• s. knight: WHAT DO GAY COWS EAT?!?!?!?
  • s. knight: HAAAAAAAAYYYYYY ~
  • C∆ELESTIS–: so thats what you eat sora
  • C∆ELESTIS–: along with dick
  • s. knight: shut your damn mouth you fucking bitch i will go to cali right now i cut that tongue out of your fucking cum drenched mouth you asshole
  • C∆ELESTIS–: we are related holy shit

56. Do you own anything from other countries?

Along with the abundance of foreign toys I use on your incredibly enthusiastic little brother, pretty much everything I own is foreign (cars, clothes, etc). My most prized possession is the human skin bound book of poetry I bought in Europe about a year ago. Anthropodermic bibliopegy isn’t something you’re going to find readily available in the states outside of museums and universities.