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Text spoiler ch132

(Warning: spoilers!!)

- another 2CT hint confirmed: it was indeed our Ciel who was sitting across Lizzy in the fencing scene flashback in ch58

- Frances is concerned about our Ciel’s poor health (she’s afraid that our Ciel might not be suited for the “spare” of a watchdog/Earl)

- Vincent jokingly says they might have to return their domain and the Watchdog title if something happened to real Ciel and our Ciel were to become the next Earl

- poor our Ciel hears their conversation and is sad😢

- the Phantomhives own a domain of 20K acre

- Vincent tells the twins that it’s their duty to protect their domain and the people living there

- the twins names are unusual in England (which means we can now safely exclude “Jimmy” and “Bob” as our Ciel’s name😂)

-RC asks OC what he wants to do in the future and OC answers that his dream is to own his own toy company in London

-RC is hurt and says “But if you become a pastor in our domain we can stay together forever! Why are you leaveing me?”

-OC comforts RC that Elizabeth, Rachel and Vincent will be there for him but RC is still hurt

OMG real Ciel’s yandere vibes are getting stronger and stronger each month😂

more text spoilers of ch132

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What if the reason Lance flirts so much is to cover up the fact he's not attracted to anyone? This boy already feels like lots of things are wrong with him, so him trying to create a fake image of himself to hide his insecurites isn't far fetched. Maybe he feels like something is wrong with him since most teens are attracted to at least somebody. (Just hear the lance stans and antis scream into the void)


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Um howdy again! So take your time and answer only if you want to. Ok so any of the bros (I'm happy with anything). So how S/O introduces their identical twin is in the form of a prank. So they both mess with skele a bit in different wacky ways and in the end of the day they stop and finally introduces each other. I hope this isn't a bit far fetched or difficult sorry and thanks for anything in advance, you're the best and have a nice day.

Ahh I love twin shinnegians! Since I’m in the mini-fic mood, I’ll do Classic :)

Undertale Sans

You’ve been acting strange all day, Sans just can’t figure out why. Not to mention a little off too. He can’t really explain it, but you’re you…but not really you? You’re still laughing that beautiful laugh, smiling that beautiful smile, but your eyes don’t twinkle like they use to, you suddenly have little quirks that Sans never noticed. When Sans kisses you across your cheeks, you’re even more flustered than normal and you absolutely refuse to let him kiss you any further. 

But then, a minute later, you’re back to your normal self, touching him, initiating the kisses, doing everything right to the point where Sans almost forgets that you’ve been acting weird. But….a while later…you’re back to your weird self. 

Finally, when the date is over, Classic couldn’t take it anymore. 

“what’s been going on with you today?” 

“Whatever do you, dear?” you ask sarcastically, trying to hide the hint of a smirk. 

“you’ve been acting weird like you’re-” 

“Two different people?” a sudden familiar voice, your voice said from behind him. 

Sans spins around so fast, his head nearly whiplashed, and his eyes widened as you stand before him with a victorious smirk. 


“Sans, meet my twin. Twin, meet Sans,” you gesture to your copy in front of hin. 

Looking back and forth between you two, Sans throws his head back and laughs, then pulls you into a tight hug and kisses you.

“that was a pretty good prank babe. but you have no idea what you just got yourself into”

so i’m rewatching 8.13 and i just got to The Pub Scene and, reader, i am dying 

you can use the “dean is straight” and/or “he was just flattered” arguments all you want and if that’s really what you think then fine okay i don’t actually give a shit but you cannot argue with how this fucking scene was written and directed because there is literally NOTHING you could say that would make sense and not sound like DESPERATE HETERO WHINING

for real like these two girls he’s interviewing are a) really pretty and b) ~college girls~ i.e. two things that dean is infinitely into but they’re honestly, in the nicest possible way, the most dull girls on the face of the planet. they sound like the worst bimbo stereotype, echoing each other, saying vapid shit, like they are SO BORING and they were INTENTIONALLY WRITTEN THAT WAY (by edlund, that master of “”“”“subtlety”“”“”)

they’re SUPPOSED to be dull as shit so we’re 100x more interested in aaron and whatever the fuck he’s drinking. those poor girls are just background noise in dean and aaron’s meet-cute

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it’s a bit difficult to discuss secret trips since they were, in fact, secret lol. we know for a fact that they took a secret paris trip in 1966, which @swaying-daisies touched upon in her post. and if they bothered to do it once, i think it stands to reason that they’d do it again.

when i referred to secret trips, plural, i was thinking specifically about how, even if they arrived at a particular destination as a group, it wasn’t uncommon for john and paul to go off alone together. their stay at the four seasons hotel in 1964 is a well documented example. though the beatles went there as a group, john and paul stayed in their own lodge and left on their own one morning to have a day to themselves. here’s the full story:

They went to bed early - on Tuesday morning - and slept long after sunrise. John and Paul, who shared a chalet, were out and about first.

They took a short walk on the shores of Loch Earn, whetting their appetite for lunch.

They found the invigorating fresh air a bit chilly, but waited to try to entice a dog into the loch by throwing sticks for it to retrieve. The dog was not playing, however, and refused to do more than paddle.

While John and Paul enjoyed lunch in the hotel dining-room, George and Ringo had breakfast in bed.

John and Paul later tried their hand at boating and went out on Loch Earn. After some confusion at the start, until everyone had learned how to drive their boats, they went off and beat up the loch for half-an-hour or so. [x]

a side note: if that’s not a textbook definition of a date, idk what is.

but anyway, even though little instances like that weren’t quote-unquote secret, (though they may have felt like they were sneaking off from george and ringo? who knows), it’s clear that they enjoyed going on little excursions together, alone.

they definitely had the resources and, occasionally, the time to take secret trips together, so i don’t see any reason why they wouldn’t.

Alison tries to go home -- this time: the Master plays fetch with the Doctor

Chapters of a new Scream of the Shalka fanfic, [[How Do I Hold Thee?]], are up at AO3.

Alison has had an uneven time with her robot [“the Magister” to her, “the Master” to the Doctor] and his inevitable spouse the Doctor. Yes, she met her robot and found in him a loyal partner and protector, but she also got mind-fucked twice by other aliens. She’s sick of people barging into her head, and she needs to go home.

It’s time for the Magister to leave too. As much as he loves the Doctor, he remains miserable at their control over him. If his choice to be with the Doctor is to mean anything, it must be fully informed and consensual. He must have the option to go.

The Doctor wants to give Alison a happy adventure for once, so they propose a farewell party for her and the Magister at the Floating Carnival, the universe’s coolest fair. Since the inevitable spouses last went there before graduation from the academy, the place is charged with memories. The fact that it’s currently run by the Stylist, an old frenemy of theirs, also complicates matters.

Let’s just say that disentangling yourself from the Doctor is never easy.

In this excerpt, the Master plays fetch with the Doctor, much to Alison’s entertainment.

Her robot swoops his arm up and snaps his fingers. “Ah!”

The Doctor swivels their head. “Yes, Master?”

“No, that wasn’t a cue,” says the Magister.

“Oh…” The Doctor’s shoulders fall. “Okay…”

After she got used to the snapping and the pointing, Alison saw that the Doctor not only appreciated the explicit prompts, but also enjoyed them. She thinks that they probably find some relief in his commands, whether verbal, gestural, or otherwise. If you negotiate it right, orders can be very specific, very simple, and very easy to fulfill. For someone like the Doctor, who lives in complexity, ambiguity, and synaesthesia, the very discreteness of the Magister’s demands gives them a finite concreteness that they can quickly comprehend. Maybe it’s a relief for them to leave, if only for a time, an endlessly roiling and changing world, instead settling into a place that’s ordered, quiet, and bounded by exact, achievable expectations.

Of course there’s the obvious kinky aspect to the Doctor’s excitement as well. They and the Magister relate to each other in an endless power play of constantly shifting roles. The Doctor likes doing what their inevitable spouse tells them to do. Alison reflects that the Doctor has apparently associated a snap not so much with a cue as much as fun times up ahead.

“You needn’t look so disappointed,” the Magister reassures the Doctor.  “I can give you an order. You recall The Symphony of the Hesperidia?”

“Of course! I’ve been looking for a recording for weeks! –Or maybe months. Or years. Whatever! For a long time!”

“Well, I have one. Go find it.”

The Doctor levitates instantly. “Can I listen to it? Where do you have it? I can get it if you tell me where it is; I won’t even bother you. I’ll listen to it with headphones, and I promise I won’t sing it for days afterward.”

“It’s somewhere in my study, I should think – the one in your ship, not mine.”

“I’ll go find it! Back in a mo!” The Doctor gallops past Alison and out the library. They leave the door open, and momentum swings it shut with a resonant slam. Alison jumps.

Her robot doesn’t. “I certainly hope not,” he remarks, picking up his book and turning the page.

“Mischievous, marvelous Magister of mine…” Alison chides. She stands in front of him, one hip cocked, arms folded. “Did I just see you playing fetch with the Doctor?”

“I now have at least four hours of peace before they come back, wagging their tail, with something completely different than The Symphony of the Hesperidia.”

“And that’s not insulting?”

“To me? No!”

“To the Doctor, you complete and utter dolt!”

“But they’re so very eager to please their Master. Who am I to deny them that opportunity?” He shrugs and smiles, as if it would be insulting not to play fetch with them.


She will always be the only thing
That comes between me and the awful sting
That comes from living in a world that’s so damn mean.

Last Time on... SURVIVOR
  • Kass: Chaos Kass is back #chaoskass
  • Tony: *unintelligible llama noises*
  • Trish: have u accepted Malnutrisha as your lord and savior
  • Spencer: That's why Woo's hair is so big. It's full of secrets.
  • Tony: *llama noises intensify*
  • Spencer: *wins immunity* Don't let the haters stop you from doin' your thang
  • Tony: I brought my bag of tricks tonight. Isn't it so fetch?
  • Spencer: Stop trying to make fetch happen. Fetch is never going to happen.
  • Kass: *doesn't change her facial expression*
  • Jeff: Raise your hand if you have ever been personally victimized by Tony Vlachos
  • Everyone: *raises hand*
  • Everyone on jury: *raises hand higher*
  • Woo: Sometimes I feel like a foreign exchange student
  • Jeff: I don't get paid enough for this

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what if: an au where kit fisto survives to rebels era (cmon if darth maul can live through being cut in half and stuck on a garbage planet for years taking a lightsaber to the torso and living isn't too far fetched)

Kit manages to survive. He lives underground for a few days/weeks, until Rex, Wolffe and Gregor find him and take him with them to Seelos.

Kit leaves when he’s well enough, after promising the three of them that it’s okay and that he’s damn proud of you.

He meets up with Ahsoka and joins the rebellion for a while.

Somehow ends up on Tatooine before Ahsoka gets the Ghost Crew to join the larger rebellion and meets Obi Wan. Tells Obi Wan that Ahsoka’s alive, that Rex, Wolffe and Gregor are alive, that those three, at least, didn’t participate in the order. Tells Obi Wan about the order, that Cody would never if he had any control.

Leaves to finish mission with a promise to return, but has a message for Ahsoka, Kanan and Ezra.

Obi Wan dies before he can return. He fights beside Ahsoka. He doesn’t go to Malachor, but instead goes to Seelos with Rex, because Gregor’s dead and Wolffe is barely holding it together. Wolffe joins them at the base because he just can’t be alone. Kit focuses on keeping Wolffe and Rex okay, when Kanan and Ezra come back without Ahsoka. He mourns for her, like they do.

Later on, Kit learns about Luke and Leia and just goes.

“I’m too old for this shit. BYE” and nopes out and becomes a space pirate for a while. He returns when he learns Rex is sick, and mourns him when Rex passes, with the ghost crew, Kit and Leia at his bedside.

Since we know nothing about Nautolan aging, I’m gonna be a dick and say he lives up until the Sequel Trilogy, even. He meets up with Han and Leia again, years later.

Han doesn’t know him, Leia knows him from Rex’s death and service. She tells him what Ben did. Kit goes off with Han and the others to get Rey and blow the thing up because he can’t let this one go.

He tells Finn about the Clone Wars. About the clones. How Finn reminded him so much of some spectacular, upstanding men he was honored to meet and fight beside. He gives Finn a holocron that is filled with nothing but the clones he cared about and their stories, as well as lessons used to teach initiates and padawans. Not necessarily in the way the Council wanted, but how Kit taught them; with healthy attachments and emotions and how to focus them.

He doesn’t make it off Star Killer.

Finn keeps the holocron, learning to use his Force Sensitivity by opening it, with Poe watching him in the darkness of medical.

Luke offers to teach Finn, when he returns.

Finn just smiles and says “I already have a teacher” and he has the holocron in a pouch that’s tied around his neck with a piece of string.

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There are three reapers in total that have been shown having piercings, so the idea of a Tattoo/Piercing parlour isn't to far fetched. The three reapers being Undertaker, Grell and Eric.

You’re absolutely right, Anon. Both Eric and Undertaker have been shown with piercings.

Although Grell hasn’t appeared in the main story with a belly button ring, there has been at least one sketch and a side story showing this.

So it’s very possible that Grell does have this piercing. I’d actually love to see it. I think the story behind it could be a very interesting tale. :)

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Just wanted to say that thinking they might've been introduced beforehand isn't that far fetched. In this case it most likely isn't true b I've seen it on shows like big brother, where you later find out the showmances already knew one & other become a showmance & pretend they didn't knew each other before. I think it would too on shows like X factor, in this case the boys are all from other parts of the UK. if they were all from Chesire or Wolverhampton or Donny it'd be more likely to speculate

Big Brother isn’t actually a great example of how regular tv works. Because of the way they run the group casting days, a LOT of the final cast know each other quite well from the auditions , but are encouraged to act as if they’ve just meeting for the first time when they enter the house.

There’s absolutely every chance that the five boys all met before they were put together as a band, but I can say with a fair degree of certainty that it would have been AT bootcamp, not before it.

…And it likely would have been manufactured by TXF music team. Well, not Harry and Louis - they found each other early on, but TXF music team would have been running “auditions” for the bands under the guise of it being another element of the soloist auditions and would have made sure they all crossed paths enough to see what they’d be like together. Testing their range, their vocal style, their dance moves (or lack there of), getting them to sing together in “random” small groups of eligible, shortlisted boys. Changing the groups up, mixing and matching them based on archetypes and personalities, figuring out who was getting along behind the scenes and whose voices complement each other, and most importantly, what combination of boys would sell to a female teen audience.

A machine as big and as expensive as The X Factor doesn’t care about friendship or acquaintances, unless it’s happening on-camera. Even if they all were friends and were auditioning separately and/or to be put in a band, there’s zero chance all five would make it through. Someone is always the talentless friend who wouldn’t have made it and they would have needed a random ring-in and if that happened, it’s Story. It’s tv gold- everyone loves watching that kind of “can we really go on without Steve in the band?” drama. It would have been included on the show because any Story is useable Story.

A machine like TXF doesn’t decide to waste its time and effort putting a bunch of people who already know each other into a newly formed band, if that’s not a storyline they can capitalise on. Nor would it ask an existing band (if that’s a theory anyone has) to pretend they’re strangers in order to again, put them into a new band, only to not follow that storyline. There was a category for bands already, there would be nothing gained by this.

For the reasons I’ve already mentioned about capturing real emotion and more, they definitely wouldn’t have known they were being selected to go in a band together, nor would they know they were progressing in the competition until it happened in front the camera.

I know this is the shadiest band ever in every other respect, but their origin is pretty clearly legit.