isn't he gorgeous

Horikoshi be like “the hardest one to draw is Todoroki because he’s supposed to be beautiful and drawing beautiful people is hard” but then you go through one (1) Kirishima centered chapter and he’s like 

so what is the truth

  • Charles introducing Erik in First Class: And this is my best friend soon-to-be-husband Erik Lehnsherr, isn't he gorgeous
  • Charles introducing Erik in DoFP: And this is my former colleague Lehnsherr, isn't he a dick
  • Charles introducing Erik in XMA: And this is Erik.
  • ~
  • Erik introducing Charles all the time: This is my only friend and if you touch him I will murder you slowly.

I just hope that Kook cuddles Chim to sleep and softly whispers into his ear how perfect he is or that he leaves kisses on every part of Chim’s body to show how much he loves him cuz that gorgeous boy deserves everything.