isn't he jewish

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lol I'm well aware that his dad is jewish, but he isn't religiously jewish and has no connection to his culture, just so you know. I know he is at least good at answering questions in interviews when presented with them, so aint in your genes to be an ass hat i know that. girl answer my ?????? lol

I’m not a girl sorry idk who this is addressing but it’s not me

My Teacher isn’t Jewish... Obviously...

And, from what I’ve seen here, he really isn’t making any effort either.

I emailed my teacher asking to leave early for Yom Kippur. I explained that it was the highest Jewish holiday and even I, an atheist Jew, know that theres a level of respect that must be taken and I fast with my family in order to create a sacred and very real solidarity which is created amongst the entire Jewish community during the solemn and forlorn time in which we come together to mourn those we’ve lost and remember them with the sad realization that they’re gone from our lives.

This is the email that I received from my teacher in reply. 

“Enjoy your afternoon Yom Kippur festivities. Please don’t be late.”

And then when I did arrive into class fuming my anger was brought to a level of “don’t fuck with me” when my so obviously not Jewish teacher walked into the room with a big smile on his face and declared “HAPPY YOOM KIPOR!”

I should be livid.

But I’m not.

That email is going on my fucking wall. 


No real socialist leader or party would support Israel. If this was the 50’s or the 60’s where Israel would have had a left-leaning government and was seen as a beacon of democracy and a country established as a safe refuge for Jews, it’d make sense. But it’s 2015. Israel has had a right-wing leader and party in power for almost a decade. It is currently maintains a near 50-year military occupation. It is an apartheid state. I don’t need to say more. What kind of socialist leader or party would support Israel in their right mind? Just asking.