isn't it an awesome face

“So what’s it gonna be, huh? Long sullen silence or mean comment?”

Since I’m on a superhero kick at the moment and I just got to see Deadpool, have a late night sketch of some Negasonic Teenage Warhead!

The first of the two photos I took specifically for @sicktress‘ BJD Editorial Challenge - Black & White + High Key

As you might have noticed, I’ve been feeling pretty uninspired about my photography lately, but as a lover of contrast, I knew I had to give this one a try! And as a result of working out how to up the contrast on my camera, I found a bunch of new settings that I spent ages playing with!

It’s nice to take photos again, thanks Sicktress :D

  • Sonic Boom: H-hey! Well, look who it is!
  • Modern Sonic: Well, if it isn't my gorgeously awesome and unspeakably handsome face. How are you, dude?
  • Both: -bro fist-
  • Sonic Boom: I was actually wondering if you've seen my Amy around, we haven't seen her all day and-
  • Modern Sonic: Wo-woa-woa-woah! -shakes hands out in front of him- YOUR Amy?
  • Sonic Boom: H-huh? W-well,... the one in.. you know... my world?
  • Modern Sonic: YOUR world? -still confused-
  • Sonic Boom: N-not like that! Anyway, ugh, -facepalm- look, can you just tell me if you've seen Ames around here or-
  • Modern Sonic: -flips out- AMES?!?!!?
  • Sonic Boom: -gets nervous-
  • Modern Sonic: When did I start giving Amy a nickname!?!
  • Tails Boom: Hey, what's all the commotion about?
  • Sonic Boom: My Canon game self is having a hard time understanding that I'm looking for Amy, he keeps getting weirded out every time I refer to her as 'My', 'In my world', and 'Ames'.
  • Tails Boom: -gasps!- Sonic! You can't refer to her like that in front of him!
  • Sonic boom: Wait, what? Not you too! Look, Tails, me and Amy are just-
  • Tails Boom: No, it's not that! He's from Japan! In their culture, what your saying is very intimate, especially giving Amy a nickname! It shows closeness to a whole new level, you're making him think you two are...-looks to Modern, then moves closer to Sonic Boom and whispers, holding a hand out so Modern can't hear them- More than friends...
  • Sonic Boom: OKAY. LET ME TRY THIS AGAIN. -asserts himself in front of Modern Sonic with his hands out to explain- I'M LOOKING FOR MY VERSION OF MY 'JUST FRIEND' AMY, WHO IN NO WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM- IS ANYTHING MORE THAN 'JUST AMY'. -states very clearly-
  • Amy Boom: Hey guys, what's up?
  • Sonic Boom: Oh, finally! We were looking for you everywhere, Ames-! -covers mouth-
  • Tails Boom: -flinches back, looking at Sonic Boom-
  • Both: -turn to look at Modern Sonic-
  • Modern Amy: -had walked in with Amy Boom and gasps- HE CALLS YOU AMES?!?!?! <3 <3 <3 Aww, how adorable! -looks to her Sonic, upset- Why don't you ever call me Ames?
  • Modern Sonic: -glares at Sonic Boom as if they're never talking ever again.-