isn't even right

Learning how to draw the whole gang slowly but surely. Here’s a little Keyleth on very bad paper

Some of the paladins being like really testy about being stuck in the one outfit they left in, because “these are like, my least favorite socks!” (Lance) but some of them being fine with it, like Pidge (“I always wear this shirt anyway. It’s my ‘sneaking’ shirt.”)

Happy Halloween from Data!! 🎃💫🤖✨🍭


“We’re a couple hundred years away from gender equality.”
“Only a couple hundred?”

Let’s just keep sending positive thoughts to B.A.P, and their families. Let’s not expect the worse, or even say it, this could hurt them even more. Let’s keep sending our prayers they need us a lot right now. They have been through a lot already, I can only hope they aren’t put through something to test their stability once again.

solas go take a nap
Trespasser DLC spoilers

The negative responses Solas will say to the Inquisitor if he disapproves of them.


“And like a rook, I mate for life

“Many Bothans died bringing us this letter.”

“They were killed by the evil Empire?”

“No, they just got to the bit about R2-D1 and died laughing.”

who are you?