isn't he the cutest thing in the world


my favorite thing about byun baekhyun (birthday series):

“one thing i love most about him is how he always makes sure to make his fans happy. he always smiles for us and makes jokes even when he’s not feeling well. he tries to be strong for us no matter what and idk how to say it but he makes sure to include his fans in whatever he does? like he shared a few things from his childhood with us, which no one asked him for but he wanted us to know and that’s the cutest thing ever.” - @byunchen

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Can I request reader convinsing Junkrat, Lúcio, Zenyatta and Roadhog(if it isn't too much) to keep a basket of kittens, please?



Junkrat doesn’t really like animals, so when you kept trying to convince him to keep the kittens, he kept denying.

“But look at how cute they are!” you pouted, holding one close to his face. “No, sheila. I don’t like those little rats” he crossed his arms, looking away from the cute little creature. Gasping, you cuddled the kitten close, “How dare you?! These little cute kittens are not rats! They are the cutest little things in the world!”.

Jamison rolled his eyes. “Please?” you childishly pouted, “They really like you!”. He kept trying to ignore the little kitties but eventually he gave in, “Fine!”.

“Thank you!” you cheered, hugging him.


Lùcio held one of the kittens close, “Hey there, fella”. “Wow, I thought this would take longer” you muttered. “Why? Look at ‘em… They’re so adorable” your boyfriend cooed as he looked at a kitten.

“So… We’re gonna keep them?” you bit your lip. “Duh! As long as I can name half of them” he petted the kitty who’d later be known as ‘Fro’ (Lúcio almost called the poor kitten Frog but you stopped him… Maybe made it worse)


As he held up one of the kittens, he turned his head. He caught them trying to play with his orbs and he had never seen creatures like them before.

“And what are you trying to do?” he calmly asked as he held a black kitten close to his face.

At that moment, you entered the room. “Oh… Surprise?” you muttered. “Hello. I found these playing with my orbs” he announced.

And suddenly you couldn’t help but laugh. “What’s wrong?” he asked in concern, still holding the kitten close. “They…. They were playing with your balls” you breathed out



“What’s in that box?” he asked. With wide eyes, you shook your head, “Nothing!”. Without hesitation, he pulled the box towards him and opened it. “What the…?” he frowned.

You nervously laughed, “Erm… Happy first of July?”. “Where did they come from?” he asked as he picked three up and held them in one hand.

“I found them… They were abandoned by someone” you sighed to which he replied, “Do you want to keep them?”. You nodded and he sighed, “Fine. They’re close to little pigs anyway”.

The Sims!Fallout Pets: Meet Athena: 

Traits: Loyal, Troublemaker, and Vocal
Owner: Danse

When Danse was banished from the Brotherhood of Steel, Claire didn’t want him to isolate himself inside Listening Post Bravo. He needed a connection to the outside world – especially while Claire was still infiltrating the Institute – but one that would be positive as well as unbiased. So what did Claire do? She brought Danse the sweetest puppy from a recent litter.

Athena is still young and in training, but she already exhibits some of that typical Rottweiler charm. She’s devoted to Danse and follows him wherever he goes, and has a calming affect on her owner when he has a panic attack due to his PTSD. Athena is also a goofball and gets into lots of trouble, though she doesn’t mean to. The world is still a new and exciting place to her and she has to try everything out! Like shoelaces. And mud. And even underwear.



the way he claps his hands♡

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top 5 memorable things i've said in our snapchat convos

….remember u asked for this

  1. “here lies liz who died a peaceful death brought on by luke’s preference for the flower crown filter”
  2. “let me just lie down on my gay floor and wallow in my gay emotions because the world is so beautiful”
  3. “right like my what a gay—gUY (…) but not wrong”
  4. “the gaes”
  5. “he’s like… the cutest innocent bby… just… not after hours lol”
  6. “reading ‘gah’ as ‘gay’ is the epitome of gay culture”
  7. “kinda looks like the cat’s pooping out sparkles….i didn’t think this through”
  8. “‘a bottle of water murdered my whole family once’”

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This isn't a question, more like an observation: I can't find the picture but in Girl Meets Maya's Mother, when Farkle walks in and shows off his "muscle", everyone makes fun of him; Maya even draws him needing protection, explaining he cannot help himself. But when Riley is speaking French to Lucas, if you see closely, Lucas draws Farkle with muscles and I think it's the cutest thing in the world cause he's showing Farkle the way Farkle wants to be seen and accepts that because their friends.

huh, well look at that

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I've been wondering if everyone agrees, I think that mo is a real tsundere boy but when he tian is around he's so shy and adorable and nervous and isn't it the cutest thing in the world when he blushes because of he tian???,,,??,¿¿¿¿¡¡¡¡¡

[coughs// is that Baekhyun in your icon?? or am I too biased…]

I’m looking at your question marks and I’m nodding along, because that’s exactly how I feel about this. I mean, how can someone possibly be so adorable and badass at the same time?? ? ¿¿¿ He’s truly the cutest delinquent out there. :’) 

I’ve been wondering for a while what temperament fits him best; definitely a bit of a melancholic: he’s creative, thoughtful and has a hard time opening up to others. But he’s also quite hot-tempered, especially when he deals with situations he’s not used to face. He’s quick to react most of the time. But the thing is, Guan Shan is just so pure and this explains a lot of his reactions! Everything about him screams “soft and occasionally angry” and I love it. 

However, when he blushes because of He Tian, there’s definitely more to it. It’s not just him being embarrassed and impulsive; Guan Shan is highly aware of whatever He Tian is doing. No one asks him to, but he does, consciously or not. Maybe because He Tian is just so different and unpredictable.. or is it something else? Clearly, the things He Tian says and does affect him more than he wants to admit to himself. And we’ve seen this several times, not only when he’s shy, but also when he’s crying— first we see him crying right after the kiss, because it was so unexpected and it hurt him; and now we see him crying after having heard He Tian’s words. He Tian’s kindness. It’s a really, really nice parallel, the emotions he experiences are different and I like how it always circles back to He Tian! It’s always linked to him.

Guan Shan is a tsunderish softie alright, I’m sure everyone agrees with that! But when he’s around He Tian, what we’re seeing is a different kind of adorable. He’s becoming more and more transparent and deeply involved, and he can’t help being so. At this point, Guan Shan is slowly but surely falling in love!