The Book You Should Totally Be Reading Right Now -- The Grace of Kings by Ken Liu

I know some of my followers are on here because they’re also ardent fans of the wuxia genre, so here’s a book I totally recommend – The Grace of Kings by Ken Liu:

(Image from Ken Liu’s official website)

Here’s a quick rundown of the plot:

On the islands of Dara, an Emperor united all the seven territories and rules with an iron first. Then, he dies, and his 12-year-old son takes over. The new Emperor is a puppet and decisions are made from his closest aides. Soon, different rebel factions form and everyone stakes their claim to the throne. From this unrest, we follow two contenders – Kuni Garu, a ne’er do well former bandit with ideas and tricks, and Mata Zyndu, who is the heir of a family of warriors who were cast out by the tyrant.

Warning: This section will contain spoilers. Please read at your own disrection.

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Hey Taylor! I just got back from my cruise and we went to the Cayman Islands! It was so amazing and the water was so clear!

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anonymous asked:

I saw you mention that Scorsese's post-2000 work is hit and miss for you, so would you mind doing ratings for those films? :)

  • my voyage to italy - 9.0
  • gangs of new york - 6.5
  • the aviator - 6.0
  • the departed - 8.5
  • shine a light - 8.0
  • shutter island - 7.5
  • hugo - 1.5
  • the wolf of wall street - 8.5
30 Day Challenge

Day 9: 

Funniest Moment

It’s not necessarily a moment but more of an episode.

In the original series episode ‘Security Hazard’, a young boy managed to sneak his way onto Thunderbird 2 and ended up being brought back to Tracy Island.  Now I’m not normally a fan of clip shows (which is what this episode was), but I did enjoy how this little boy was able to manipulate as much information from the brother’s as he could.  

Jeff:  Where’s the boy now?

Scott:  Virgil’s taking care of him

Jeff:  Well Virgil better be keeping his mouth shut!

By saying such things as how he thought Thunderbird 1 was more important than 2 to get info out of Virgil, how Thunderbirds 3 and 4 musn’t be used very often to get info out of Alan and Gordon.  Even going as far as saying Thunderbird 4 was “a bit small compared to the others”.  We never get to see how he manipulates Scott on screen but he manages to get info out of him too.

Jeff:  Well, at least he’s with Scott so he won’t get anything out of him

And, to top it off, near the end of the episode he even manages to finally crack even Jeff

As for the new reboot it’s a tie between Brains vomiting in Thunderbird 1:

And poor Alan being left hanging by John after his poorly-timed joke:

Should have used you’re ‘trying to make a joke’ voice, Alan…

(Fandom challenge can be found here)



Jade in Marbella | May 25, 2015

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