isn't she such a cutie


Knuckles: “I feel so bad when she gives me those eyes, so I panicked and told her my mom’s the reason i have it…. she started crying.”

 Knuckles: “But anyways, weirdly enough, Sonic is the only one who hasn’t asked me yet.”


Miss Darcy was tall, and on a larger scale than Elizabeth; and, though little more than sixteen, her figure was formed, and her appearance womanly and graceful. She was less handsome than her brother; but there was sense and good-humour in her face, and her manners were perfectly unassuming and gentle. Elizabeth, who had expected to find in her as acute and unembarrassed an observer as ever Mr. Darcy had been, was much relieved by discerning such different feelings


Haruhi Suzumiya Wallpapers


See this lovely lady?

We all know her as Liz Ten, of course BUT this is Sophie Okonedo.

And THIS is her in the revival of A Raisin in the Sun

And most importantly, THIS is her winning a Tony Award for her performance; the first time she’s ever been nominated, and the first time she’s ever been on Broadway.

So can we pretty please get some love for this gorgeous girl?!