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If you can’t decide whether you’re INFP or ENFP, you’re ENFP. 

If you can’t decide whether you’re INFJ or INFP, you’re INFP. 

If you can’t decide whether you’re ISTJ or INTJ, you’re ISTJ.

If you can’t decide whether you’re INFJ or INTJ, you’re INFJ. 

If you can’t decide whether you’re INTP or INTJ, you’re INTP. 

If you can’t decide whether you’re INFJ or ISFJ, you’re ISFJ.

If you can’t decide whether you’re ENTP or INTP, you’re ENTP. 

If you can’t decide whether you’re INTJ or ENTJ, you’re ENTJ. 


Me: Aces aren’t cishet and are lgbt+

Some Aphobe: OHHHMAGAWDD NOPE NOPE SO WRONG listen,, sweaty ur a homophobic racist if u believe taht :) btw aces AREN’T lgbt

Me: okay, but how

Some Aphobe: UM bcuz they just aren’t?? i don’t need proof it’s obvious lol tag urself i’m OP’s stupidity

Me: *has receipts, facts and sources*

Some Aphobe: i can’t read suddenly :)


goodbye stelena ⇒ day one: “it’s as if when you love someone, they become your reason”

Carol was totally considering kissing Daryl full on the lips in 5x10 but then she remembered seeing him eat a worm earlier and was like “yeah, nevermind”

“hyung, you were really cool earlier!” jimin’s voice pitches in amongst the murmurs as they start clambering into the company van. namjoon, who had been in the process of climbing into his usual shotgun seat, throws a grin his way.

“thanks, jimin.” he says, hauling himself forward as taehyung and jungkook follow after jimin at the back, throwing in their own compliments.

“everyone was so hyped during your stage with the seniors,” jungkook grins, squishing himself between the two friends. “literally everyone. even yoongi-hyung was jumping around like crazy. right, hyung?”

at the mention of yoongi’s name he immediately stiffens up, but he quickly schools his expression into Poker Face Mode as he looks away from the window and meets everyone’s gazes currently on him. “um,” he starts, pointedly ignoring namjoon who’s twisted around in his seat to face him. “yeah, i guess…” he finishes lamely, the side of his mouth making the tiniest of twitches.

“what’s up with that,” taehyung berates, patting yoongi’s shoulder from behind. “we all saw you, hyung! you were calling for namjoon-hyung like you were his #1 fan!”

yoongi makes a dying sort of noise in his throat, then sends a glare at taehyung. but since the boy’s long grown immune to his grumpiness, it has no effect on him whatsoever.

hoseok joins in on the teasing since he’s just as immune to yoongi’s death glares. he even pokes yoongi in the cheek while saying, “that’s right! you really looked like a puppy–”

seokjin expresses his sentiments by cooing at yoongi from his place by hoseok’s side. “you were so cute, jumping around like a little kid–”

“ah,” namjoon’s voice floats above the din of voices, looking half-embarrassed and also half-something that yoongi can’t really pinpoint. not right now, with five other pesky boys poking all sorts of fun at him. “did you really, hyung?”

yoongi’s heart stutters for one single second, making him feel lightheaded and fluffy and warm as he bites the inside of his cheek, nodding his head yes. “you were really cool. all of us think so.”

jimin scoffs. “but especially you, yoongi-hyung.”

yoongi grits his teeth. this is getting ridiculous. “park jimin, you better close that mouth of yours before i shove my entire fist in there.”

jimin squeaks, and finally the odd tension in yoongi’s shoulders dissipate as the other members laugh and direct their shenanigans at the younger boy instead.

well, all of them except for namjoon, who’s now twisted his body to face the right way. his eyes are still on yoongi though, staring at him through the rearview mirror.

when namjoon eventually catches yoongi’s eye he grins, dimples showing as he silently mouths, “i’m glad, hyung.”

warmth blooms in yoongi’s chest, and even if he wanted to stop the smile spreading on his face he knows he’d fail miserably, not when he’s finally realizing that half-something that namjoon has in his eyes.

it’s exactly the same look yoongi has every time he looks at namjoon.

Life in the 5SOS fam
  • 5SOS: *talks about mental illnesses and self harm*
  • 5SOS fam: *cries tears of joy because they understand that some of us have problems and are struggling*
  • People: Okay sure but they don't even do charity work
  • 5SOS: *gets involved in a charitable event*
  • 5SOS fam: *is proud*
Dear Tumblr, Ford, et al.

There are certainly times when “and” is better. I love Fish AND chips.

There are times when it isn’t so much. Breaking AND entering isn’t really so much better than either.

Let us be clear, though. There are times when “and” is not, in any way, better. Rape AND Pillage? No thank you. Drinking AND Driving? I’ll take either, but not both. Ford AND Tumblr? Seems like a hellish match that I really could live without.

The only Ford product I ever owned was a POS was a family sedan with the turning radius of a small SUV. It literally caught fire while driving through a parking lot, and I cheered.

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It really frustrates me when people say Mabel can't be queer because she's canonically crushed on a lot of boys because, like, even if she IS really and emphatically attracted to dudes (which isn't always true in those circumstances), that doesn't mean she can't like girls. I know it's not going to come up in the actual show bc Disney, but I don't understand why people have to stomp on it, either.

mabel pines likes All The Genders and if people try to stomp on that im going to stomp on them