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Real talk: Derek Hale

Okay, I love this fandom, not as much as I love Derek Hale, but nearly - NEARLY - as much but it’s time I sit down and ‘splain some things about this character (and about the way this fandom talks about this character) that have consistently bugged me and hopefully I can do this because I love Derek Hale more than just… all real people.

  • Derek Hale is an A S S H O L E but, hey, guess what is in no way a bad thing?  Derek being an asshole.  Seriously all you need is that one gif of him in the Camaro with Erica with that jerky-jerk smirk on his face to know it.  There it is, look at that beautiful asshole down there. That guy who 100% seduced that girl in the car with him into becoming a werewolf without telling her any of the risks so he could essentially use her as a battery pack for his own Alpha-dom.  Total asshole, right?

  • You know who else is an asshole though?  DO YOU KNOW?  It’s this kid.  The kid who got his best friend a dog bowl with his name on it because he is an asshole.  Derek + Stiles = assholes 2getha 5eva, yay

  • Depending on how you define it, Derek Hale is not a hero.  At least not a conventional one.  Now, is he a hero to me?  YOU FUCKING BET YOUR ASS HE IS.  But if my reference point for what a hero is in the Teen Wolf universe is Scott McCall?  Then no, he isn’t.  Because Scott adheres to a strict duality between good and evil and Derek doesn’t (remember the Lydia = kanima = DEATH plan?).  There’s a lot of room to stretch between those two points and Derek gets that.  So if you mean hero the way I mean hero?  Then let’s high-five and drool after some heroic damn Derek.  If you mean hero the way Jeff Davis means hero?  You get your black and white nonsense away from my beautiful, complicated dick of a werewolf.
  • DEREK WAS NOT A GOOD ALPHA.  Oh my God, stop trying to make him into a good Alpha.  He wasn’t, he was all kinds of bad at it, and that is fucking fine.  That is BETTER.  Not to mention, it makes utter sense for him to be bad at it.  I cannot think of anyone less emotionally ready to have a pack - even if he was a Beta in that pack.  HIS LITERAL ANCHOR WAS ANGER, HE WAS ALL WALLS AND SCOWLS.  It doesn’t make him stupid or less worthy of my love and devotion.  If anything if makes me love him more.  The fact that he has flaws and isn’t innately skilled at everything is what makes him NOT A SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE CHARACTER, which is AWESOME because special snowflake characters suck balls (and Teen Wolf already has MORE THAN ENOUGH of them).  He built a pack because he needed them to be soldiers in a war he never told them they’d be fighting (BECAUSE HE IS AN ASSHOLE, REMEMBER) but can we blame him?  I know I can’t.  He essentially put a target on his back by becoming an Alpha and we’ve seen what’s happened to him with NO provocation, of course he bit the first damaged kids he could find and fully intended to use them as shields, as chess pieces, not to bond with and mentor them.  (Never mind that he did bond with them because Derek Hale is a GOOD GUY.  One of my favorite lines I’ve ever written about him is Stiles saying: “You don’t have to be a nice guy, Derek Hale, because you’re a good one.  That’s better, you know?” because I think it’s rarer than it should be that people recognize a difference.)
  • Derek is not perfect.  He did so many things wrong and was so much more relatable because of it.  Stop ruining my favorite character by trying to make his life fit into a Hallmark movie.  His every motivation wasn’t pristine and flawless and he was 500,000% better for it.

/end rant

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hello! do you think you could ever write a drabble about da2 companions' reactions after hearing about hawke's death/remaining in the fade? perhaps about them gathering to honor their memory somehow? sorry if you have other things to write!

(I generally don’t take prompts because my writing backlog is enormous right now but… I really liked the idea of this. And I pretty much never get requests about DA2 characters. So here you go, anon.)

“To the fallen.” Fenris’ voice broke as he raised his glass, eyes focused on some distant point. Varric gave the man a sad smile as he watched the ex-slave take a deep drink of wine. Fenris had refused to remove the red sash tied around his wrist.

“Your hand is going to fall off if you tie that any tighter,” Isabela said, boots up on the table. Her body was relaxed but her eyes shone in the firelight, betraying the tears she fought.

“If it were to fall off so easily then I have no need of it.”

Isabela rolled her eyes before leaning into him. She spoke with a snarl. “Do you think Hawke would be happy to see you acting like this?”

“What would you know of Hawke’s desires?”

“Enough!” Aveline put her hands between the pair of them and shoved each to the side. She filled the vacant spot herself. Unlike the others, she had let her tears flow freely at the table. Silent tears. Stronger than the others’ stubborn tear-free cheeks. “We’re here to mourn, not fight.”

“They’re not always mutually exclusive,” Varric said. He rose from the table and refilled their glasses. He’d had longer to mourn than the rest; his eyes had long since dried. “How about you, Daisy?”

Merrill ran her fingers along the rip of her glass, her body hunched inwards. “It would’ve been nice to see Hawke again,” she whispered. “Talk about everything that’s changed.”

“It’s all right, kitten,” Isabela wrapped an arm around the other woman and pressed her cheek to Merrill’s forehead. “You can always talk to me if you want.”

Fenris opened his mouth with a growl but Aveline cut him off with a glare.

Varric reclaimed his seat with a heavy sigh. He wondered if it was a kindness that Sunshine hadn’t lived to see the last of her family die. He gulped down his own ale, wishing it did more to drown out the memories of sweet Bethany’s face.

“Enough of all this depression.” Varric cleared his throat. “We should be celebrating the life Hawke had! If Hawke were here, all of our asses would’ve been kicked twice already for all this glumness!”

Aveline crossed her arms, eyebrow raising. “And how do you suggest we do that, dwarf?”

He smirked, knowing the Guard-Captain liked him deep down. Deep, deep down. “Let’s share stories. The best. The worst. The most embarrassing. Everything!”

Merrill giggled. “There was the time when we were fighting the dragon outside that mine. At the end, I heard this great ripping noise. Thought the beast had gained some kind of second wind. Though, that would’ve been very impressive considering what we’d just done to it. Anyway! The noise had been Hawke’s trousers! They’d ripped clean open!”

Fenris’ lips lifted with a subtle smile. “I remember that. Hawke tried to use me as a shield through Hightown.”

“One of my favorites,” Isabela chimed in, “was when I had some of my usual moronic suitors spouting particularly bad poetry. Hawke comes in and challenges them to a duel of tongue-twisters. I still don’t know how but the idiot actually managed…”

Varric turned away from the conversation, eyes sweeping throughout the hall. The hairs on the back of his neck prickled with the distinct feeling that they were being watching. He almost missed the wisps of blond hair sticking out from under the hood. A man, tall and lean, sat at the nearby table, a staff leaning on the wall behind him.

Varric slipped from the growing laughter, muttering something about needing a stretch. He moved closer to the fire, hands held out to the flames. The man was arm’s length away.

“Tell me, stranger,” Varric said, “are you here to mourn the Champion too?”

Lips curled in a strained smile. “Just passing through actually.”

“Makes sense. The Inquisition is a place for all sorts.”

“Indeed it is.” The man paused, then added, “The Inquisitor you work for is worthy of the praise she’s received. I never thought anyone with such a position would give the mages an opportunity to work as equals but I am happy to be proven wrong.”

“She does all right,” Varric agreed. “Horrible at Wicked Grace though.”

The mage stood, collecting his staff. “I am so sorry for your loss. Hawke was very dear to me. I wish… it doesn’t matter what I wish.” He turned to leave, his words little more than a whisper. “Be well, Varric.”

Varric watched the man as he walked away, shaking his head the entire time. “Try and keep yourself out of trouble this time, Blondie.”


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Kawaguchi Haruna Debut in Stage Play

Actress Kawaguchi Haruna will challenge stage play for the first time ever in Ikiteru Mono wa Inai no ka. Directed by Shiro Maeda, the play was staged in 2007 and grant him Kishida Drama Award in 2008. It also has been adapted into movie which released in 2012. She said that since it’s her first stage play, she feels anxious but she works her best while getting help from Maeda and everyone. Kawaguchi will play as Miki, a girl in university hospital. Content story of the play almost the same as movie version, but dialogues and main character will be different.

Ikiteru Mono wa Inai no ka (Isn’t Anyone Alive?) stage play will be performed on 16 - 26 October 2014 at Aoyama Round Theater Tokyo.

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