isn't it a bit awkward

So Mark said the others are on vacation but he isn’t cause if he wanted to go home, he’d need to go to LA. But then he still brings out Jinyoung? Are you guys spending your vacation together…or? xD


Happy Ace Visibility Day, everyone! 

This is the first time I’m posting a selfie online like this, but I thought I should muster up the courage and do it today. I’m very nervous, but there’s no way back once it’s posted! And as the cards imply, I’m a questioning alloromantic asexual. I do believe I can be attracted to someone in a romantic sense, even though that hasn’t happened yet to me - so I’m a bit unsure.

I didn’t find out about asexuality until I was 19 years old, almost 20. (I’m 21 now) Before finding out about it, I felt like I was broken, and didn’t belong anywhere. Knowing that I wasn’t alone got me through a difficult time. Even though my family doesn’t understand this, and keeps telling me “I’ll grow out of it” or “you’ll change your mind when you find the one”, I’m lucky to have friends who understand where I’m standing.