isn't that clever

So apparently the chess comic bothered and annoyed everyone because they thought I meant that Kirk was dumb and I had no idea I feel really bad and awful

contradictory headcanon 1: yes, Hamilton is flirty, but he rarely initiates flirtations himself. women usually start it. but, he’s very quick to pick up if a girl is flirting with him, encourage that, and consume her attention. this leads his friends to purposefully exclude him from things when they want a chance with a girl. can’t risk her showing the slightest interest in him.
he realizes it, chalks it up to the other boys being jealous. greedy for affection, he decides to be bitter about it instead of stopping.


Heaviest oil deposit’s always on the first key used – that’s quite clearly the three – but after that the sequence is almost impossible to read. I’d say from the make that it’s a six digit code.

How To Flirt With & Insult People Simultneously: A Guide by Sherlock Holmes

Can’t wait to see Lila talking bad about Ladybug, and Chloe freaking walking right up to Lila and being like “Excuse me?! What did you say?!”

I want Marinette to be a witness.

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Good Stephen King is great, and bad Stephen King is painful. IMO, he's a bit of a victim of his own success and what he really needs is one good, brave editor who's not afraid to take a Sharpie to his manuscripts and who also isn't afraid to say, "Steve, this idea isn't nearly as clever as you think it is. It's definitely not clever enough to justify another 200 pages of set-up."

Yeah, that’s the thing – and it’s not even a straightforward progression with him. He didn’t start out brilliant and then start to suck, or start out poorly and get better (I mean he did kind of, but not in the sense we’re talking). He just oscillates from great to terrible, like even sometimes in the same book. “It” is a brilliant book up until about the last hundred pages, but he epic fails to stick the landing. But his Great is almost always worth the Suck, whereas with A City Equal To My Desire, there was never any payoff – nothing was worth the slog. 

There are King books I’ve started and not finished, and King books I always remember I have to skip the first fifty to hundred pages before they get any good, but with him at least there’s always the chance of a great payoff somewhere :D 

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In reference to you saying in your article that the point of game design isn't to be clever, as a hobbyist card designer myself, my personal favorite cards tend to be the clever designs. For instance, Pitiless Horde was one of my favorite cards from DTK. Am I a psychographic that R&D designs for?

Clever designs is more an aesthetic issue than a psychographic one. We call that player a Mel.

Note that I didn’t say we couldn’t make clever cards. I said we shouldn’t make clever cards for the sake of being clever if they don’t serve the larger design.

Dagmer took a long draught from his horn. “Tell me.”
He is tempted, Theon thought. He likes this reaver’s work no better than I do. “If my sister can take a castle, so can I.”
“Asha has four or five times the men we do.”
Theon allowed himself a sly smile. “But we have four times the wits, and five times the courage.”
“Your father-”
“-will thank me, when I hand him his kingdom. I mean to do a deed that the harpers will sing of for a thousand years.”
  • Toby: *tics*
  • Clockwork: Are you mocking me?
  • Toby: No, I-- *tic*
  • Clockwork: Okay bitch I know I have a fucking clock in my eye and all but you ticking all the time isn't, in any way, a clever, cool, or original way to mock it
  • Toby: But I just-- *tic* --I have tour--*tic* --tourettes--
  • Clockwork: Look here, you little bitch, you'll have a fucking grandfather clock in your eye if you don't shut the hell up in five seconds
  • Toby *whilst Clockwork counts backwards from 5*: Clockwork, I-- *tic* --I can't help it, I have-- *tic* --a disorder--
  • Clockwork: Your time is up *punches Toby in the face*
  • Toby *thinking*: If only I could've felt that..
  • Charles: do you want to hear a joke?
  • Erik: no.
  • Charles: okay, what did the cell about to undergo mitosis say to the interested geneticist?
  • Erik: Charles, please don't.
  • Charles: get it? because the cell divides during mitosis?Isn't that hilarious?! I'm so clever, Erik!
  • Erik: kill me please.