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Forbidden Desires

Note: @blackangel20001 requested an imagine where the reader catches Peter cheating on her and for these sentences to be worked into it:  “I hate you….” “ If you think I’m just going to ignore what you did to me, you’re wrong.” and “Did you know? Did you all know?” A happy ending was also requested so enjoy a mixture of heartache and fluff! <3

Words: 1203

Warnings: None.

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It was a sight that you had never wanted to see, one that until this moment had been nothing more than a nightmare that would invade your sleep, and no matter how painful it is you find yourself unable to tear your eyes away. The love of your life, the boy who had stolen your heart, was currently showing affection to the person you thought was your best friend….Tinkerbell.Neither of them seem to notice that you are stood there, their lips continuing to smash up against each other’s, and with each agonising minute that passes you by as you watch the scene unfold you feel an anger you have never felt before beginning to bubble up inside of you.

I hate you….”

Your words are quiet, a complete contrast to the anger and upset you are feeling, but they are still heard by the two people who had once been so very important to you. Instantly they break away from the close proximity they had both been in and their heads snap around to face you.

“[y/n] this…”

“Don’t. Don’t you even dare try and use that line on me Peter.”

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neonbars replied to your postso idk if you guys know this, but at the end of…

first of all: this is adorable. i can’t even. “ur kitties are so fluffy they’ll always keep you comfy” amazing. second of all: why the fuck are you moving isn’t pennsylvania even further away from, um, me, you jerk

i love how clear it is that i love the things i love too intensely. it’s like…what makes corissa happy? oh yeah, cats and buffy the vampire slayer
anyway, it’s the sweetest thing that’s happened to me and aksndg. how do i deal??

yes, but i am moving closer to a body of water….i’m scoping out island prospects. i’m gonna buy us our island