islands from above


Awesome video floating above these islands. Original caption:

Drift through the Icelandic Highlands and the Faroe Islands archipelago from above. Go where the birds soar, the fog undulates and the glaciers carve the landscape.

Cinematography by Doug Urquhart ( Music written and performed by EIVØR ( Music published by A&G Songs Ltd

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Suilven mountain and Inverpolly Forest from Stac Pollaidh by Joe Dunckley
Via Flickr:
The distinctive glacial landscape of Inverpolly Forest in Assynt, in the Highlands of Scotland, with Suilven mountain rising from among a complex of lochs and low hills.

The story of Kota Kinabalu and the crazy siblings #GoWhereAh

Our favourite crazy duo Caitanya and Govin Tan embark once again on an epic vacation after their previous 12-day South East Asia trip. With more time on their hands and a slightly more relaxed budget, they head to Kota Kinabalu to discover what other things can be done apart from scaling its famed mountain. 

Caitanya started the trip by checking in her emotional baggage.

The siblings saw Kota Kinabalu’s islands from above…

They also visited Monsopiad Village and learnt about its legendary warrior. Warning: Many severed heads ahead(ahem)! 

Govin even tried blow-darting!

And of course, the siblings eat up a storm and fought over food, as usual!

At the end of the trip we learnt that travelling with sibling is a delicate combination of getting under each other’s skin and stealing enough food from each other while feeling fiercely protective… of the birthright to be the only bully of your sibling. 

We know we’re making your way to AirAsia to book those tickets for our own epic siblings trip! 

Video created with special thanks to Sabah Tourism Board.


Requested by @youthoughthatwasagoogidea: Hey! I’m new here to you’re blog and I like you’re writing alot. I’m also not sure if requests are open or not, but they like to be so I’d thought I’d give it a shot. I would like to request a Peter Pan imagine where Pan is very protective of them and they get put in danger but she gets out of it herself. Pan gets upset then and the reader and Pan have a sass off. Not too sure how to end it though. I’m sorry for rambling on! Please and thank you even if you can’t.☺😊😉

Here’s the finished one-shot, lovely!! I do not own Pan or Felix. They belong to abc’s “Once Upon a Time.”

Warnings: brief mentions of an attack, sass

Pairings: Peter Pan x fem!reader; mentions of Felix

Originally posted by showandwrite

Of all the people on Neverland, you were the one that gave Pan the most trouble. You were constantly going where you shouldn’t and always starting in on the boys. The reason? Pan had no idea, but he thought it might have something to do with the fact that you were the only girl on the island. That was probably the reason you could get away with sassing Pan the way you did, too. 

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North Atlantic Drift: Iceland + Faroe Islands | 4K from The Upthink Lab on Vimeo.

Drift through the Icelandic Highlands and the Faroe Islands archipelago from above. Go where the birds soar, the fog undulates and the glaciers carve the landscape.

Cinematography by Doug Urquhart (
Music written and performed by EIVØR (
Music published by A&G Songs Ltd

In August 2017, I packed up my backpacking gear in pursuit of exploration and solitude away from my daily urban environment in Atlanta. My wife, Karen, was already headed to Iceland to mountain bike across the Highlands in support of Climate Change awareness and non-profit fundraising. After her cycling adventure was complete, we decided to visit the Faroe Islands together in celebration of our 8th wedding anniversary. We had already been fortunate enough to visit Iceland in 2014, but I quickly got enthusiastic about returning again to explore deeper into the Southern Highlands region after studying Karen’s cycling routes. My best friend, Weston, decided to join the adventure to hike with me in Iceland while Karen was with her Climate Ride group. With a rough travel plan in place, we were all set to head north and explore the remote Nordic landscapes of Iceland and The Faroe Islands. Both countries sit in the middle of the volatile North Atlantic ocean with the lesser known Faroe Islands positioned 693km south of Iceland. Both share a climate heavily dictated by the gulf and jet stream activity which brought us variable conditions during our two weeks of travel. We experienced everything from calm weather to hail and 60mph winds. We moved through the landscape by vehicle, ferry and on foot. We hiked over 70 miles and gained over 24,000 ft of elevation while attempting to pass through remote valleys and scale mountains with varying levels of summit success. With no real end filmmaking goal in mind (this was technically a vacation), I pulled my Phantom 4 Pro quadcopter out of my backpack and flew among the birds and fog to document the beautiful and remote locations we passed through. Eivør Pálsdóttir, a Faroese singer/songwriter, was generous enough to permit the usage of her music for this edit and I’m extremely grateful.

Shot in the Southern Icelandic Highlands and the Faroe Islands: Mykines, Vágar, Streymoy, Eysturoy, Kalsoy, Borðoy and Viðoy. August 11th-24th, 2017.

Special thanks to my hiking companions, Karen Urquhart & Weston AldrIdge, EIVØR, Roy Lidstone, Jim and Margi Urquhart (for watching our dogs while we traveled), Paul Zizka, Alex Nail, Erik Huber, Louie Northern and Geysir Car Rental.

All 4K footage is available for licensing. Please contact doug -at- for all licensing inquires.

MUSIC ©TUTL Records/A&G Records

NMB48’s Amagami Hime PV Theory

When I first watched this, I didn’t get it all. In fact, to be completely honest, I didn’t quite like the PV as there seemed to be too many things happening at one time, and to me it just seemed to be random stories meshed into a single video. Everything was so fragmented. I couldn’t make sense of it at all.

However when I began rewatching the video a few times, I noticed there was a particular pattern in it, and the stories may actually be linked, and not just random shots throughout the video. This is going to be pretty long, but do bear with me as I attempt in making sense of it.

Please be aware that this is only my own theory and my own interpretation of the music video, so do take everything with a grain of salt.

First of all, Sayaka’s starting and ending narrating lines I believe are key in understanding the entire plot of this PV.

Below are the translation of the lines Sayaka spoke and the original lines for reference.

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