lots. oh and i h-
  • zayn: hey babe, you must be out or something because i'm pretty sure it's afternoon for you over there at the moment. i mean you could very well have fallen asleep on the couch watching tv and left your phone in the kitchen so you didn't hear this call. anyway. i love you gorgeous and i'll see your lovely face soon. i think it's three weeks now until i'm back? hopefully they'll go as fast as the last few months have gone. for me anyway. oh well, call me when you can. love you.
  • louis: hi babe! sorry to call so late, i don't know why i thought you'd be up at four in the morning. i think it's four there right? i should've googled that. anyway, i wanted to ring and have a quick chat but you're definitely all wrapped up in your bed asleep so i'll let you do that. just give me a ring in the morning so i can hear your voice. i've been really missing it lately. so much so that sometimes i just sit there and imagine you saying a sentence because i can hear your voice in my head. wow, i sound crazy. anyway, call me back tomorrow when you've rested. love you babe, bye!
  • niall: hey there babe. sorry for the early call but i have a meeting that popped up for when we planned to chat so i don't know, let me know when you can call and i'll let you know when i can call, yeah? i miss you like crazy. i had a dream last night that you were just laying with me and i felt like shit all day because i woke up without you there. i dunno why this tour has been ten times more harder to cope without you. i think i'll book you some tickets up to the next show and you can come and spend the week with me. sound good? anyway, i'm talking a bit of shit because i guess it feels like talking to you. okay, okay i gotta go. bye, i love you!
  • liam: hi babe, just wanted to ring to chat but you seem to be a bit busy at the moment. gotta say i couldn't stop smiling after hearing your voice in your 'leave a message after the beep' thing. really missing my girl. i'll see you soon though, four days until i'm back yeah? that'll be incredible. plus it'll be a few weeks that we get together and i've been looking forwards to that all year really. anyway hope you're doing well, i haven't had a chance to reply to your text yet because the rehearsals and recordings were insane but yes, buy yourself a pizza babe. and eat a slice for me. love you gorgeous. bye!
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