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tbh i’m sick of every lesbian or sapphic story in books and tv shows being like… two rich white lesbians from new york… especially when it’s presented as being relatable… there’s a shortage of lesbian and sapphic stories in general but in terms of the ones we do have, i can firmly say about 90% of them are based around white, able-bodied, rich, conventionally attractive, etc. lesbians. like…. there are lesbians in ukraine… in uruguay… in thailand… most of us don’t look like supermodels, we’re old and young, some of us still have acne, some of us are fat, some of us have disabilities. most of us are poor, or working class, or struggling to get by. even if our countries aren’t wholly (or aren’t at all) accepting of us, for some of us our family and culture is very important and for others not so much. but even if a country isn’t accepting of gay people or gay rights doesn’t mean that a story about women loving women set in that country can’t be interesting or empowering! i can tell you now as a black swedish lesbian the percentage of lesbian stories i can fully relate to: 0%. lesbians and wlw who don’t live in the usa, who aren’t white, who aren’t rich or totally able-bodied and healthy deserve representation just as much as like.. the niche of white american lesbians currently being catered to.

…y'all trans women being in healthy, happy relationships with cis men in narratives that don’t focus around them being trans are radical in terms of representation in media. we’re living in a world where cis men joke about it being a fear of theirs to find out that a women they’ve been seeing is trans. trans women get killed by cis men for existing. barry & lup’s relationship is an important moment in representation. please please consider that.

In 1st grade, a girl punched me in the stomach.
In 2nd grade, a girl pushed me and I hit my head on a metal bar.
In 3rd grade, a girl hit me and gave me a five star.
In 4th grade, two girls started beating me up because I disagreed with them.
In 5th grade, I saw a girl pick up a boy half her size and throw him onto the concrete.
In 6th grade, another girl punched me in the stomach.
In 7th grade, a girl pushed me to the ground.
In 9th grade, I saw a girl slap a boy across the face and call him a fag.
In 10th grade, I saw a girl push another girl into a wall.
But only boys can be violent, right?

I find it kind of weird when terfs call me delusional and are actually serious about it. Telling me to get help and shit. When I’ve actually been getting sorts of mental help since 4th grade. Like if the 3 therapists, 2 psychiatrists, and that one 6/7 hour a day outpatient clinic that I was in for 3 weeks didn’t say anything about me being delusional, all in a 7 year span of all mental help I’ve gotten, well yeah OBVIOUSLY I’m delusional.

Look, okay. We’re all fucking tired. Bex had every right to defend herself against an anti. She had every right to go off on people blatantly trying to slander her name. And yes, this was on her public blog. But guess what? She’s just as human as the rest of us, and she is allowed to be angry. Fandom is supposed to be a place where creativity can grow and thrive, because we’re all geeks here in some form. We all like the same series. But radicalizing fandom is the reason people are so angry. This is mainly from Klance shippers unfortunately. The sheer amount of hatred coming from our side of the fandom is disgustingly loud compared to the love and appreciation the show deserves.

Klance in itself isn’t a bad ship. Or Kallura. Or Hidge. Neither is Sheith, or Shance, or any other ship involving Shiro. Why? Because they’re just concepts. They’re fictional pairings that we take enjoyment out of. I myself like Klance for my own reasons, but I won’t defend it as canon when it has no basis as such. I, personally, can see potential in it, but someone else might not while seeing the potential in another ship. No one even needs a reason like that to like or dislike a ship, because they’re all just concepts. What one person does for their enjoyment will not affect you unless you allow it to. But that doesn’t mean you always have to hold up against the pressure. Bex’s anger is something that she has every right to feel because she loves this series, she loves her coworkers, and she has every right to defend them as well as herself.

This fandom has spiralled into something monstrous since the ‘age’ video was posted. It’s been a year and as a fandom, we’ve devolved into attacking people that don’t deserve it. Block who you need to, make your internet experience safe for your own standards but don’t police others when they will eventually bite back.

This is not alright

How many more people must be slaughtered all over the world by Islamic terrorism before you realize that this isn’t “part and parcel.” You would think everyone would wake up from the Manchester incident, but no, here we are, a week later and another terror attack has happened once again. This is NOT okay. Wake up London, your people are dying.

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saying queer is like radical and revolutionary in a way other ids aren't is still kind of guilt tripping though. lots of people in Queer Nation called themselves other things as personal identifiers and they were radical. Queer isn't more radical than just "lesbian" or just "trans", those also have histories of really amazing activism.

First: It is guilt tripping if actively engaging with radical politics is a moral obligation. I reject that premise - marginalized people are not required to be political merely to exist.

Second: It’s not that there’s something inherently more radical to “queer.” It’s that, for a number of reasons, “queer” is most commonly used by people on the margins of our community. M-spec people. A-spec people. Trans people. People of colour. Disabled people. Mentally ill people. Poly people. Kinky people. These groups frequently find that mainstream LGBT+ politics have little to nothing to offer us - we are frequently incapable of living up to the whole “we’re Just Like You except this one thing!” image that those politics require. So yeah, we tend to be a bit more radical.

Intersectionality was never meant to be about demanding others pay an emotional, physical, psychic or spiritual toll (alongside all their self language policing, respectability politics and virtue signalling for your sake, not their own), just so you can maintain your social capital and ability to leverage, on your small throne of oppressions.

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I stopped eating meat 17 years ago but continued to be ovo-lacto. My best is vegan and we were talking about it. I asked how they can be friends with someone who isn't and they said it's radical acceptance. I came to admit that I was too selfish to stop eating cheese. Once I said that, I knew I had to stop. So I give them credit for my conversion and have been vegan for a year and a day

That’s a really great story. I think we can be accepting of people without ever approving of what they do, so long as we’re still advocating and we’re honest about how we feel. I’m glad it had such a positive impact on you; congratulations on converting to veganismm, and well done on keeping it up for the year. The first year is definitely the hardest, it should be pretty smooth sailing from here.

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Yikes, you are really transphobic. You're feminism isn't radical and it definitely isn't inclusive or intersectional. I'm bummed I stumbled across your blog because it could've been so much better. I hope you learn to be more inclusive in your life because right now, I wouldn't consider you a feminist at all.

1) acknowledging biological sex isnt transphobic
2) “radical” means that it goes to the root of the problem and thats what radical feminism does. what radfems say is that gender is one of patriarchy’s tool to keep women submissive, oppressed and we need to get rid of it!
3) feminism includes half of the population, +3.5 billion people. how much more inclusive can it get? it excludes every man and includes every woman.

it’s really sad that we have been fighting for feminism for hundreds of years and trans ppl barley became a trend and everyone’s already like “don’t be transphobic !” if you make a simple statement like “period tips for women” and people have already accepted them and cis people too are constantly defending them
but casual sexism is no big deal. people freely use the words “bitch” “pussy” “cunt” “bastard” “mother fucker” and all other misogynistic slurs. if someone calls someone out they are told “stop getting so offended!” or “it’s not even sexist”. people still make women driving jokes. people still make kitchen jokes. people still make ball and chain jokes. people still make rape jokes.
trans activists just started being trendy and more apparent. feminists have been trying for years and we aren’t making any progress! in fact, with all this trans activism, we are going backwards! trans activists are reenforcing the gender roles we are trying to break from. the patriarchy is a result of the gender roles and expectations forced upon us. and instead of trans activists joining that fight and helping us, they are fighting against that. they are saying “if you wear makeup and dresses you can’t be a boy! you’re obviously a girl!” instead of “if you wear makeup and dresses that’s fine. you’re still male. you don’t have to worry about a thing”
instead of eliminating the woman and man roles, they are further enforcing them !! harming females in the process !
ideally male and female would only be things you have to tell your doctor and significant other. because that’s your biological sex. ideally gender would not exist. but society is back pedaling from that instead and it’s just so unfortunate.

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I showed my lil sister your comic when Gamzee and tz are talking bout how her ancestor isn't radical. She said they really should go red... Imagin me my eyes bugging out at the fact that she knew what red was. Then when I tried to explain black she covered her ears and said red.... I'm not sure how Gamzee and tz would feel bout that.