isn't art great

being part of a fandom gets a lot easier once you realise there’s more than one way to interpret a character


Of course Abigail would be Chuck, though less the romantic angle and much more the poor girl got offed by her dad and Will felt bad. Uncle Jack is not amused.

Will as the Piemaker, Abigail as Chuck, and Jack as Emerson!

The Freds, Alana and Margot, Will the Pie maker.

i made a rito designed after a sparrow! this isn’t mentioned in his little bio, but his favorite thing to do is skydiving. he just goes up somewhere high… and falls. he flies before he hits the ground, but he never fails to give his friends tiny heart attacks. he also doesn’t like sleeves because of a certain incident involving my friend’s oc, so you’ll hardly ever see him wearing any sleeves

“ A detective, his brother had said. An experiment of some sort. John wondered, sleepily, just what sort of experiment required living on the streets, filthy and half-starved. He was still turning the question over and over in his head, his own little mental Mobius puzzle, when a heavy weight dropped into his lap, startling a grunt from him.

His hands caught at silky fabric and long limbs, along with a wealth of warm, bare skin and John opened shocked eyes to find Sherlock straddling his lap, wearing only the top to his pyjamas. Tall as he was, they barely brushed his upper thighs and it was painfully obvious he was naked beneath them and…Christ.

He’d never seen Sherlock without his ever-present layer of grime and to suddenly have him soapy-clean, pale and fresh-faced and *on top of him* was a bit of a shock. Beneath the shabby clothes and dirty hair he was surprisingly healthy, cheeks flushed from the shower and his mouth was soft and plush, tasting of minty toothpaste and pressing against John’s, the tip of his tongue sliding wetly over his lips and—

"What the hell are you doing!?” John blurted and he shoved at Sherlock hard enough to send him sprawling on the floor, all gangling legs and scowling face.“

I commissioned shootbadcabbies for a scene from one of my fav fics: ”Strays“ by Keelywolfe. It is fantastic. Go read it (again).

She did wonderful as usual. I love her art!! Thank you so much!

There is a splendid podfic of this, read by the very talented magicranberries (listened to it dozens of times!!). You should check it outif you haven’t already.

Couldn’t sleep, made a horsey for @lebazardesmondes ;w;

Wisteria star witch for ya with a foxy familiar, I hope you like ;;