isn't she too cute

  • Mother: What are you thinking about all day? Oh, about your future, right?
  • Me: First of all, Alois Trancy deserved better. He shouldn't die. He is sexy, he is sadistic, he is bipolar, he is my ideal husband. I'm marrying him. Oh, and don't forget about Ciel. He is cute, he is cold, he has sexy legs..marrying him too. Have you seen Sebastian? Isn't he too perfect? I'm adding him to my list. Claude..? I like his glasses. Adding him too. Oh, and what about Lizzy? Isn't she too cute? I want to have hair like hers and be her best friend, I want to be small and petite like Ciel, and have a sexy tongue like Alois has. By the way, which ship is the best? Ciel x Lizzy? Ciel x Alois? Ciel x Sebastian? Claude x Alois? Lizzy x Alois? Sebastian x Claude? Sebastian x Grell? Oh my God, I'm thinking about it too much..By the way, when Alois and Claude will appear in the manga?
  • Mother: .. Who are all these people?

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tsugumi x ran please


and bc @buttonedpatchwork asked, picture of my new puppy under the cut !

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Tom and Sybbie play Poohsticks.

there is literally no reason for you to draw chell as white or some whitewashed version of her when she has a canon race. like if u want a white portal character take cave or caroline or humanize a robot i don’t really care just leave canonically non-white characters alone


13/endless of my favorite k-pop ladies; jeon jiyoon.

q: the member you envy?

jiyoon: nobody is more attractive than me. -cracks up-