ismail shah


so at topkapı palace there exists this wonderful portrait of selim i – with a pearl earring. even a cursory knowledge of gender and costume in the ottoman empire will tell you this is definitely not in the ottoman tradition (men occasionally wore rings, but jewelry was relegated to women and (male) slaves as it were). one of the romanticized explanations to this startling exception was that selim i had declared himself “the slave of god” (as suleiman the magnificent, his son, would also claim). we know better now that the portrait was most likely not selim i but a depiction of shah ismail i, selim’s persian contemporary

(but its still pretty moving to think about)

radiocusca  asked:

Can I just take a moment to say I love your art! Like it is so vibrant and full of the life! from the basic sketches to then the details in clothing! You make one of the best hetalia art I have ever seen and their diversity in face & body is amazing! I'm curious, how did you come up with Turkey's entire build and face (or any other character really) from the original APH sketches?

first off, thank you so much for the kind comments! ; _ ; theres a lot i dislike about my own work so its always nice to hear that there are things people appreciate about it <3 second, you made my entire day by asking about turkey; hes my absolute fave ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ

im afraid this might be not as interesting as youd hoped! but my interpretation is basically from himaruyas sketches (hairy bara beefcake 10/10 id smangle) plus some personal headcanons. hopefully they manage to entertain:

  • earring from his persian days (based on the fact that ottoman and persian jewelry customs for men are completely different and yet portraits of shah ismail i (who rocks the jewels) keep on getting mistaken for sultan selim i; also listen im a sucker for the safavids)
  • a scar over his right eye for the conquest of constantinople. lol he had such a thing for byzantine greece that of course it should leave a physical mark on him (coughs hagia sophia, batman). i always thought it was such a missed opportunity that he wasnt hiding anything under the mask
  • he totally has a scar over his heart and liver for mecca and medina, like come on
  • i try to give him a really pronunced/crooked/fucked up nose bridge, cause motherfucker got knocked around in the old days
  • rocks a boncuk (evil eye) bracelet
  • back to my homeboy persia. i try to make him look as smug as possible (as an amateur assyriologist, you can rest assured that i think all ancient near eastern civs are superior to the western greeks. their rulers killed lions in hand-to-hand combat. herodotus aint got shit to write home about, TELL HIM BOY BYE!!!)
  • i try to make mama greece/byzantine and her boy look angular (sleek), but im sure that doesnt read at all. greece definitely has a janissary tattoo from his ottoman days #bad blood i ship them a lot its a Problem