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So oddly enough there isn't a lot of tomco fics mentioning Friend enemies, maybe a fic that takes place afterwards, where Marco tells Star about everything and she ends up realising that he had a crush on Tom? (Insert Star being matchmaker)

Yes! Of course I could write this! It was so sweet and I loved making it! I really enjoyed writing about Marco being in denial about loving Tom. I think it’s the cutest thing ever. I hope you enjoy it!

Marco practically ran into his house and closed the door behind him. Once he did he smiled big and giggled happily, wrapping his arms around himself and smiling. But his little celebration was cut off when he heard a voice. “What’s got you all excited?” Star asked. Marco looked up and blushed when he realized he was acting so chipper.

“Oh! Star! I uh… I was uh…” He trailed off, blushing deeper as Star raised an eyebrow. The girl then rolled her eyes and patted the spot next to her. She somehow had become untangled from the christmas lights.

“Come on, sit, you need to tell me exactly what happened.” Star explained. Marco rolled his eyes and sat next to Star, she scooted closer and grinned, waiting for all the details. “Soooo, how was your date?” She asked. Marco blushed violently.

“It wasn’t a date! I just went out! W-with Tom.” Marco added, blushing some more.

“How was it? Was I right? Was he trying to bury the hammer?” She asked.

“Hatchet, Star.” Marco corrected. “And no! He was using me to win some sort of dumb badge. To graduate anger management.” Marco complained.

“Hold on, hold on. Anger management isn’t something you just graduate. It’s something you deal with.” Star explained. Marco nodded. “What exactly happened, I need to know this gossip!” Star jumped and Marco rolled his eyes.

“There’s no gossip, Star. He used me! He was just being annoying and inconsiderate as usual! Typical Tom Lucitor.” Marco huffed. Star rolled her eyes.

“How was the movie?” She asked. Marco growled and threw his arms up in the air.

“We never went! Stupid Tom and his stupid anger issues made us miss it!” Marco hissed. “All we ended up doing was…” Marco trialed off and began playing with his thumbs. “Well… he felt bad about using me and… he ended up raising the dead, Mackie Han, so I could meet him.” Marco admitted. Star noticed Marco’s blush and gasped.

“He raised the dead for you!?” Star exclaimed. ‘That’s so sweet!” She chirped. Marco raged.

“Since when is anything Tom does CUTE!? He is NOT cute!” Marco crossed his arms. He then let his angry demeanor drop and then he smiled at the memory. “But it was… nice of him I guess. We never made it to the movie but, we ate cereal on the curb while watching Mackie Hand beat up guards.” Marco explained. Star scooted forward.

“And?” She asked in a sing-song voice. Marco blushed deeper and began to tell her more excitedly.

“Well, after we watched and ate cereal, he was just so worn out from the resurrection spell that he fell asleep on top of me.” Marco told her. “I wanted to wake him up but I…” Marco trailed off. Why didn’t he wake Tom up? Why didn’t he roll his eyes and get annoyed that he passed out on him? It was odd that Marco just let the demon take a nap.

Star crossed her arms and leaned back, smiling with a knowing expression. “Ah, I see.” She smirked. Marco narrowed his eyes at her.

“You see what?” He asked. Star grinned and shrugged her shoulders.

“Oh nothing you don’t already know.” She told him. Marco gave her an odd look and she giggled. “Oh come on, it’s a little obvious, Marco.” Star nudged him. “You spend a night together, he does something sweet and kind for you, you eat cereal together on the curb and then he falls asleep on you? Those are the stages of love!” Star giggled.

“Those are not the stages of love, what weird love-stories are you reading?” Marco asked. “And I do NOT like Tom!” he hissed. “He is so annoying and aggro and such a jerk!” Marco seethed. “Why would I like him?” He asked the girl.

“You tell me.” Star told her friend. “What did you feel when you found out he was using you?” She asked. Marco sighed and looked down.

“Hurt… really hurt.” Marco admitted.

“Ore so than if I did something like that?” Star asked.

“Well not more so… but it definitely would be a different feeling.” Marco admitted, looking away.

“And when he brought Mackie back to life for you, what did you feel?” Star asked, scooting closer still. Marco rubbed the back of his head and shuffled back and forth.

“Really… flattered.” Marco blushed and giggled. “I was really happy he did something like that for me and I-” Marco cut off when he saw Star’s grin. “Stop looking at me like that! I do NOT have a crush on him!” He cried.

“One more question.” Star begged. Marco sighed and nodded. “How did you feel when he fell asleep on you?” Star asked. Marco blushed even deeper than he had in this entire conversation, he looked down and took a deep breath.

“I… I was nervous, my heart was racing and I just couldn’t stop looking at him. I just ignored the fight and… found myself just sitting there and hoping Tom had good dreams.” Marco stopped and had a happy light in his eyes as Star giggled into a pillow. Marco looked up and his smiled faded. He got off and marched into his room, angry at Star’s giggling.

“Oh come on Marco! You know the truth!” She called after him, laughing. “You loooove him!” Star sang.

“I do not!” Marco called back. He marched up the steps and Star sighed, shaking her head before hearing Marco’s door slam. “I AM NOT IN LOVE WITH TOM!”


* …
[The omega stared at the assortment of objects for a moment before a particular one caught his eyes]

* …”Inklixir of Dyeing”? Isn’t that a little… Dangerous?

“Finally somebody who gets this! That’s the reasons it’s the highest priced item in my shop- I want to make sure it goes to someone who realizes its value, and doesn’t buy it on a careless whim.” Inky suddenly seemed more serious than usual, “It’s not some toy. It’s definitely dangerous, but probably not in the way you’re thinking. Things are different without Gravestone pulling the marionette strings. The reason this is dangerous is because, whoever uses this makes a new life. And they are a huge factor on that little inkling. Whether that ink will know a world of love… or something else. For most inks, they only get one month to enjoy life, and see what there is to this world.”  

Ink held the bottle, looking at the bubbles fizzle up in it. “It’s way more dangerous without this around though. Before I came back? Monsters and humans heard about Gravestone, and for some reason were enamored with the idea of making ink creatures or trying to become ink themselves. Ah, it’s neat to be able to shape shift and teleport on a whim, along with other nifty abilities- but those other monsters didn’t know what they were doing! They tried to resurrect Hysteria and instead made something horrific. And then someone went around casting magic on monsters turning them into cheap knockoffs… well anyway that was definitely dangerous- by comparison the potion Hysteria and I made is far safer. Whoever uses it creates an ink, and they get to keep the memories made while they had those powers. But this is a separate being. And at the end of a month, the two are seperated, and life for the monster goes back to normal. The ink… well most die. But some, if they’re loved enough, if they’re strong enough and determined enough, will survive without the monster or human who brought them to life.”

Ink set the bottle down on the floating tablecloth and added, “It has worked out well for some though. Little Mania wanted a friend, and he gave up a month of his life, Gyftmas day even, to bring Delirium to life. And now? They’re best friends. Cutest little pair ever.” Ink looked to the Omega to see what item they would choose for themselves-if in fact it was the Inklixir of Dyeing that they wanted.


Ok so I just ate a dozen cookies in one go which is the equivalent of a shit ton of beer for me so i wanna share a stupid headcannon
Seekers have the ability to expand their plating slightly like birds do

It’s not very obvious and some of them have learned to stifle the instinct when they feel they need to but bots have caught starscream expanding slightly…they think they’re seeing things but it only ever happens when screamer is exhausted Windblade does it alot because she doesn’t see a reason to hide it and chromia secretly finds it the cutest thing ever And before anyone starts I know I KNOW this would not have any physical benefit to them whatsoever so there’s no point to this but I guarantee you wouldn’t pry this headcannon from my cold dead hands bitch

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i have to share something with you that will probably make your heart explode into a million pieces: my daughter lily keeps calling harry 'princess' because of his long curly hair and she thinks he is so pretty that the only logical reason for it in her tiny (but, of course, genius) toddler brain is that he is a real life princess. i mean.. ISN'T THIS THE CUTEST THING YOU'VE EVER HEARD??









Eritan was asked ’what’s something you like about musumeyaku?’ and she replied ’when an otokoyaku touches a musumeyaku and the musumeyaku gets flustered and draws back. Then the otokoyaku notices it and gets flustered.’ She then describes the exchange like ball catching.

This is probably the best and cutest thing I’ve ever heard about an otokoyaku/musumeyaku relationship.


you still owe me that drink
(still flirting with the queen)

43/365 Days of Outlaw Queen