isn't that a type of underwear

Chocobro Tent Cuddles!

(I mostly just drew this as an excuse for more Promptio because…they own me)

I was also really curious about the type of underwear each of the bros wears for, um, reasons. IMO Gladio and Noctis prefer tight boxer-briefs, while Prompto tends to wear boxers that are a little on the too-big side and keep sliding down his skinny widdle hips (Yes, that’s Kenny Crow printed on them, he likes character underwear, too). Iggy strikes me as a briefs kinda guy - all business, even in the pants department.

Sorry-not-sorry for Noct in socks.

Trying to color-fy this, but I am shit at coloring so expect delays D: 

Comments/suggestions welcome!  

Exo As Types Of Underwear
  • Suho: Granny panties. Not considered very hip but reliable af
  • Sehun: G-String. Looks unpleasant, but not so bad once you get used to it
  • Kai: Briefs. Not taken very seriously, but will suprise you with its hidden charms
  • Lay: Boyshorts. Athletic but also sexy
  • D.O.: Boxers. Cautious & practical
  • Kris: Jock-Strap. Wants to be taken seriously & tries too hard to be cooler than it is
  • Tao: Thong. Much like the G-String, looks intimidating, but isn't anything to be afraid of
  • Xiumin: Boxer Briefs. A perfect balance of sexy & stlyish but also practical af
  • Chen: Hipster Panties. Sassy & sensible
  • Luhan: Speedos. Thinks it's sexier than it is & just ends up looking like kind of a douche
  • Chanyeol: Commando. Is weird at first, lots of flailing around & feeling uncomfortable but it eventually becomes normal
  • Baekhyun: Crotchless. Can seem like a fun idea but isn't for everyone, takes a special person to appreciate it