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Things you didn’t know you could do in Cuphead p.2

Part 1

Using the Smoke Bomb charm in Funfair Fever to dash right through these guys

Parry the Baroness’ peppermint ball

Dash through or Duck the duck in Funhouse Frazzle

Duck or Parry Brineybeard’s ship laser to get extra supers

Duck under the devil’s hooves

Also, just jump over his cronies. It can be easier sometimes.


This is more of a glitch than anything but staying at the far left of the screen and jumping to the platforms above when Officer Bobby gets too near tricks the game into making him put out bombs in the middle of the screen, allowing you to pick him off pretty easily

These are most of the tips I know so far. If you guys know any more tricks, feel free to message me!


Simmetry Isles, a new world build with game play options with fast loading and minimal lag in mind :) Built on the tiny map, this little island features a bustling community center, multiple residential lot options with great views of the ocean. I included multiple spawners and all sorts of things to do and explore! 

Main EP’s used are Island Paradise for the dive lots and much of the décor, Generations and Late Night for décor. More Ep’s and SP likely used as well.

Several community lots to include the major Jobs and services for a town, with Jynx’s rabbithole rugs. There are also a few un-built lots for your building pleasures.

Since this is the first release, it’s built to the minimum, and I will be releasing lots I build as I complete them. If you encounter any routing issues or anything major that needs my attention, please contact me :) I included a text file of the notes for the world, including known issues and some tips for starting.


The West Highlands of Scotland had been experiencing a short spell of glorious spring weather, and Algy had made sure that he experienced it too :)

He flew out to the lighthouse, his favourite spot in the area, and perched on a dry clump of heather to study the view of the islands. The Isle of Eigg was the most prominent (just left of centre on the horizon) with the mountainous Isle of Rum to its left and the low-lying Isle of Muck hugging the sea in front of that. And in the distance, between Rum and Eigg, he could clearly see the peaks of the famous Cuillin on the Isle of Skye. It was indeed a very fine day!

Algy hopes that you will all enjoy some fine weather and beautiful views this weekend :)

I watch a dude on YouTube that goes by the nickname of Anthomnia. He’s awesome and he’s so pure, I adore him and I oughta say, that he became my favourite youtuber. And I also play that game called FlightRising, where people tend to create dragons that remind them of of irl people or fictional characters. So me and my friend @art-story-by-deroko decided, why the fuck don’t we create both dragons of Anthomnia and his friend Dondi? I ended up having Dondi in my lair and he got Anthomnia.
I was feeling kinda down this evening, and I decided to draw Antho, and that really did cheer me up, because there were three of my favourite things combined - dragons, drawing and YouTube. 
Anyway, my quick rant is over, enjoy this quick sketch xD


Let’s talk about some things, friends.

•Ben says Lonnie is like a sibling. How cute is that? Also, this means that Mulan and Belle probably hang out a lot so that’s a fun thought, right?

•Ben is a wonderful king? I cannot get over the intelligence, kindness, and patience of this character. He’s so sweet. Bless.

•Mal is an insecure little nugget. But she loves her friends with all her heart.

•Headcanon: Sophie is not straight.

•Doug is also a precious baby? It’s clear how much he cares for Evie and I love it. And him.

•Herky, Aziz, Li'l Shang… amazing. That made me really.happy.and I don’t know why.

•Carlos made the R.O.A.R. team before Jay!

•Jay is R.O.A.R. captain!

•Chad Charming full-on sobbing after Audrey breaks up with him is a hysterical mental image.

•Some plot inconsistencies where fixed (ex. Harry, CJ, and Harriet are canon SIBLINGS!)! Thank you, Melissa De La Cruz!

I’m so excited for Descendants 2 now! What about you guys?

Algy followed the lighthouse keepers’ path which led down to the rocks, and was surprised to see many clumps of primroses growing on the steep banks that rose up towards the lighthouse itself. It was a very pleasant place to perch in safety and listen to the sea, which - even on a calm day - swirled around noisily in constant motion, some distance beneath the old wall.

& continued from: x

Carlos doesn’t answer. Both yes and no would do him no good. Besides she probably already knows the answer.

                “It’s rude not to answer,” Grimhilde said flatly, inclining her head as a disappointed look crossed her face. "Especially if the question is simple. Speak up. Why are you here? Alone? Eve has gone to the market.” The Queen pauses for a moment, eyes narrowing. “Is it Madame de Vil?”


LOCATION: “The Swollen Vault”

ZONE: Isle of Thunder

NPCS: One level 90 hostile


ACCESSIBILITY: MoP content, 90+, Isle of Thunder access

CAVEATS: Watch your step on those pillars or it’ll hurt!

NOTES: Look, I don’t know what sort of grudge you have against your team or partners. That’s between you and them. But if you really want to ruin their day with this notorious jumping puzzle, I will be happy to have facilitated it.

Algy flew back down the lighthouse keepers’ path to the rocks where wee boats used to moor in days gone by… Stretching himself out on the warm stone in the sunshine, he surveyed the wide expanse of beautiful deep blue sea. This was perhaps his favourite spot of all, and Algy spent many happy hours here, just watching the tide come and go, and listening to the neverending sounds of the sea on the rocks. He was fascinated by the line of creel floats that seemed to lead out to the islands, and idly wondered whether he should follow them out across the ocean to the mysterious lands beyond…

& continued from: x

“I-I’m not a hero, if anything I’m the side character that either helps or gets in the way but I’m no hero of any tale.” He mutters not looking at her, his arms crossed.

                “Oh but you could be,” Maleficent crooned, clutching her staff in her hand and leaning forward slightly in her chair, to invoke a sense of trust. "How many boy heroes came before you, Carlos? How many of them became great? Think of stories like Taran and King Arthur – both no older than yourself but both became princes, even kings. You could as well, with my help. You just have to help me first.”

Algy moved close to the water and gazed at the waves as they rolled up against the rocks. In a world of constant trouble and strife, the perpetual motion of the sea provided a perfect antidote - even though Algy knew that the ocean itself held plenty of dangers for creatures not adapted to living in it…

But despite the perils of the deep, perching on a rock on a fine day, just watching the ever-changing pattern of motion and listening to all the wonderful sounds that the sea made, was profoundly soothing. In Algy’s opinion, this was a perfect way to spend an afternoon… a fluffy bird’s idea of peace and contentment :)

Algy wishes you all a peaceful, safe and happy week ahead xoxo

Each year on 17th March, Algy dyes his hair green in honour of St. Patrick’s Day, as many of his friends are at least partly Irish :)

As he dozed happily on top of the dunes, watching the Quiet Burn down below winding its way slowly across its sandy bed to the sea, Algy noticed that all the winter-brown grasses had turned bright green too. He dreamed that he had flown across the sea to the Emerald Isle, which was not so very far away, and was reclining on the green grass there, watching the Irish skylarks dancing reels in the sky as they sang their lovely songs in Gaeilge…

Algy wishes all his Irish and part-Irish friends around the world a very Happy St. Patrick’s Day today xo

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                “Oh, Gil,” Eve cooed, sweet as sugar, hard as ice.
                She was always taught to look like an innocent flower,
                but be like the snake that hides underneath. “You’re
                just the handsome thing I needed to brighten my day.”
                                And he was just the thing she needed to
                get what she wanted. She wasn’t so incapable, you
                know, to go alone and attain her heart’s desire.
                                With a face like hers, who could resist?

When Algy felt sure that the wind was beginning to die down, he picked himself up, brushed himself off, and hopped back up into the hedge. The gale had at least brought some clearer air, and although Algy knew it was unlikely to last, he was greatly relieved to see a wee bit of sunshine and blue sky for a change. In the distance, the largest island was covered in snow, shining white against the mass of dark clouds beyond it, which would no doubt make the island shine even more brightly in due course…

Algy wishes you all a happy Sunday, and hopes that the sun will shine kindly on you today :)

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              “I heard you were talking to that cheap princess with a sceptre shoved up her backside again,” Melusine spat, her opinions of Eve were far from amicable. “Does she have some fascinating quality I’m unaware of besides philandering about with every other boy on the Isle and beating that upturned mug of hers with cheap powder?”

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                It’s well past midnight, and Grimhilde has
                returned from her night in the Isle cemetery.
                There were few graves that weren’t that of
                unfortunate infants, but there were certain
                things there she would need for her work.
                But she can see the light under the door,
                and though she’s still wearing her cloak
                she pushes it open.
                                ”What are you doing mädchen?
                                                Why are you awake?”

Algy gazed out across the deep blue sea towards the Small Isles and the mountains of the Isle of Skye on the horizon. Suddenly, he caught sight of a large shape in the sky and a wee flash of white: a huge white-tailed sea eagle was soaring overhead. For a moment Algy considered taking cover - although there were very few places to hide on the open hillside - but it soon became apparent that the eagle did not consider a fluffy bird to be worthy of its attention, and in a few minutes more it had swept away on the wind, moving so rapidly out to sea that it was soon completely lost in the blue.

The snow melted away almost as quickly as it had arrived, and by the afternoon of the next day there was no snow left at sea level, although the peaks of the hills inland were still white. It was a fine, sunny day, and the world was full of colour again, so Algy flew back to the lighthouse and found himself a sheltered spot near the water, where he could relax on the rocks in the sunshine, and watch the sea swirling all around him.

Algy knows that many of his friends will have a long holiday weekend ahead, so he hopes that you will all find a pleasant spot to relax in, and have a happy and very fluffy time :)