isn't she a doll

Can’t believe that Caroline Penvenen was just used as a beautiful chandelier and nothing else in this third season, a season where she had to shine. 

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  • me: baby doll has never been given props for being one of batman's most precisely diametrically opposed villains. she's the complete inverse of bruce wayne: bruce was robbed of his childhood, and she was robbed of her chance of ever being an adult due to her condition. it was bruce's fear that led to him adopting a persona that in turn represents fear to his foes, and the fact that he represents fear of reality for baby doll is wonderfully ironic given that she and bruce are in reverse positions. why wasn't baby doll utilized more. why isn't she in more of the dc canon. why-
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magnoliasam  asked:

So, since Alicia died and the doll Max made of her only has her heart and memories, does that mean Alicia is in heaven right now? I think maybe she and Max share a heaven since we know siblings can be soulmates, but Max will never share it with her because he gave his soul over to a demon. Or maybe being resurrected as a doll means she isn't fully dead and her soul can't go to heaven? I'm just very worried about my beautiful Banes twins.

Holy crap though this is the real question, isn’t it? The thing is, I’m not sure if the doll doesn’t have Alicia’s soul. The way the witch said it, the things the dolls had weren’t limited to their memories and feelings. For all intents and purposes (except when she commanded them to protect her) they seemed “real” enough. Tasha Banes didn’t look like she was just pretending to love her children. She seemed like the memories of her own death had been erased and she was just continuing on as she had been. I could be wrong, though.

Soulless!Sam had memories and some emotions but lacked empathy, and if the dolls were merely soulless duplicates, it seems like they’d be more like the soulless people we’ve seen. Maybe the witch’s methods transferred the soul or duplicated it? Powerful magic could probably stop a reaper from taking those souls. If her soul really is in heaven and her current self is a duplicate, then it seems like it’d be pretty hugely unfair when this Alicia dies, because she seems to have all the attributes the show gives to souls… minus a body.

Pretty much the exact opposite of Soulless!Sam. Oh wow. Unforgivable digression: Sam and Soulless!Sam could totally have coexisted and probably fought for custody of Sam’s actual body. Weird.

Anyway. Ack. I love all these questions you’re asking, and I wish the episode had tied some of them up. And maybe Max isn’t doomed to eternal torment: the Winchesters have broken contracts before or found loopholes. Considering all they’ve been through and all they know, dodging a contract seems relatively easy. So… maybe it’s not entirely hopeless? Max could also go darkside and pawn off the powers (and thus the contract on his soul) to a new owner like the original witch did.

I’m also worried about the adorable witch twins and creeped the heck out about the ending of 12.20. I’m just going to headcanon that Max’s promise to tell Alicia what had happened was in fact a promise to tell her everything. I can’t stomach the idea of their lives being a replay of the Gadreel situation.

I worry that the show won’t ever look in on the Banes twins again, so we may just have to headcanon ourselves to sleep. :(

Thanks for the lovely question and sorry I couldn’t answer it better!


A handful more to add to the AHBL collection. Just dot points this time around:

  • Jensen is so warm and inviting, better than my 10 years of waiting could’ve even imagined.
  • When you talk to Jensen he pierces you with an unbreakable gaze, it is magical.
  • Osric’s hugs are like those of a giant starfish, he’s a treasure to this world.
  • Matt and Richard are too powerful as a duo and must never be stopped.
  • Matt has the ability to bodyslam my left eye shut.

AHBL VI, 2015 was amazing, until next time!

ambelle  asked:

Ugh this is so annoying now. It doesn't even matter if people see Damon as worse. What matters is how Bonnie feels. What matters is how long it took her to get to the point where she could forgive Damon. What matters is she believes he can change without the magical personality transplant Kai got. Why do they continue to erase her out of the ship. Why is she made to be blow up doll who isn't aloud to decide what she wants? How does help Bonnie as a character? How is he good for her? Honestly.

 Exactly. I have nothing else to add.