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Requested by @youthoughthatwasagoogidea: Hey! I’m new here to you’re blog and I like you’re writing alot. I’m also not sure if requests are open or not, but they like to be so I’d thought I’d give it a shot. I would like to request a Peter Pan imagine where Pan is very protective of them and they get put in danger but she gets out of it herself. Pan gets upset then and the reader and Pan have a sass off. Not too sure how to end it though. I’m sorry for rambling on! Please and thank you even if you can’t.☺😊😉

Here’s the finished one-shot, lovely!! I do not own Pan or Felix. They belong to abc’s “Once Upon a Time.”

Warnings: brief mentions of an attack, sass

Pairings: Peter Pan x fem!reader; mentions of Felix

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Of all the people on Neverland, you were the one that gave Pan the most trouble. You were constantly going where you shouldn’t and always starting in on the boys. The reason? Pan had no idea, but he thought it might have something to do with the fact that you were the only girl on the island. That was probably the reason you could get away with sassing Pan the way you did, too. 

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Rhode Island from above.