isn't he so sweet


stan and gary get their faces painted together ♥

i just rewatched the mormon episode again and ahh i love gary so much, i can’t believe it took me this long to actually draw him 

I think it’d be funny if those who fought at NGL had like a get together and, of course, now that time has passed they can talk about the incident a little more light heartedly and Killua becoming a trending topic. How jealous would Gon be if Ikalgo brought up, “Hey Killua, remember that time you almost died and I carried you to the hospital?” and Palm says her, “And poor Killua broke down in front of me, crying, asking me to help Gon.” And everyone who saw Killua staring at Gon through the hospital window for hours, never  moving. 

it upsets me so much to see so many people fawning over jungkook’s looks and how much he’s matured physically while still putting him down for getting more lines or saying he’s hogging attention with his recent confidence… jeon jungkook is so much more than his looks and i hate that there are some who only like him for that

Bad boys who love rock n roll, fast cars, and getting wasted, but are low key sweet hearts who are really good with children and small animals will be the death of me.

  • Professor: Now, does anybody know the most powerful piece in the game of chess?
  • Me: Riza HawkImean the Queen.

Have you considered… Amari with a ponytail? 

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Not so long after their escape, Will and Hannibal go to France because Hannibal always wanted to show Paris to Will and make him taste all the good french cuisine. At night, they open a bottle of champagne, then another and another and they're a little bit drunk and they're laughing like two teenagers because they are so happy to finally be together. Seeing Hannibal like this, so happy, so relaxed, Will can't help but kiss him for the first time, slowly, tentatively, licking his lips (1/2)

who taste of champagne and the chocolate they’ve eaten earlier and Hannibal is so overwhelmed that he laughs and cries at the same time. (2/2)

Honestly, Hannibal cries at the drop of a hat. Or, to be specific, anything involving Will.

Will and Hannibal making sweet, sweet love? Little prickling tears in the corner of his eyes that fall as Will fucks him.

Will kissing him? Little sniffles as the tears gather in his eyelashes.

Will telling Hannibal he sees him? Just. So much crying. Hannibal lets the tears fall freely and his smile is heart wrenching. 

Will just talking? He gets choked up and needs a moment to collect himself.

Will looking at him? Hannibal’s eyes water, it’s like being in the audience and witnessing a beautiful aria, he is awed by the power and beauty Will is.

tl;dr Hannibal is a bit emotional when it comes to Will. (And Will finds it awfully endearing

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What do you think the situation will be like if Fushimi and Yata went on a trip with Yata's family and got into a really serious accident killing Yata and his parents? What will Fushimi do with Minoru and Megumi as they survived?

Well that’s depressing ;_; Imagine Fushimi wakes up in the hospital all bandaged up and pretty badly hurt. Munakata’s there, which surprises Fushimi since he was off work at the time since he and Yata were visiting Yata’s family. Munakata asks how much he remembers and Fushimi finds that the last thing he remembers is getting pushed into the car and stuck between Yata and Minoru in the back seat as they got ready to leave. Munakata tells him to rest for now but won’t tell him exactly what happened. It’s not until a couple days later when he’s starting to heal a little that Munakata gets to break the news to him that there was a major car accident and that Yata and Yata’s parents all died. Maybe it also turns out that the reason Minoru and Megumi survived is because Fushimi and Yata protected them from the impact, Yata was killed in doing so and Fushimi just barely survived, like he’s got a ton of broken bones and lacerations and he’s already had a few surgeries before he even woke up (which is why Munakata’s there, because I figure he’s probably listed as guardian or emergency contact or something, since Fushimi doesn’t really have any family). Fushimi gets pretty quiet after that, I think he’d be pretty messed up by Yata’s death especially. He’s really depressed because he and Yata were like just starting to make up and be friends again and maybe this trip was part of that, Yata wanting Fushimi to come along with him and his family like he used to do way back when they were in middle school.

Munakata notices how depressed Fushimi is so he pulls some strings and the next day while Fushimi’s just sitting in his hospital bed staring out the window there’s a small knock on the door. Fushimi turns and there’s Minoru and Megumi hovering in the doorway, scratched up but mostly fine. Fushimi looks at them blankly for a moment and then they’re both just like “Saru~~” and they run to him and start sobbing into his blankets. Fushimi’s totally at a loss because wait what crying children what do I do. Minoru starts hiccuping and apologizing because he was the one Fushimi got hurt protecting and he doesn’t know what to do since his parents are gone and Yata’s gone and they don’t even have anyone to take care of them now because maybe Yata’s parents weren’t close to their relatives. Which of course is when Munakata steps in to take ‘temporary’ care of the Yata siblings and of course Fushimi ends up as their primary caretaker. They spend a lot of time with him in the hospital while he heals and they all kinda work out their trauma together, like it’s hard for Fushimi to be filled with misery and depression when he doesn’t want the kids to start crying again and of course Minoru and Megumi are super clingy towards him because he’s the only familiar face they know. Most of Scepter 4 stops by to visit Fushimi while he recovers and everyone finds ‘Big Brother Saruhiko’ to be kind of adorable. Fushimi gets especially annoyed the one time Munakata walks in on Fushimi being forced into playing tea time with Megumi, especially when Munakata pulls up a seat and joins them in drinking their imaginary tea.


Adorable JoMo in Master and Commander  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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at 4:30 the interviewer teases them for making up excuses for what the kiss was and liam says gently, “oh listen i don’t mind it’s fine whatever you think”

meaning he doesn’t mind if you think they kissed.


i’m so into you.