Whoa! Sunlight creates rainbows from the spouts of two gray whales at Channel Islands National Park off the California coast. The waters surrounding Channel Islands are home to more than 27 species of whales, dolphins and porpoises – representing about one-third of cetacean species found worldwide. If you’re hoping to catch a gray whale sighting, try visiting the park during mid-December to mid-March when they migrate. Photo courtesy of Larry Goldman.

Sinterablagerungen im Geothermalgebiet Haukadalur in Südisland.

Sinter deposits in the geothermal area of Haukadalur in southern Iceland.

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EDUARDO CHILLIDA, Monument to Tolerance (sketch), Fuerteventura, Spain, 1985. Original plan was to create a large hollow space inside a mountain, where only natural light could enter the space from narrow cut-outs. Despite several attempts, the artwork was never implemented and finally stopped in 2010. / Earth of Fire


Itsukushima Shrine by Bryana Nakayama
Via Flickr: Miyajima, Japan