isn't she just so adorable

theory: sana will send the messages from noora’s email either bc noora is dating yousef, which i personally doubt, or sana assumes noora is dating yousef (tripping up noora and hurting vilde), chris&eva will get caught up in the crossfire (not 100% how), and then sara will think it was isak’s fault bc they were her messages to him and then tell ppl about even’s past to get back at isak (even got hit with a selfie stick in the trailer which we’ve seen the balloon squad using or could be a symbol of social media? i think it symbolizes his past in general, but i may be reaching). i think sana’s line about how even should be able to share what he wants about his past will be very relevant in the upcoming episodes and it makes me….. nervous to say the least. this season is a season of misunderstandings and when the first domino falls, there’ll be a hell of a lot of damage done

“Do I exist within you?” Noriko asks the guy who’s been all but glued to his phone ever since he exchanged emails with her.

It's better to be different

One of the many reasons I love Perrie Edwards is how she is not afraid or embarrassed to talk about her views on why she doesn’t drink alcohol.

It may not sound like a big deal but the industry she works in has quite a bit of pressure attached to it, especially for young women, and I’m just proud of her for staying true to herself.

I mean the very fact that she doesn’t like to go out clubbing or partying all the time was one of the main reasons why the ridiculous break up / tension rumours occurred. Once again it’s all to do with pressure and how the media and entertainment business believe a young 20 / 21 year old should act.

I’m not saying there has been pressure put on her but the very fact that she is regularly asked about it and various people are always questioning why she isn’t at a party or club just shows that little things like that can build up and create little forms of pressure.

Basically I’m just proud of her for being true to herself and being happy with the way she is living her life. I’m proud of all the girls: 

  • “I’ve never smoked a cigarette in my life - I don’t drink,” says Perrie. “I’ve been drunk once and I’ll never do it again. I don’t like the feeling. I don’t like alcohol at all. I think it’s really creepy.”

  • “I haven’t drunk for five years. I used to drink when I was about 15 with my friends at house parties and I’d have a little glass of wine and be totally mortal. I hate that feeling of being drunk, I hate not being in control. It petrifies me.”

  • The singer also admitted that she’s not that big on partying either. "I’m not a typical girl that’s partying all the time. I just want to be with someone and let that be it.“’

  • "I have lots of fun but I don’t drink. I’ve drunk twice and I’ll never do it again. In my life.”