isn't he so sweet

ok so that was my favourite episode so far!!!!! even though it was a plot-centric ep it was still quite light-hearted overall and had some cute moments. also boruto’s personality really shone here! he’s such a great character, i love him so much 

overall the anime has gone way beyond my expectations and i’m enjoying it a lot ahh 


jiyong and his precious laugh (●´□`)♡

Pentagon vs. SF9
  • Interviewer: So how do you guys feel about the other group as competition? You only debuted 5 days apart!
  • Zuho [SF9]: It's so wonderful that both groups finally debuted, so now we can create good synergy for each other. Let's all be successful :) Hwaiting!
  • Interviewer: What about you guys, Pentagon?
  • Jinho [Pentagon]: We will crush them with our insurmountable power and talent. They will stand in our shadow for the rest of time.

Endless List of Favorite Characters: Papyrus the Skeleton (Undertale Video Game)


LOL ;)


stan and gary get their faces painted together ♥

i just rewatched the mormon episode again and ahh i love gary so much, i can’t believe it took me this long to actually draw him 

Crownless.      I’m picturing Thranduil taking his son out to explore the forest with him when Legolas is still quite young, and it’s like?? The most touching thing ever, because just picture Thran helping baby Leggo understand the specifics of what the trees were saying to them. ( Because even that, surely, is something elves have to grow into. ) Particularly, of course, emphasizing how happy the trees were to see them well and that sort of thing.