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Another one of the Knight brothers. I don’t think I’ve seen you around since I became good friends with Roxas. Can only imagine the kind of trouble you’ve been up to since then.

56. Do you own anything from other countries?

Along with the abundance of foreign toys I use on your incredibly enthusiastic little brother, pretty much everything I own is foreign (cars, clothes, etc). My most prized possession is the human skin bound book of poetry I bought in Europe about a year ago. Anthropodermic bibliopegy isn’t something you’re going to find readily available in the states outside of museums and universities.

  • s. knight: WHAT DO GAY COWS EAT?!?!?!?
  • s. knight: HAAAAAAAAYYYYYY ~
  • C∆ELESTIS–: so thats what you eat sora
  • C∆ELESTIS–: along with dick
  • s. knight: shut your damn mouth you fucking bitch i will go to cali right now i cut that tongue out of your fucking cum drenched mouth you asshole
  • C∆ELESTIS–: we are related holy shit
  • s. knight: wow
  • s. knight: i forgot sexyback was a song
  • based knight.: what did you think it was
  • based knight.: a scent
  • s. knight: oh my god
  • s. knight: you must think you're pretty funny
  • based knight.: dude
  • based knight.: i really do