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has it been long enough that it’s ok to talk about the new adventure zone episode? i hope so ‘cause i’m gonna talk theories for a bit. things are a bit up in the air for now but here’s what the fuck i think is going on (spoiler warning):

  • the boys are liches. all three of ‘em. that’s why kravitz was baffled by their apparent death count, and that’s why kravitz sensed a lich during his date with taako. he asked taako if there was any possibility he was possessed by some sort of dark spirit - technically, that’s exactly true. taako is a dark spirit, possessing the body of his own clone.
  • the boys are red robes. they’re from a plane that was destroyed by the Hunger, and they’ve been going through loops, inhabiting cloned bodies, trying to stop the Hunger for good. we know they’ve failed at least twice, but the hundred-or-so deaths the boys’ve racked up between them suggests more.
  • the boys have a baffling resistance to the relics’ thrall. the thrall almost made carey, a much more competent person, betray the bureau and destroy the world, before someone snapped her out of it. and carey never even touched the relic.
  • so why are the boys so resistant? because they’re the ones who created the relics in the first place. lucretia’s said that the red robes made the relics, and magnus just remembered that he created the temporal chalice, eventually entrusting it to jack and june.
  • the boys are all red robes, on an eternal quest that they can’t remember, because some unknown party destroyed all the relevant information. barry is the only one who can remember because he was the first to die, and once he wasn’t alive anymore, he could remember the information that’d been erased. (hence the prophecy: “you will find the power that you seek from the man wreathed in flames.”)

this could all get joss’d two weeks from now, but… holy shit if i’m right this is so cool. there are still some holes - who erased the information, and why? why did lucretia say she’d had run-ins with the red robes, and that they were all evil? - but. this makes a lot of sense


“We must wait and watch. And when we find our spy, and we will find them, we shall turn them from an obstacle to an asset. Wouldn’t you agree, Agent Kallus?”


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tbh. frank is hot and thats just the tea

blackmoor manor is the ugliest effing house ever though lbr

yeah that’s our Egyptian print completely unrelated to anything else in the house, we got it for 6.99 at Poundstretcher. we keep it right next to our gay pride mural

ah yes, this one we call the migraine hallway.

found this in a skip outside Dobbies Garden World. he knows your dirtiest secrets

this looks like it belongs on the walls of a luxury “Parisian” brothel

architect of blackmoor manor, probably: haha you know what would look frosty w our black brick walls and lack of windows? black marble man. lots of it. *takes huge bong hit* also all the light should be totally dark green

So new Samurai X?

In season 7 we see the new Samurai X and pretty much all of us assume they will be Pixal, but Tommy says it isn’t that obvious as to who it is. So I was thinking, who else could change their voice?


Camille could be the new Samurai X and think about it, it fits with the whole “Lloyd’s gonna probably get a girlfriend” thing because a lot of people ship that and who’s to say the creators don’t know that. I dunno but this is all speculation.

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Hey, I wonder if you have looked at the new Base Values ISU is debating on implementing yet. I realised that, the Base Value of the Quad Flip and the Triple Flip are reduced the LEAST, while that of the Lutz and Axel are reduced the MOST. It's almost as if ISU wants to fuck over everyone except those heavily reliant on Flips (*cough* Shoma). I know biased fuckery is... kinda ISU's trademark, but isn't this a bit too obvious? /:

Ah hah, I do love meself a little conspiracy theory from time to time, but I’m obliged to point out 2 facts: first, Shoma is not the only skater on the circuit landing quad flips and having the backing of a strong federation, and second, Shoma is practicing the quad Lutz too, with intention of putting it in competition, I heard. 

But, yes, I do agree that the discrepancy in the proposed changes does not make a whole of a lot of sense. If the general purpose is to adjust TES downward to make it more balanced against PCS, why the different treatment for each jump type? Going by the extent of the BV reduction, the ISU is apparently aiming to disincentivize skaters from training harder quads, thus indirectly encouraging them to keep their quad portfolio at toe loop and Salchow only, and as a result basically putting a soft limit of maximum 4 quads in a free skate? Wow, saying that out loud just made me realize what a load of convoluted bullshit it was, but hey it’s the ISU, who knows what they’re actually thinking eh? 

Anyhow, even that sort of bullshit can’t rationalize their apparent discrimination against the Axel, Lutz, and loop. With the current BV, if you squint real hard at the ISU’s erratic maths, you’d be able to make out, to some extent, the fact that they divide the jumps into 4 levels. Toe loop and Salchow are the basic, loop and flip are the intermediate, Lutz is the advanced, and Axel is the absolute top of the apex. With the proposed BV structure you can’t even pretend that logic is a thing that exists in the ISU anymore because the border is suddenly a lot blurrier among the quads.

And can anybody tell me if the quad Axel has committed some horrible imaginary crime against an ISU official? It hasn’t even been landed yet in competition and its value is already planned to be slashed terribly. Even in the current system it already doesn’t make much sense that the BV progression from triple Axel to quad Axel is only +76% compared to the rest of the jump types, in which adding one more rotation to make it a quad guarantees you an increase of at least 130% in BV. Now with this new and improved BV system, one more revolution on top of your existing three-and-a-half suddenly only merits an extra 4.5 points in BV compared to 5.5 in the rest. 

Interesting. Hey Mr Bianchetti, if you ever get off your drug for long enough to consider hiring an analyst to run you some basic numbers, I volunteer as tribute.