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I thought “serizawa’s crocs” was just a fandom thing until I saw them in the actual webcomic in a VERY serious context and I promptly lost my mind

  • Interviewer #1: You're becoming like the sixth member of One Direction right now-
  • Shania Twain: Oh my god, that would be so great! I'd love to do that.
  • Interviewer #1: -because Harry Styles was just in an interview saying he would love- like he's a huge Shania fan!
  • Shania Twain: Ahh, He's- I mean, isn't he just an incredible singer? I love his voice.
  • Interviewer #2: I love his album too!
  • Shania Twain: -Yeah, no he's incredible. They're all just so different from each other, and I really appreciate what they're doing on their own as individuals. And, um, just being able to see the depth of their individual art and styles. So it's really great watching them grow now, you know, doing their own independent things. But I love both [Niall and Harry].

it’s kind of weird to me that some of tim’s worst characterization comes from comic writers who claim to like him, but they’re clearly projecting a shit ton on him because there are some fundamental misunderstandings of character happening here. 

i think i got used to how jason’s worst stuff usually comes from writers who hate him so they don’t like writing him and obviously don’t care, but a lot of other characters have been destroyed by writers who really like the characters but apparently can’t rein themselves in. 

So :)

There’s a topic near & dear to my heart that I’ve been wanting to talk about for the longest time. That is, Akashi’s DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder). [If you’re not aware, DID is the cutting edge term for multiple personality disorder – what causes Akashi to split himself into Oreshi and Bokushi.]

We were first introduced to Akashi’s DID when Midorima mentions to Kagami that “Akashi Seijuro has two people” in chapter 203, and Kagami asks Kuroko what he meant. This is when Kuroko (the Ultimate Secret Keeper) finally tells Seirin what happened in Teiko. Thus, we are introduced to Akashi’s transformation from Kuroko’s perspective – in which Akashi told him what was happening. So what is Kuroko’s perspective?

A while after the “I am Akashi Seijuro, of course” scene, Kuroko brings up that Akashi has changed [ch222]:

Bokushi asserts that he has always existed. And certainly, this is backed up by the suspicions that Midorima (apparently at some point) expressed to Kuroko [ch211] –

This is how Akashi’s DID is introduced: there are two Akashi, Oreshi and Bokushi, that always existed together, and they each are different personalities.

Except that’s not actually the case, is it?

It’s interesting to note that the GoM were the only ones that noticed that Akashi had switched personalities:

But why didn’t they notice? There’s a scene that’s a game changer in Extra Game, one that I love: the one where Akashi tries to warn the team that Bokushi will be coming out.

“Akashi-kun is Akashi-kun. There is no difference.”

“…Yes, you’re right.”

Now you could take this as Kuroko just being nice to Bokushi, but there’s more. For one, Oreshi affectionately calls Bokushi his “younger brother,” suggesting that Bokushi came about later than the original personality (Oreshi) did. For two, Bokushi says something interesting when saying goodbye to Oreshi:

So Bokushi came later than Oreshi, and wasn’t a natural creation. That is, he was always a secondary personality created by Akashi, and this falls in line with real DID cases. So let’s talk about real DID cases for a second. They are strongly associated with childhood trauma (which makes sense, considering Akashi was traumatized by his mother’s death and his father’s subsequent terrible terrible parenting). In response to that childhood trauma, they create secondary personalities that are capable of doing things that they are not. If you couldn’t stand up for yourself, your secondary personality could. If you were put in a stressful situation, your secondary personality would be triggered, and do things that you didn’t feel you could.

Bokushi is the person that Akashi wished he could become – aggressive, controlling, infallible, capable of holding his friends together even once they’d fallen apart by sheer force. He’s not the person Akashi actually is.

But why are Bokushi and Oreshi referred to as two separate people? There are only two people who ever refer to Bokushi/Oreshi as two separate people, and that’s Akashi and Midorima. Midorima clearly uses it to explain the strong shift in Akashi’s personality that he observed. But for Akashi, there’s more to it than that. He’s talking about himself. He feels like two different people (which is also in keeping with real cases of DID). In other words, Akashi is dissociating from himself in these moments, and does things that he does not believe he would normally be able to do. Crushing his friends to keep them under control? Oreshi would never, but Bokushi did. Swinging around a pair of scissors like a rapier? Oreshi wouldn’t, Bokushi did. And so on.

There’s one more moment that I feel is pertinent to understanding Akashi. That is, when Oreshi returns to take control [ch266]:

Above, we see the discrepancy in Akashi’s thoughts – he understands that Bokushi was born from his weakness, but he can’t wrap his head around Bokushi being himself. Instead, it’s “his other self.” Why?

Because he feels immense guilt over the things he has done. Admitting that he is Bokushi would mean taking on responsibility for his actions in a way that he currently doesn’t have to do. While Akashi is more than willing to make amends with the GoM, he doesn’t want to have to point at the awful things that he has said and done, and believe that he was capable of it. It’s far easier to attribute it to “his other self.” However, in Extra Game, it’s spelled out that Bokushi is an integral part of Akashi. Oreshi can’t use Emperor Eye as well as he can. Real parts of Akashi’s personality that stay with him after Bokushi is gone were present in Bokushi:

And so we arrive at the true meaning of this scene:

To the GoM, Akashi was always one person. But Akashi needed to believe that he was two. And you can see the strange calm that washes over him as he sighs (the “fu” sfx). He doesn’t smile. He’s not actually happy about this acceptance, because it forces him to see the way he has been perceived. He’s been telling himself this whole time “I am me and Bokushi is him,” but the GoM always perceived him as one person. In some ways, it would have been more comforting to him if they had kicked up a fuss – because then he would have known that they didn’t really believe he had done those things, but Bokushi did. But they do believe he did, and they’re willing to forgive him anyways. It’s a bit of a bittersweet scene, really.

2017 Chinese National Grand Prix Day 2 Roundup

Top senior skaters only.

1 - Sui/Han 225.40, 144.56 FS (Video)
2 - Yu/Zhang 213.26, 137.38 FS (Video)
3 - Peng/Jin 210.02, 140.72 FS (Video)

1 - Ziquan Zhao 161.15, 104.20 FS (Video)
2 - Xiangning Li 157.96, 95.79 FS (Video)
3 - Zijun Li 157.06, 92.37 FS (Video)

1 - Han Yan 247.48, 160.57 FS (Video)
2 - Boyang Jin 234.83, 135.68 FS (Video)
3 - He Zhang 227.13, 147.09 FS (Video)

Video sources linked in captions.

All the cloaks-flapping Varric mentions in Warden Companion AU was also embellished. Mordred’s cloak, in fact, does not flap.

It USED to flap around when it was just a normal cloak and got stuck on his face which meant he blinded himself and nearly died like five (5) times so he got fed up and invented a weight enchantment he sewed into the cape that made it as heavy as if it was made of scale mail. If he walks in sunlight it even gleams like it’s metal, with the same protection afforded to it.

“Why not just…not wear…the cloak?” Fuck you Leliana gave this to me and it was the first actual gift I’ve received my entire life I’m dying in this cloak. I’ve cried on it. It’s mine.

(Here’s the thing guys: When the idea of romance between India and Bendy comes up for real, it’s not going to be because of some undeniable spark of attraction. There’s no frantic, burning passion. They don’t make each other sweat when they sit close, or nervous when they touch. They don’t get butterflies when the other walks into a room. It’s the opposite.

When confrontation of that stuff becomes necessary, it’s going to be because they’re more comfortable with each other than they have been with other lovers. Because they can flirt and be affectionate and it’s just fun - there’s nothing at stake. Because India has seen Bendy do really terrible things and still thinks he’s amazing, because Bendy has seen India lose her Cool™ and still respects her in a pretty impressive way. Because they both accept each others’ terribleness, and can see the good in each other. They’ve seen each other at their worst, and are still sticking around.

And this is exactly why there’s no rush. This is exactly why it’s easy for them to stay in their status quo.

They’re not trying to suppress romantic urges, deny romantic feelings. The things they value about each other most they basically already have. They will always be friends first. They understand each other and care and value each other, and the only thing missing from a romance is the guarantee of a future together, and confirmation that they can each be everything the other needs.

They’re young and they have their whole lives ahead of them. They don’t actually need to worry about it. They have all the time in the world. There’s no spark waiting to explode, no romantic tension waiting to break, just an intimacy that isn’t quite resolved, and that doesn’t demand any immediate attention. So for now, they’re just friends, and that’s okay! Because that’s always going to be most important to them. Always. -HG)






Domestic AF

Victor: *Walks into his St. Petersburg apartment with an armful of shopping bags* Yuuri, I’m home!

Yuuri: Well. It looks like someone had an exciting evening.

Victor: I sure did! I couldn’t help but look around this adorable clothing store just a few minutes away from the rink, and before I knew it it was already dark outside. We should go there together sometime Yuuri!

Yuuri: Maybe some other time. On another note Victor, don’t you think you might have forgotten something?

Victor: Forgotten something? Is there anything in particular I might have forgotten?

Yuuri: Oh nothing particularly important, just something along the lines of it being your turn to make dinner haha. Ha.

Victor: *sweats nervously* Oh, obviously, it was obviously my turn to make dinner. I would never forget about something like that. Of course not. Never.

Yuuri: No, of course not. Luckily I was in a good mood so I made us both some Katsudon while you were on your little shopping spree. 

Victor: *drops shopping bags and proceeds to hug Yuuri* I have the best husband in the whole world!

Yuuri: *blushes slightly and hugs Victor back*

triananero  asked:

Tbh I think the fact that back when Karasuno won the training match against Seijou in the beginning of the first season Oikawa legit /waited/ for Karasuno at the gates just to deliver his well-prepared speech is enough xD His seiyuu, Namikawa Daisuke, talked about it once on the radio: "He [Oikawa] actually went there earlier than Karasuno and waited. Isn't that incredibly adorable? He went through all the trouble coming up with those long serious lines, too."

LOL OIKAWA PLEASE. DHSJFKH. He is such a dork I’m gonna cry TT__TT // worst / best senapi ? 

only managed to do a little work on the SKIP board today

on the other hand I’ve wanted to draw that second pose for so long you would not even believe


“Try not miss me too much while I’m gone.”

“I’ll be counting the days until you get back.”

–4x07, Little Green Men

I wanted Chris to pick Josh up ONCE, and apparently NO ONE has drawn anything of the sort (that I’ve seen) so I had to provide it myself uwu


Bill Murray in Meatballs (1979)

“Too bad that Moffat is an idiot who insists on making a TV show for children.”

Stupid Moffat, making a show for its target audience. Who does he think he is?