isn't that just the best cover

Sans, being someone that’s just too lazy to even consider it, he probably has zero experience since he never does anything. Sure outside the bedroom he can be confident because he can joke flirt all the time. but once he realizes it’s being actual flirty he’s like ‘shit what now’ and tries to cover up the inexperience with even worse jokes. He might try but ultimately he’s never even bothered to research so your best bet at fun is to take over and find a way to get him to stop trying to laugh it off because not even your drive to fuck the skeleton can last long.

PAPYRUS, on the other hand, would want everything to be perfect. Sure he’s inexperienced NOW but once he’s into it he of course would dive headfirst into anything he could get his hands on in research, as well as ask these uncomfortable questions to friends rather shamelessly since he doesn’t understand the idea that this is taboo. Books, videos, pictures, anything is his to study and to mentally practice for. And of course despite his gentle nature he does take pride in being in charge and responsible. So when you’re ready he’s more than prepared, even if his reactions are still on the naive side since no amount of research could prepare him for how nice itd be

i need more dom!papyrus in my life ok

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (Elton John Cover)

If I had to choose my absolute favourite cover Sara has ever done, I would say it’s probably Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. The original song was initially released in the 70s and it’s one of Elton’s most popular. Some consider it to be a classic of his. It is. 

Elton John considers this to be the best cover he’s heard, and I agree. I absolutely do.

So what makes this cover particularly special? Why should you care to listen to it?

1. She performs with a huge string orchestra. And it’s a gorgeous arrangement.

2. It showcases her singing/superwoman abilities 

3. I have to gasp for breath EVERY TIME at the ~3:08 mark. How someone can sing such a high note and remain on key is unbeknown to me. 

4. There’s a sweet old man sitting behind her, smiling throughout the entire thing. Literally. Smiling. The. Whole. Time.  

5. She plays her piano WITH the orchestra and it’s flawless.

6. She’s wearing polka-dots. I love polka dots. How can you not love polka dots?

7. When the strings play in unison with those beautiful high notes, hellooooooooo, shivers!!! It’s a breathtaking performance. I could listen to ~3:08 + forever. 

Sara has performed this many times in concert and considers Elton to be a major influence and inspiration to her.  

OH YEAH also i forgot to mention in the other life update post, but my illustration was just approved by the publisher! ;A; it’s going to be on the cover of the novel I translated ;;;A;;; It’s a really disorienting thought that I probably still haven’t fully wrapped my mind around because I was so sure it was going to be rejected and I was cool with that idea. But something I drew is going to be on the cover of a published book, and I’m also going to get money for my art for the first time…OTL