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Anyone other than me noticed how thin Chuuya is, compared to the other three…


cute bare faced jiyongie all bundled up (๑>◡<๑)

Can aphobes just shut the fuck up about Thomas already? The only reason you guys are trying to pin this man as a pedophile is because he thinks aces and aros belong in the LGBT community. He does not explicitly encourage minors to draw NSFW art of him, he was not aware that the artist was under 18 and has since corrected his behavior. He owned up to his mistakes, so why don’t y'all start doing the same?


Cairo’s homosexuality posed one of the biggest obstacles to securing overall approval of the picture. Hammett didn’t mince words in the novel. “This guy is queer,” says Sam Spade’s secretary as she hands him an engraved card bearing his name - Mr Joel Cairo. He speaks in a “high-pitched thin voice,” carries “gaily colored silk handkerchiefs fragrant of chypre,” and walks in “mincing, bobbing steps.” … Hal Wallis realised that American audiences - not to mention the Hays Office - were not ready for a candid look at homosexuality, which traditionally drew laughs and jeers out front. 

After seeing Lorre’s first day’s work, Wallis dashed off a memo to Huston: “Don’t try and get a nancy quality into him, because if you do we will have trouble with the picture.” Huston bent to Breen’s will. In the scene, Effie presents Cairo’s calling card to a bemused Spade, who holds it to his nose.

“Gardenia,” says Effie.

“Quick, darling, in with him,” replies Spade.

The rest Huston left to Lorre’s subtlety and the viewer’s imagination.

The svelte 137-pound Lorre who stepped before the camera seemed younger, fitter, swifter. More was asked of him and he asked more of himself. The role was the best of its kind to come his way in years and Lorre knew it.

“I’d often shoot a scene with Peter and find it quite satisfactory, nothing more,” recalled Huston - 

But then I would see it on the screen in rushes and discover it to be far better than what I had perceived on the set. Some subtlety of expression was seen by the camera and recorded by the microphone that the naked eye and ear did not get. He’d be doing little things that the camera close on him would pick up that standing a few feet away you wouldn’t see. It was underplaying; it was a play that you would see if you were close to him, as a close-up, as a camera is close. Things would flicker there and burn up slightly, like a lamp, and then dim down, and come on again. You’re watching something as if it were in motion.

from The Lost One: A Life of Peter Lorre -Stephen D Youngkin

The height difference between Louis and Harry kills me KILLS ME

When you romanticized someone, you’re making him or her to better suit to your idealistic expectations and making that person better than they actually are.

This is what I see with Chaorice. Despite the many wrong things he’d done and it was shown throughout the entire series what he’d did, there are fans who have put him on a high pedestal and romanticized his character as someone good, someone kind, someone ideal. In real life, a character like Chaorice is far from ideal. He’d be an utterly horrible person and you wouldn’t want someone like him as a boyfriend, not when he hurts and mistreats your friends. Azazel is the exact same but that’s another story.

Nina calling him cruel and terrible is right because he is that. He is cruel, he is malicious, he is remorseless and he is not kind. He is intelligent, he is arrogant, he is capricious and he lacks empathy. He knows what he’s doing. He’s not a fool. He just essentially declared a war with the gods, uncaring of what is going to actually happen afterwards.

He stormed into Cocytus, killed the demons there, destroyed the place, enslaved them and used them in a hideous blood sport that is the exact same as the Roman gladiators. He killed the lower dominion gods and stole something of theirs for his own use just because he can. He wants power, he has power. He found out that Jeanne has a very special and powerful child, someone he can use and he sent solders to pursued them. He is the reason why Jeanne is in the prison, why she and her son are split up and why she did what she could to make sure Mugaro/El lived. 

You can like a character like Chaorice but you must also accept his many flaws and imperfections. I like Azazel but I also know that he is incredibly skewed. 

It’s okay if you like these types of characters, no one said you shouldn’t. However, it’s not okay when you take them and turn to them that idealistic, unrealistic versions to make them better than who they are when they aren’t.


here’s my animatic of michael’s bit in more than survive!! :0

  • Mother: What are you thinking about all day? Oh, about your future, right?
  • Me: First of all, Alois Trancy deserved better. He shouldn't die. He is sexy, he is sadistic, he is bipolar, he is my ideal husband. I'm marrying him. Oh, and don't forget about Ciel. He is cute, he is cold, he has sexy legs..marrying him too. Have you seen Sebastian? Isn't he too perfect? I'm adding him to my list. Claude..? I like his glasses. Adding him too. Oh, and what about Lizzy? Isn't she too cute? I want to have hair like hers and be her best friend, I want to be small and petite like Ciel, and have a sexy tongue like Alois has. By the way, which ship is the best? Ciel x Lizzy? Ciel x Alois? Ciel x Sebastian? Claude x Alois? Lizzy x Alois? Sebastian x Claude? Sebastian x Grell? Oh my God, I'm thinking about it too much..By the way, when Alois and Claude will appear in the manga?
  • Mother: .. Who are all these people?

                                         Simon Says:Pansexual

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What a wholesome commercial 😍🔥


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Ah I just got to Kiri's hero debut and can I say... I am WEAK for Kirishima with his hair half spiked up, half disheveled and falling all over his face from the battle while wearing that big, genuine, bright smile of his. What did we do to deserve this boy? Bakugou and Denki are such lucky boyfriends.

I KNOW RIGHT he’s such a gorgeous boy???? Most beautiful manly man I’ve ever seen ever??? with his bright smile and huge eyes and long lashes more like rip me I’m every day grateful Kirishima Eijirou is a thing that exists