isn't that clever

also, is it any surprise, or any coincidence, that even likes nas, a rapper who’s father was muslim, who has cited religion, including islam, time and time again in his songs? 

  • Curse the day of they birth confused/who’s to be praised?/The mighty dollar – or almighty Allah’Nas - Ghetto Prisoners (I Am…)
  • Put it on her ring finger cocked the glock/ and started prayin/ to Muhammad and Allah, the most beneficial… – Nas – Undying Love (I Am…)

any coincidence? i think not. 

Can’t wait to see Lila talking bad about Ladybug, and Chloe freaking walking right up to Lila and being like “Excuse me?! What did you say?!”

I want Marinette to be a witness.

This is just a casual reminder that Isayama confirmed Reiner was in the top 5 academically in the 104th squad, so you are always encouraged to share more Rei-nerd headcanons, please & thank you


Heaviest oil deposit’s always on the first key used – that’s quite clearly the three – but after that the sequence is almost impossible to read. I’d say from the make that it’s a six digit code.

How To Flirt With & Insult People Simultneously: A Guide by Sherlock Holmes

Fun Fact: The word “goat” translates to “get” in Swedish, and “kid” [the proper term for a young goat] translates to “killing”. Put those together. “Get. Killing.”

  • Baby Holmes: *sprawled on the sofa; bored* Daddy?
  • Sherlock: *working* Mmm?
  • Baby Holmes: Can we watch the bee movie?
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: *drops a test tube* There's a movie about bees?
  • Baby Holmes: Err, well-
  • Sherlock: *excitedly rushes to the sofa* Go on, then. And we've been watching those princess ones.
  • Baby Holmes: *rolls his eyes*
  • *LATER*
  • *baby Holmes' bedroom*
  • Molly: *tucking in her son* So, did you enjoy the bee movie?
  • Baby Holmes: *casually* No.
  • Molly: *confused* Oh. Then, why did you want to watch it with your dad?
  • Sherlock: *opens the door; speaking rapidly* A colony of bees can contain between twenty thousand to sixty thousand bees, but only the one queen bee. Superior. A bee’s wings beat one hundred and ninety times a second, which equals eleven thousand four hundred times a minute! *points* Hamish, honey is good for you. It's the only food to contain pinocembrin that is an antioxidant that improves brain function. Eat some. I've estimated that it would take one thousand one hundred bee stings to produce enough venom to be fatal *gestures* Molly, remember the White case? Widow claimed it was an accident. There are nine hundred cells in a bee’s brain, nine hundred more than can be found in Philip Anderson *approaches and ruffles his son's hair* Goodnight, son *kisses his forehead* Molly, in the bedroom when you're ready *leaves quickly*
  • Baby Holmes: *grins* Daddy really liked it.
  • Molly: *smiles*

Jokes about cell/shell phones aside, you know why I love the whole sea shell communication thing?

Because it is clever. It’s thinking outside the box. I’m sure not many people are aware of how it works. They wouldn’t necessarily know that it’s a communication device. You don’t have to dial anything up. You don’t have to unlock a screen or pull up a name. It clearly worked even as it was falling to the floor and smashing to pieces. 

This is Killian being smart and clever and thinking around anybody who may be coming for Belle. He wanted to be sure she had an absolute way of contacting him immediately. He is more than aware of how phones aren’t always reliable, and also how the message sent can be easily intercepted. It’s faulty when you’re going for urgency. When you need someone in a pinch. 

So yeah, even though the jokes are fun, I’m gonna appreciate how clever and insightful Killian was being with that shell (also, it’s interesting to think about how he came by the shells and the knowledge of how to use them considering his hatred of mermaids…)