execution... IN HD! (like my dangan ronpa) { execution 2

Now that was fucking awesome. Man, these executions are just… getting way cooler with time. But hey. It’s pretty… gore-y, still. Kinda gross. But still… Hey. I want that coffee. And I’m still disappointed by a lot of things.

Chiemi said I couldn’t talk, so I won’t. I’m pretty okay, though. Thanks for asking. But… what’s up? What’s up. I don’t know. It’s like… i don’t know. I want to watch an anime or some shit, maybe… Super Friends or whatever. Is this even an anime?

I feel like smoking, too. But let’s be a good friend and eat some candy cigs that she gave me. Because I love candy cigs. Not really. But hey. Candy fucking cigs are the best.

Did she poison this? ]

“Woah. Yeah. Coooool. Uh… Dunno. Can I go to my room?”

A Note On the Cafeteria Door

Hey. Hello. My name is Misawa Takumi, the cartographer. You may just know me as that short kid with the glasses. That’s not important right now. I figured you would all see this when you had to eat or something or when you leave the cafeteria, so that’s why I put it here. I guess I’m too much of a coward to tell you this to your faces. Sorry.

I don’t want anyone to know this, but it’s not as if Shiratori-san got a choice in when her secret was told, so I don’t see why I should. I don’t care if you think less of me, but that bear isn’t going to get my goat the best of us.

When I was younger, I knew this kid named Sato Itsuki. He was a good guy and everyone liked him. He’d talk to me sometimes even though I had no friends I was a very quiet boy, and I wanted to be friends with him. So when he asked me to draft a map for him, one of the area around campsite that his family was going to visit, I was overjoyed. 

There wasn’t enough time to do it right; that’s what I should have told him. But I really wanted him to like me, so I didn’t. I rushed to make the thing, and I gave it to him. It was an inaccurate map, and I missed marking some of the hazardous areas.

I bet you all know where that went. He thought this one cliff area was sound, but it gave out when he was still on it. Sato Itsuki was in the hospital for a long time, and ended up losing the use of his legs. This was undoubtedly my fault, but he didn’t tell anyone else about the map. He was a great track runner.

Please don’t think the way I phrased this means I am trying to justify my actions. I was stupid and I was wrong. And I have been too cowardly to tell anyone this. But I can’t keep hiding things, and this is the only secret I can think of that the bastard would be able to hold over me.

I understand why you’d wouldn’t want to talk to me after this.

-Misawa Takumi


Kazuhiko stood in the kitchens, mixing slowly.  Gone was the fire that used to consume him while he baked.  Akito was gone…Akito who was sweeter than anyone here.  Who liked his sweets.  Who rode the Ferris wheel with him.  

He piped the dollops of meringue batter on the baking sheet as he shuffled through the kitchen, sighing heavily.  Adrian was still kind…and of course he still had Takumi…and the explorers club…that stupid idea to try to keep them all together.

“Kazuki can fucking die though.”

The phrase was odd on his tongue…he didn’t have experience wishing anyone ill…nor experience cursing.  What could he say, he was sheltered.

Everyone knew he was here.  He hardly left the kitchen , except to ride a few rides.  His smile grew weak and his eyes had bags.  Sleep came very rarely.  The piles of cookies and cakes grew higher…but there was almost no one left to eat them.

The meringues went in the oven, and Kazuhiko just collapsed on the counter and cried. 

ɹoɹɹıɯ, mirror 「The Other Side 」 { open

The house of mirrors. At moonlight, it was kinda creepy. But I liked it. The whole room is still trashed from the murder, but the body… is completely gone. All the mirrors had been fixed, presumably by that bear. 

I look at Mien’s mirror. It’s staring at me… I don’t believe in ghosts, but… it’s like it’s smiling at me. That’s… that’s not even everything. I feel like every single mirror is staring at my soul, judging me.

It really isn’t my fault, you know. It really isn’t. But still… I don’t believe in stupid ghosts, so I just keep moving.

My mirror.

I want to know what’s in that secret passageway… It was not related to the case, yeah, but still… it’s a secret I want to figure it out. But I’m guessing it’s still locked… but why?

What’s in there? 

I just keep looking at my mirror, when I see the spirits of all my friends behind me. Judging me.

I don’t react. I just keep looking at the mirror, waiting for something to appear. I deserved this. ]

as if! { investigation, alone

Eeh. Pretty boring. I’m not sure if I should investigate this, since I framed something… But, you think I’m gonna let the idiots investigate this bullshit? As if! I’m going to investigate this right, I didn’t actually get to investigate this…

So let’s see. I bow down to the body, and… I make his body face me. It looked like it was hiding or something, that’s pretty bad. His eyes were closed, so… 

I open them just for a while. Yup.

Then, closely I close them again… ]

“Requiecast in pace. I always wanted to say that.”

Yeah, I actually did. Now, let’s stop this silliness and let’s investigate. I touch his whole body, no stone unturned - every single pocket, every single wound, everything.

I need to find something important on here, maybe not. I think I will find something important. ]

W-what? Did that just happen? Was this real?

Takumi’s hand was still on button 3, once again frozen in total confusion. His eyes were watering up now, and Takumi could do nothing to stop it. He thought they could do this, that everyone could live. Takumi thought they could ignore Monobear’s game. That they could make it through and find a way out. But this wasn’t like before.

That damn bear-thing was serious. This was life or death, and that possibility was there for all of them. Takumi never talked to Miyuki, but it didn’t matter. She didn’t ask to die like that, in some twisted game that none of them understood. This should never have happened to her.

Takumi couldn’t help it. He was crying now, not able to hold it back. He was scared before when the bear had said that they would have to kill each other. But back then it was still a theoretical possibly, and now someone had died right in front of his eyes. Takumi was scared and sad and hopeless andangry

“You BASTARD!” Takumi screamed at the top of his lungs at the empty space the bear once occupied. “You damn bastard! What did she do?! Break some stupid rule that she didn’t know about?! What was this, a message to us?! You’re the murderer, you killed her! SHE DIDN’T DESERVE THAT, YOU FUCKING BASTARD!”

His voice was gone, and he found he couldn’t scream anymore. Takumi collapsed to the ground, wiping his tears away with his sleeve. He was there for a while, not that Takumi felt the passage of time. But once the tears dried, he managed to get up on shaking legs.

It wouldn’t do anyone any good for him to lose it now. So he’d just have to try to stay in control.

I’m sorry, Yamauchi Miyuki.

The First Meeting of the Monoworld Explorers Club!

Kazuhiko showed up to the fountain fifteen minutes ahead of time.  He wanted to be there to greet all the members when they arrived.  After they showed up, they would proceed to the newly open horrorland…and then, back at his room, he was storing some treats to fit today's theme of horror. He hoped they’d all have fun…but perhaps it was too soon?  He worried breifly that it was too soon, that people would think it was tasteless of him.  But he steeled himself, and waited for the rest to arrive.