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Domestic AF

Victor: *Walks into his St. Petersburg apartment with an armful of shopping bags* Yuuri, I’m home!

Yuuri: Well. It looks like someone had an exciting evening.

Victor: I sure did! I couldn’t help but look around this adorable clothing store just a few minutes away from the rink, and before I knew it it was already dark outside. We should go there together sometime Yuuri!

Yuuri: Maybe some other time. On another note Victor, don’t you think you might have forgotten something?

Victor: Forgotten something? Is there anything in particular I might have forgotten?

Yuuri: Oh nothing particularly important, just something along the lines of it being your turn to make dinner haha. Ha.

Victor: *sweats nervously* Oh, obviously, it was obviously my turn to make dinner. I would never forget about something like that. Of course not. Never.

Yuuri: No, of course not. Luckily I was in a good mood so I made us both some Katsudon while you were on your little shopping spree. 

Victor: *drops shopping bags and proceeds to hug Yuuri* I have the best husband in the whole world!

Yuuri: *blushes slightly and hugs Victor back*

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Tbh I think the fact that back when Karasuno won the training match against Seijou in the beginning of the first season Oikawa legit /waited/ for Karasuno at the gates just to deliver his well-prepared speech is enough xD His seiyuu, Namikawa Daisuke, talked about it once on the radio: "He [Oikawa] actually went there earlier than Karasuno and waited. Isn't that incredibly adorable? He went through all the trouble coming up with those long serious lines, too."

LOL OIKAWA PLEASE. DHSJFKH. He is such a dork I’m gonna cry TT__TT // worst / best senapi ? 

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Hey I'm super glad that you are having the best day and I was wondering if when you mentioned that show called Alphas was that the show with those people with powers and there was a guy called Gary who could like see electricity or something?? If so, I've been trying to remember the name for ages so yeah awesome!


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Yes! He’s autistic and he can see like wifi waves, I can’t remember what he calls them but THAT’S THE SHOW! I actually relate to Gary a lot…

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only managed to do a little work on the SKIP board today

on the other hand I’ve wanted to draw that second pose for so long you would not even believe


Bill Murray in Meatballs (1979)

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Imagine Bucky gets his nerves up (which should not be as hard as it is, he's a hardened assassin for God's sake, how hard can this be?) on karaoke night. His pick is something simple, something current that isn't too hard and will please everyone. He takes a deep breath, about to start singing, when the music very suddenly changes. He looks over to see Natasha laughing hysterically: She has RickRolled him. He shrugs, and proceeds to kill it. Everyone is very shocked.

“Too bad that Moffat is an idiot who insists on making a TV show for children.”

Stupid Moffat, making a show for its target audience. Who does he think he is?